Is Walmart Taking Returns? [Updated] Read to Find Out!

is walmart taking returns

The worst of the Covid-19 restrictions are gone. Walmart is slowly opening up returns across the country. The common question from Walmart-shoppers is, Is Walmart taking returns? or when will Walmart accept clothing returns? The good news is, most Walmart locations across the country have lifted return restrictions on many previously-restricted items including apparel. 

You can read more about the Covid-19 policies here, where apparel was a restricted category from April 20, 2020. Many states, except New Jersey, have been taking apparel returns within certain return windows for the past few months. New clothing purchases will come under the standard returns policy in most states. But it’s always a good idea to check with your nearest Walmart for local regulations, as big box stores are constantly updating their return policies. 

Is Walmart Taking Returns? 

walmart returns

Since April 20, 2020, Walmart had severely restricted the items that you could return even within the standard 90-day return window. For reasons of hygiene, these included clothing items, household cleaning supplies, paper products, food and other item categories. 

Since November 2020 however, the retailers have been slowly phasing out their old restrictions across the country, depending on local state regulations. So it may be possible for you to return your latest poorly-fitting clothing haul to a Walmart near you.

Walmart Clothing Returns Covid

walmart returns covid

The standard policy for clothing returns has been the usual 90-day return policy. For Walmart apparel returns, you should have the receipt on you or your online order number. You can return the item within 90 days either in-store or by mail. You can find out more about the return policy here

Due to the holiday season and Covid-19, certain states have specific return windows for items purchased since April 20, 2020. Some of these windows have expired, while in other states, like Illinois, you can still send your apparel items back for a refund. 

Policy for Clothing Returns at Walmart

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Under the standard 90-day return policy, you can send your apparel back in-store or by mail. Ideally, you should have your receipt with you when you head to a store for a return. If you’ve mislaid it, the CSM may be able to find your details against your government-issued, valid ID. 

Unlike many other fashion retailers, Walmart doesn’t have a ton of conditions for apparel returns. As long as they are like-new, you should be able to get a refund. But note that anything purchased through the Walmart Marketplace will have different rules. Most Marketplace apparel are returnable within 30 days, but you should check with the sellers for their policy. 

The Bottomline

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Walmart’s return policies tend to be in a state of flux at the moment. Besides the 90-day policy, there are amorphous policies listed on their website. At the moment, your nearest Walmart or online stores may accept returns of your apparel. But a quick Walmart customer service chat will make the policy at your local store clearer. Make sure to keep an eye out for updations to the return policy and try to hold on to your receipts against new purchases for a hassle-free return process. 

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