When Does PS5 Restock?

The PS5, a popular game console, has been hard to find on the shelves ever since it’s launch in late 2020. If you’re looking to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind console, then you might be wondering when PS5 restocks.

PS5s are sold by many different retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and GameStop, all of which have individual restock schedules. Online retailers vary in their restock times, but PlayStation’s official website may take a month to restock.

The restocking times for different merchants can vary based on availability and demand in your area, but never fear! The rest of this article will answer when PS5 restocks to give you the best shot of getting a new gaming console.


How Do I Find Out Where PS5 Is in Stock?

PS5 can be found in stores and online. Some popular retailers include the following:

  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • GameStop
  • Amazon
  • PS5

PS5s will be back on the shelves at some point in all of these stores, but for your best chance of finding out whether a PS5 is in stock at any of these locations, you’ll have to sign up to be notified when the individual store has restocked.

If you sign up with a Target account, for example, you can highlight products (like the PS5) to receive notifications about when they are back in stock.

You can similarly sign up to receive emails from GameStop or put yourself on a waitlist for the PS5 on Amazon. Signing up for email notifications puts you in the know whenever a retailer is hosting a restocking event for PS5s.

Will PS5 Restock Items after They Sold Out?

PS5 has been incredibly popular for a long time, and it’s certain that PS5 will continue to restock items after they sell out.

Even after a new console comes out, it will be a while before the PS5 fades from memory due to the lineage of great games on the platform, so you can rest assured that all major retailers looking to profit from sales of PS5s will continue to restock the product whenever possible.

At What Time Does the PS5 Restock?

Restocking schedules vary by merchant, but this table shows you the breakdown of what time PS5s usually restock in various stores. Note that all times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.

LocationRestock Time
Best Buy12PM-3PM

Other retailers not listed like Amazon, GameStop, and the PS5 website usually announce restock dates a few weeks in advance for when they’re planning to have PS5s in stock or only restock 2-3 times a month.

Will PS5 Ever Be Fully Stocked?

In several years, the PS5 will be easier to find in stores and online due to two factors. First, most people who want a PS5 will have gotten one by then, significantly reducing demand.

Secondly, once a new gen console hits the market, demand for the PS5 will drop greatly. For the time being, however, it’s worth checking a variety of online stores regularly for availability since the PS5 is still very much a hot ticket item.

Is the PS5 Back in Stock?

Currently, the PS5 is available on Amazon for purchase. When it comes to in-person stores, the PS5 may be in stock depending on whether the company has initiated a restocking event recently.

Of course, availability will vary based on your location and local demand for the product. People who live in more urban areas might have a harder time getting a PS5 due to the denser population creating an increased demand.

When Does Best Buy Usually Restock PS5?

Best Buy usually drops their new stock in the afternoon from 12PM to 3PM EST on Tuesdays. Sign up for notifications to be alerted whenever the PS5 is back in stock online and check their newsletter regularly for any ongoing restocking events.

When Does Walmart Restock PS5?

Walmart’s restocking schedule is inconsistent, and they usually announce restocking events within a day or two (if that) beforehand. Walmart+ members have premier access to PS5 restocks, and in some cases, are the only ones able to get a PS5.

As with Best Buy, you can visit online to get notified when Walmart restocks PS5s online.


PS5s are notoriously hard to get, and it seems that every time a restocking day arrives, they’re sold out within minutes.

Thankfully, there’s lots of ways to guarantee that you’ll eventually get your hands on a PS5. Most of them do require some savvy shopping on your part, though, so be sure to get signed up with several retailers and get notified for the best chance of beating the rush.

Make sure that if you’re shopping online, you use trusted retailers and avoid people who are selling PS5s for exorbitant prices.  


How to Track PS5 Restock?

Tracking PS5 restocks can be difficult if you’re wanting to go down to a store and pick one up yourself. If that’s the case, then your best bet is to snoop around online to find out when different retailers are doing restocking events.

If you’re shopping online, sign up with an account for each retailer to get notified by email about when PS5s are back in stock. When you see that notification email, be sure to hop onto their website and add it to your cart right away!

When Does Target Restock PS5?

Target usually restocks their PS5s early in the morning, from 6AM-9AM, with the most consistent drops happening around 7:30AM.

With that being said, for a hot ticket item like the PS5, you might be better checking online and getting notified when it’s back in stores or there’s a restocking event.

When Does PS5 Restock at GameStop?

GameStop restocks PS5s about 2-3 times a month, meaning that your best bet of getting a PS5 is to visit the store often or check online. You could also ask the employee at your local GameStop to see if they have any insights about when the next restocking event might be.

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