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WOW 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition Amazon

World of Warcraft is really famous among gamers and they always look forward to new editions of the game. World of Warcraft has released WOW 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition at Amazon and they are really excited to grab their editions.


World Of Warcraft

What is the price of World of Warcraft: 15TH-anniversary edition? How can I order my copy of the special edition? Can I order it online? These are most of the questions that ardent WoW fans ask us or post on our platform regularly.

We have included full guide for you to order the game and description of the items in our article.

World of Warcraft

WOW 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Who doesn’t know about World of Warcraft! The game with multiplayer abilities and online role-playing theme. This game is quite famous among the youth. This game is the fourth in the series of different fantasy games released by the company. The place where the game is played is known as the Warcraft world of Azeroth. 

This game begins after 4 years of events of Warcraft 3: the frozen throne. The fourth installment was released by the company on the 10th anniversary of the franchise and its announcement took place in 2001.

Since launch, World of Warcraft has had eight major expansion packs produced for it: The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and Shadowlands.

In 2009, World of Warcraft was the most popular game in the category of multiplayer online role-playing game and its player count touched nearly 10 million. By 2014, the game saw 100 million registrations and now you can visualize the popularity of the game. The company has plans to launch more versions of the game as it wishes to provide customers with more experience in game playing. In 2019, they announced World of Warcraft Classic, this game is also expected to break a lot of records in its category. 

This year the game is turning 15 and the company is celebrating its anniversary and to celebrate the anniversary the company has announced a 15th Anniverasy edition of the game, which you can find on Amazon for $99.99, this collector’s Edition that includes a treasure trove of items. Inside you’ll find a 10-inch Ragnaros statue, Onyxia pin, Map of Azeroth mouse pad, fine art prints, 30 days of game time, and more.

You should go and grab the item as soon as possible, as it will not last for long on Amazon, and gamer freaks are always lined up to grab the opportunity. If you do not wish to miss the opportunity, you should sign up for stock related notifications.

Amazon is taking special care of the customers who buy this anniversary collection, as they are providing a pre-order guarantee for all the customers, ensuring that you will not be charged until the product ships.

If you are buying the limited edition set from Amazon, you will likely get a set of items that are available nowhere else. You will get a set of a memorable item that you will never forget 

You are entitled to get the following items in this anniversary special set:

1. Ragnaros Statue

 First thing first, you will get the 10-inch figure of Firelord. Aren’t you excited? We know you are! So, bow down to the lord

2. Onyxia Pin

WOW has provided you something to cherish upon and to add to your collection of pins. You can keep the head of Onyxia in your house proudly

3. Map of Azeroth Mouse Pad

While you prepare to play the next version of the game, it has provided you with the mousepad having the memories and stamps of the characters for the past 15 years

4. Fine Art Prints

Game lovers, you will get the one more memorable thing – 8 frameable fine arts prints that you can keep next to your console and cherish  

5. 30 Days of Game Time

 Not only you will get a lot of memoirs but also the 30 days extension to the game time 

6. Alabaster Mounts

 These mounts are a tribute to the familiar flying creatures

How to order?

WOW 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Amazon is providing the exclusive 15th-anniversary edition for you. You can follow the below steps to get the products:

1.   Log on to your Amazon account

2. Search for World of Warcraft: 15th anniversary edition on the company website

3. You can also find the product here

4. You can order the product easily from Amazon website


World of Warcraft is famous among game players and players are always excited about the releases of the game merchandise or game edition. Also, the game’s 15th-anniversary edition is being loved by gamers.

Do grab your copy of special 15th-anniversary edition as soon as possible, because it runs out of stock real quick and if you are real procrastinator, you will not be able to get your anniversary edition.

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