Wayfair Return Policy [2023] – Must Read BEFORE you Return

Looking to return your Wayfair product? What is Wayfair furniture return policy? What is the Wayfair mattress return policy? What is the Wayfair furniture exchange policy? All these questions pop up in our minds as and when we get stuck with an unwanted product.


Wayfair Return Policy

Wayfair has a simple and straight forward return policy. If you are not happy with the product(s), you can easily return it within the 30 days of the delivery and get a refund in your bank or as store credits.

According to the Wayfair return policy, you need to ship the product in its original condition and packaging to your nearby Wayfair warehouse. Return shipping costs would be borne by you.

Shane, Owner Returnpolicyguide.com
Return Period30 Days
Return Method Online and in-store
Exchange Period30 Days
Exchange Method Online and in-store
Refund PeriodWithin 7-10 Days From Purchase
Refund MethodMethod of Payment or store credit


You can place a return for almost all of their products except:

  • Clearance items
  • Gift cards
  • Personalized items
  • Bundled items at discounted rates (eg: 10 for $50), though you can return the entire bundle
  • Items that you have already assembled
  • Items marked – “Non-Returnable

If any of the products mentioned above are found to be damaged or defective, these exceptions would not apply. Then you call their customer service number (844) 958-1072 to resolve your issue.

Easy Return Online: Step-by-step guide

step 1 in returning wayfair products

Step-1: To choose the item for return, go to My Orders  section and place a return order to start the process.

step 2 in returning wayfair products

Step-2: Take a print out of your return label that you get after placing a return request. This printout of the return label should be attached to your product packaging box.

step 3 in returning wayfair products

Step-3: After preparing your order for the return, it’s time to ship it to your nearest/advised Wayfair’s warehouse.

Wayfair Return & Exchange Policy

Return Shipping

The customer has to borne the costs of shipping (vary depending on the location of the return) the returns which, will be deducted from the refund amount.

For UPS or FedEx delivery: You need to drop the package to a nearby drop-off location. Shipping label should be attached to the package.

For delivery via special carrier: Follow the same steps above. The delivery agent will coordinate with you to pick up the item according to your convenience.

Cancelling Returns

You can also cancel your return request from My Orders.


In case you are not happy with the color, size, or product altogether, you can easily place an order for an exchange.

  • Before returning the product: You can order exchange for the item before even placing the return request. Your account will be credited as soon as they receive the item.
  • After the return: Same steps need to be followed as in a regular return.

Note: Return shipping costs will automatically be deducted from the refund amount.

Wayfair Refund Policy

Wayfair offers two channels to receive your refunds. You can either receive a refund as a store credit or in your original payment source

The final refund amount will be calculated after deducting any associated return shipping costs

What are your refund options?

You can get your refund amount credited to you either as Store Credit or to your original payment method.

Note: Shipping charges should be borne by the customer.

When will you receive your refund?

As soon as you generate the item(s) return request for store credit and gift card refunds, the refund amount will be credited into your account within 1 business day.

As soon as you generate the item(s) return request for credit card refund, Wayfair will issue a refund after receiving the ‘item returned’ notification. Most banks take 3-5 business days to process your refund.

Note: For all other refund methods, Wayfair takes up to 2 weeks to issue the refund.

You can also check the status of your refund on My Orders page.

Can you change your refund method?

Yes, you can easily change your refund method through “Change My Refund Method” tool on the My Orders page only before returning the item(s).

Modified Return Policy

This is for some special-occasion purchases:

Wayfair Mattresses (once per order only)

You get a 100-night free trial for every mattress you purchase. If you’re not satisfied by the product in these 100-nights, you can either exchange it with the new one or return it for free.

Wayfair Large Appliances

If you have not installed the product, you can return it within 30-days of delivery. Make sure to double-check the following as soon as you receive the product:

  • Damaged box.
  • Match the product name and model number with your order details.
  • Carefully examine the product by opening the package.

If any of the above three discrepancies are found, don’t accept the delivery and contact Wayfair for the replacement.

Note: Already installed appliances cannot be returned.

Wayfair Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry items can be returned at no cost only in exchange for store credit – within 90-days post-event. To place a return request, contact a Registry Specialist with order number/product name (find it here ) with a reason for the return.

Note: Only guest purchases are eligible for this policy.

Damaged or Defective Items

Wayfair will waive the shipping costs for all the damaged or defective items. You can choose from the three options below:

  • Replacement of parts
  • A replacement item
  • A refund

Follow the below steps to place a request:

Step-1: Go to My Orders 

Step-2: Click on “Return Item” or “Replace Item or Parts

Step-3: Select “Damaged or defective

Step-4: Choose your resolution

Note: You need to complete this process within the 30-days of the delivery date

Extended Holiday Return Policy

If you purchased an item between November 1 and December 31, the extended deadline to return them is January 31st.


What is Wayfair Customer Service Number?

You can call them at 877-929-3247, they operate 24 hours, 7 days. The best time to call would be 8:15 am.

Does Wayfair offer free returns?

No, they don’t offer free returns on normal returns except for damaged items. They’ll refund your shipping charges if you received the item damaged.

Can you return Items to Wayfair if the box is open?

Nah! they won’t let you return open box items unless and until you got the damaged one.

Can you return Wayfair items to Walmart?

No, items you purchased from Wayfair whether online or from stores must be returned to the Wayfair shipping address.

Are There Items That Can’t Be Returned?

Yes there are, these include: Clearance items, gift cards and personalized items.

See Also: Walmart Returns


I believe you found the information you were looking for. We encourage you to rate Wayfair return policy based on your experiences with Wayfair.

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Ask your questions about Wayfair Return Policy in the comment section below, we are here to help as much as we can.

13 thoughts on “Wayfair Return Policy [2023] – Must Read BEFORE you Return”

  1. The “free” return shipping is FALSE and misleading. A refund
    is REDUCED by “free” return shipping amount-even though it was WAYFAIR’S incorrect item sent! Decietful “policy”, terrible customer service- the customer pays for Wayfair’s mistake. This deceitful practice will be sure to be shared with my friends. I am putting a review online and BBB to warn others about Wayfair’s deceitful “free” returns where the customer pays for their mistake.

  2. I appreciate that you are replacing the coffee table top but I was wondering if it could be shipped earlier that July 31.

    1. Hi Patty,

      Currently Wayfairs has stopped its returns in specific areas due to the ongoing pandemic and would not be able to accept returns till further notice. Click here and contact Wayfairs to find out if your area falls in this category. If not, you can ship your product and wait for the confirmation on your email.

    1. I find it so difficult to fine “Return Item” That notation is only on one of my items. And it’s not on the item I want to send back. You make it hard to return a item, not easy.

  3. Order Barbra Cobblestones Walkway Stone Path. Price for items was $144.08. The item I received was (SAMPLES) of Barbra Cobblestones Walkway Stone Path. Item s in original container was shipped via FedEx on 22 August and received by your company yesterday 4 September 2020. I would be pleased if you would send the aforementioned items and not Samples. I do not know if this fits into the three categories outline. I have put off my project for a long time and would be thankful for correcting the mistake and that the Walkway Items be sent soon a possible. Thank you.

    1. May I receive information when Barbra Cobblestone Walkway Stone Path be sent?
      I really like to complete my project. Thank you for that.

  4. Got refund on bar stools-they are boxed up and ready to go but it has been about three months we have been holding them to be picked up-how long should we wait before we can just donate to a needy family?

  5. How can I get an estimate of return ship charges? If not I may have to keep the chairs – won’t be able to pay for more and take a chance on another mistake. Please help.

  6. I brought a 24volt drill with a complete kit. I use this 3 day after I brought. The extended handle that attach to the drilsl while in use this fell off Look at the reason why found that the pin that hold is to the drill was broken. This cause a bruise on my right thumb. It twisted my right hand I like this but need to replace the handle. Thank you.

  7. Question regarding return of media center Yessenia…. If the wood finish and color is not as expected, and the unit has not been assembled, what is your return policy? Thank you!

  8. Bought a Buxton Studio four drawer dresser. Fed ex delivered it. It is a mess. One corner is smashed! Paint is chipping off under the top, some putty to fill in holes was left and painted over…… WHO CARES I’m sure the people putting this together were thinking. Paint is scratched on the back, each drawer corner the paint is coming off, flaking. Each shelf carrier is cracked and paint is flaking there also. Big scratch on the top which did not look at all like what was advertised. The floor protectors on the legs scratched the floor. They are badly made plastic pieces. I will be informing everyone I know, plastering it on all websites I belong to, to never ever buy from this company! As for the return policy. I’m going to burn this piece of junk that cost me nearly 500 bucks because to ship it back would make it just another insult, slap in the face, from Wayfair.

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