When Does Peachybbies Restock?

Peachybbies is a company that took the slime craze to a whole new level, almost converting what was once a toy that filled parents everywhere with dread, into a form of art. Fancy slime is the name of the game and there is a high demand for the stuff. With such high demand, when does Peachybbies restock?

According to Peachybbies site, they restock on Saturdays, Eastern Standard Time at 6 pm. Of course, things don’t always work out that perfectly so there are times when the restock date may change. However, Peachybbies will announce if the restock date changes. 

Fortunately, Peachybbies also understands that the same restock time, every single week, is not always the best restock time for those who are pining for slime. So they make an effort to accommodate customers in the best way that they can without altering the scheduled restock every Saturday. 


Where Does Peachybbies Ship From?

Peachybbies is located in Texas and all of their shipping comes from their factory there. The company’s mailing address is: 


8800 Woodway Drive Apt 10

Houston, TX. 77063

If you are mailing to or receiving from Peachybbies, this is going to be the primary address. Peachybbies is not an enormous chain with retail outlets all over the country or the world. They are primarily a single factory company that takes online orders and ships directly from the factory. 

Where is Peachybbies Based?

Peachybbies is based in Houston, Texas and that is where all of the manufacturing for exotic and boutique slimes comes from. Houston Texas is an attractive location, especially for burgeoning businesses thanks to Texas’ positive policies toward businesses and business growth. 

Texas is small business friendly and Texas does not impose corporate or personal income taxes. That means that a new business has more leeway over where its income and investments are directed into its business. 

The Texas Enterprise Fund and the Texas Enterprise Zones Program target business growth and the potential for start-up businesses to be successful. Peachybbies started in Houston and, due to their innovative take on slime, is growing exponentially.

How Can I Check If Something Is In Stock At Peachybbies?

Peachybbies has an online store which is the primary method for purchasing products from the company. Most of Peachbbies’ stock is going to be at its maximum potential right after the scheduled, weekly restocking takes place on Saturdays.

The easiest method for checking to see if something is in stock is to search for it through the Peachybbies’ online store. If the item is out of stock, that information will be reflected on the item you’re searching for. 

Also, Peachybbies tries to keep their customers informed of when new stock is coming in, which is almost always on Saturdays at 6 pm. However, if you go to Peachybbies often, you’ll see that sometimes that data is subject to change.

For instance, as of the time of this writing, Peachybbies’ home page is headlined by a “store out of stock” header, with the below time frame indicating that they will have more stock in on Friday. There’s even a countdown timer that features the days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining.

What is Peachybbies’ Return Policy?

Under normal circumstances, the return policy for anything that you purchase from Peachybbies is 14 days. After 14 days are up, Peachybbies will not accept any returns for your money back or exchanges for an equal value product. 

However, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Peachybbies has extended its return policy to 28 days. How long this will last is anyone’s guess but so far, 28 days is still the ongoing policy. 

If you want to return a product and it is still within the allotted timeframe for returns, Peachybbies will only accept the return if it is in the same condition in which you received it. In other words, the product has to be unopened and unused. 

Peachybbies also requires the item to be in its original packaging. According to Peachybbies, there are extenuating circumstances where Peachybbies will accept the return and provide you with a 70% refund on the order. 

  • If the customer orders the wrong size or color item
  • If the customer orders the wrong item on accident
  • If the item was delivered late due to the fault of the customer
  • Customer orders the wrong product because the customer read the product description incorrectly. 

For the above-listed incidents, the customer will only receive 70% of the original price of the product and only after Peachybbies has determined that one of the above factors was the cause of the complaint. 

There are several reasons that Peachybbies will automatically refund you the full value of the product. If you receive your product past the 14 days and it was delivered to you far later than the promised shipping time that Peachybbies agreed to, they will completely refund the item.

If the item is defective or damaged in any way, Peachybbies will give you a full refund as well. 

Can Peachybbies restock at a different time?

According to Peachybbies, they will announce whether or not their restock is going to take place at a different time than usual. As of right now, that is the case with the official Peachybbies’ announcement indicating that they will restock on Friday. 

The typical restocking day is Saturday but it can change from time to time due to extenuating circumstances. 


Why Is Everything Out Of Stock At Peachybbies?

Supply and demand is the current issue going on with Peachybbies. Demand exploded far exceeding what the supply could keep up with. It will take time for Peachybbies to catch back up to the demand. 

Is There A Peachybbies “In Stock” Notification?

If you follow Peachybbies on Etsy and various social media platforms, you can get notifications on the restock of certain items, so long as you have your notifications turned on for that particular platform.

Final Thoughts

Peachybbies is currently struggling to keep up with demand because they offer slime products that have exploded in popularity. Given time, they’ll catch up with the demand by better equipping their supply-side of the manufacturing process.

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