Zales Return Policy – UPDATED [2023] | Here’s What You Need To Know

Zales allows returns within 30 days of shipment or purchase. You can exchange jewellery within 60 days and watches within 30 days. Online purchases can be returned to stores or by mail according to Zales Return Policy, with the original packing slip. 

Introduction To Zales Return Policy

Jewellery makes great gifts. But what if you got carried away into buying something for a loved one, but it doesn’t suit them? The good news is, the Zales return policy is a reasonable returns and exchange policy.

But if you know the rules before you buy, life will be a lot easier for you when you change your mind. I’ve described the Zales returns and exchange process in steps to make things easier for you. 

How to Return Items to Zales

According to the Zales return policy, you can return items in-store or by mail. 

It makes sense that In-store items can only be returned in-store. You can send online items back in-store or by mail. Here’s a step-by-step look at how you can return items in-store or by mail. 

Returning online purchases in-store

  1. Find your nearest Zales Outlet Store or Zales here
  2. Take your original packing slip with you when you go. If you don’t have it, you can take your online purchase receipt or slip confirmation email too. 
  3. Hand the item and receipt to the store associate. 
  4. Wait 30 days for the credit to your account. Returns will be done in the same form of payment as your original purchase. 

Zales return by mail

  1. You can start your online returns process here
  2. Fill up the return order form and also read the original packing slip for instructions. They are quite easy to follow. 
  3. Pack the item in original packaging if possible. Include the packing slip. If you have a copy of the packing slip, that will do too. No strict original-only orders barked out by support at Zales!
  4. Address the package to:

375 Ghent Road
Akron, OH 44333

Make sure there are no other barcodes or labels visible. That would confuse the courier, at the very least. 

Save the tracking number. You never know when you’ll need it!

Wait 30 days for a refund. Many people will complain that’s a long time to wait for a refund. But in strange times, maybe a little patience will help us navigate the disruptions of regular services. 

Zales Refund Policy 

Zales will give you your money back in the original form of payment. If you’ve made a cash purchase, you’ll get a refund in cash. If you don’t have a receipt and take your item to be returned at the store, Zales will credit the refund to a Gift card even if you made a cash purchase originally. Clearly, it’s an excellent idea to keep your receipt with you! 

Return window /Mode of payment Mode of refund
Value under $200, against original sales receipt Cash refunds 
Value over $200 Check issued within 21 days
Charge credits Back to purchaser account
Gift card purchases Gift card credit
Returns without in-store receipts Gift card at current price, minus promo discounts

Return Policy for ZALES Products

Zales has a clear and simple returns policy. You can return items that are not custom-engraved and custom-designed. You can return jewellery as long as it’s in a condition that allows the store to resell. 

Products and purchases Product conditionReturn policy
JewelleryGood condition with original accessories and certificates 
Watches Not worn or altered, with instructions, warranties and packaging intact
Special order watches Not returnable

Zales’s Exchange Policy

Zales will let you bring in your rings, watches and other pieces of jewellery into the store for exchanges if you want it. 

Product Exchange policy
Jewellery Within 60 days from purchase
WatchesWithin 30 days from purchase 
Custom jewellery and special design watches May not be returnable 

Zales Holiday Extended Return Policy

Special Christmas extended policy at Zales set the deadline to January 24, 2021, for items you bought between October 16, 2020 and December 24, 2020. 


Q. What is the Zales return policy on rings? 
It’s the same as the return policy on other jewellery items. But always ask the store-person about returns when buying a ring. Never throw your receipts and certificates. 

Q. What is the Zales custom ring return policy? 
You may not be able to return custom rings. After all, they’ve been designed just for you, in consultation with you. Others may not want to buy it, so the store will suffer a loss from its return.  

Q. What is your Zales outlet return policy? 
You can return items to Zales Outlets in the same way as you’d return or exchange at a Zales store. Return windows are 60 days for jewellery and 30 days for watches. 

Q. What is the Zales return policy without a receipt? 
As I’ve said before, if you don’t have the receipt for in-store returns, you will be given a Gift card with the refund credit on it. 

Q. Does Zales do price adjustment? 
No, Zales does not offer price matching. 


The Zales return policy wants you to be as happy as possible with your purchase. 60 days is more than a lot of other jewellery stores will give you for returns. Having said that, I’d recommend that you always keep your purchase receipts for store purchases. Without one, you may end up with a Gift card you don’t want, when you’d rather get your money back. Godo luck! 

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