Walmart Return Policy [2023] – Follow This Guide For Refunds

Purchasing from Walmart has become a daily occurrence for many. We all buy items regularly, however, some of these products don’t fit the purpose they were intended.

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to find all the information required to return a product. Due to this we’ve created a single resource to answer all of your Walmart return policy questions, including is Walmart taking returns.

We’ll go more in-depth down below.

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Walmart Return Policy

Walmart offer a clear and transparent return policy, allowing customers to return or exchange their goods within 90 days of purchasing.

This is when the Walmart Return Policy comes into the picture and to simplify things further, we have compiled the full Walmart Return Policy on a single page with easy understandable language. This guide is the last read if you want to return your Walmart product.

Return Period90 Days
ExceptionsExceptions exist (covered down below)
Return MethodOnline or in-store
Exchange Period90 Days
Exchange MethodOnline or in-store
Refund Period7-10 business days
Refund MethodOriginal payment method

How do returns work at Walmart?

The period for return – 90 days

Walmart allows you to return most of the items purchased at within 90 days.

You can return them either to a store or by mail. You are advised to keep your packaging for at least 90 days after the purchase. In case you want to know – How to cancel Walmart order (opens in a new tab)?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update on Walmart’s Return Policy

Walmart has resumed their standard return policy and they are accepting returns for the new purchases in all stores except those in Illinois. You can read their updated policy below.

NOTE: Walmart return hours are usually from 8:00 Am to 10:00 Pm Seven days a week.


Learn more about Walmart’s updated policy on accepting returns.

Earlier this year, they indicated that the suspension on returns for these categories is temporary and that when the policy changes, the return period will be extended for six weeks.

How to Return your product To Walmart?

Walmart gives you two options to return your product back to the company to get an exchange or a refund. You can return it either in-store or by mail.

The standard return window is of 90 days but there are exceptions for some products which are explained below.

Walmart in store return policy – Return to a Local Store

Walmart in-store return

Step 1: Go to Your Account > Purchase history and then select the item that you wish to return.

Step 2: Choose the reason to return the product. (In case of replacement – you need to buy a replacement after returning the product in-store)

Step 3: Select Return to Store and click on finish.

Step 4: Print the Store Returns Receipt by clicking on “Print Barcode”

Note: You can also return your product using Mobile Express Returns (Learn more

Walmart online return policy – Return by Mail

Step 1: Go to Your Account > Purchase history and then select the item that you wish to return.

Step 2: Choose the reason to return the product. (In case of replacement – you need to buy a replacement after returning the product in-store)

Step 3: Select return method:  Return by Mail then select Continue to print the shipping label.

Step 4: Pack your product along with the packaging slip and paste the shipping label on the package.

Step 5: Take the shipment to the carrier listed on your return label.

Note: This process of returning your product by mail usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Walmart Refund Policy

Walmart has a pretty simple and straightforward refund policy just like Amazon’s.

Note: Walmart doesn’t accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

It usually takes 5 business days for the refund amount to reflect in your account. Refunds are issued to the original method of payment.

  • If you paid through Credit card, ATM, debit, check card, Gift Card, eGift Card or PayPal – Refunds will be issued to your original payment source (within 5 business days)
  • If you paid in cash to buy an item in-store – you can receive your refund either on the customer service counter or get it as a check through the mail.

Note: To see Pending Charges to Your Card – Click here.

Return Policy by Departments

Have you ever tried to dumpster dive at Walmart? Many people do it, some for fun others for need, though nobody is going to tell you that it’s illegal but still people do it.

Anyways let’s explore their return policy for different products. They have different return conditions for different products.

For instance, Walmart’s tv return policy is of 30 days whereas it is 90 days for the Walmart battery return policy.

CategoryItemsReturn WindowProduct conditionExceptions if any
Books, Movies, Music, and Walmart electronics return policyBooks, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, audiotapes, videotapes, video games and software90 daysBooks – unused & unmarked Video game software – only if defective Video on demand – non-returnable 
Clothing, Shoes, and AccessoriesAll 90 days Unused, original packing with tags attached – 
Toys All90 daysUnused with original packaging Hoverboards and Electric Scooters – only 30 days return window
Home, Garden, Walmart air mattress return policy, and
Walmart bike return policy
Lawn mowers, line trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, compressors, Airbeds/Air Mattresses, Oversized Furniture and Outdoor Play90 daysUnopened with original packaging Note: you may be charged for return shipping if you return an item by fright.All gas-powered items are non-returnable – Mini Bikes, Go Karts, Dirt Bikes, UTVs and ATVs.
Air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and evaporative coolers30 days
Plants (all live goods)365 days
Walmart products 1
CategoryItemsReturn durationProduct conditionExceptions if any
Walmart return policy on electronics & Walmart laptop return policy3D printers, Computers, Laptops and computer hardware/software, cameras, drones, Printers, Smartwatches and activity trackers, Tablets, TVs, etc.30 daysNew and unusedWalmart cell phone return policy – Pre- and Post-paid cell phones must be returned within 14 days Non-Returnable – Video Game download cards, eDelivery software, Personal Intimate Massagers
Watches & JewelryAll except Smart watches and activity trackers90 daysNew and unused with a receiptIf it is priced at < $299.99 – return it by mail or in-store If it is priced at > $300 – must be returned by mail
Installation Services90 days
Prescription Glasses
No replacements are offered – only refunds
Walmart products 2
CategoryItemsReturn durationProduct conditionExceptions if any
FoodAll non-perishable items (that are not expected to spoil under normal storage conditions for a reasonably long time.)90 daysNew and unusedFresh Guarantee – get 100% refund by showing your purchase receipt without returning (Meat, Bakery etc)Perishable items cannot be returned (if you receive a damaged or defective item, please contact customer care
Health & BeautyAll90 daysNew and unusedORM-D (Other Regulated Materials-Domestic) stickers are to be returned with the original package
Sports & FitnessAll90 daysNew and unusedAutographed sports memorabilia must be returned with the included Certificate of Authenticity.
PharmacyAllCannot be returnedMail facility number – 1-800-273-3455
Walmart products 3
CategoryItemsReturn durationProduct conditionExceptions if any
Gift CardsAllCannot be returnedThey are refundable in some states such as California, Colorado, Texas etc.
PhotoAll90 daysVisit Photo Returns and Refunds for more infoTo return photos contact customer care
Window BlindsAll90 daysNew and unusedFactory errors will be fixed at no charge.
FirearmsAll Firearms, Ammunition, and Pepper Spray, Air Guns/BB GunsCannot be returned
Funeral Products 90 daysOnly returnable if received damaged or defective
TiresAll90 daysNew and unused/unmounted

Walmart Protection Plan

Walmart protection plan

You can easily manage/transfer your protection plans anytime, anywhere online here.

You need to have your receipt ready to file a claim. (You have an option to let Walmart save your receipt for you by following the instructions given on this page).

If you want to cancel your protection plan, you can do it here.

File a claim

Walmart Holiday Return Policy

If you have purchased an item/gift between 24th October 2022 and 25th December -2022, then you will be entitled to get an extended return time-frame as below:

Return WindowNew Return by Date
14 Days1st Jan 2023
30 Days25th Jan 2023
90 DaysNo change

Walmart Tracking

You need to enter your email address and the last 6 digits of the order number. You can easily track your order here.


  1. What is the Walmart Customer Service Number?

    You can contact Walmart on 1(800) 966-6546.

  2. How can I get a receipt from Walmart?

    If you have paid with either a debit card or a credit card, you can get your receipt by calling Walmart on their Electronics Payment Hotline – 479-277-2643

  3. How to File a Walmart Protection Plan Claim?

    You can file the claim here.

  4. How to find the nearest Walmart Store?

    You can find a Walmart store near you here.
    Note: Walmart return hours are usually from 8:00 Am to 10:00 Pm Seven days a week.

  5. Can I transfer money from Walmart to Walmart?

    You can find all the information regarding the money transfer here

See Also: When Does Walmart Restock


Do you know that Walmart is one of the largest retail corporations on the entire planet? It has approx. 12,000 stores in 28 countries. Hope you liked the article, don’t forget to check out our guide to Wayfair, JCPenney, Lowe’sAmazon Return Policy or CVS Return Policy also.

You should share your return experience in the comment section below – Let’s build the community to help everyone like you.

If you have any questions related to Walmart Return Policy, please feel free to ask below.

67 thoughts on “Walmart Return Policy [2023] – Follow This Guide For Refunds”

  1. Grayson Kennedy

    I understand their initial response to Covid-19 regarding returns but refusing to return any item at this time is unheard of. Develop a policy to get items returned despite COVID 19 and let’s move on.

    1. Rebecca Sanford

      Fred Meyer won’t either Face cream, nasal spray If it goes on your face you have to keep it for now

  2. Would love it if I could return clothing I bought for my husband. It has already gone through on my credit card, so I know it has been at least a month that I bought this stuff. Do you know when I can return??

    1. Hi Teena,

      I’m afraid you can’t. Since April 20, they are refraining to accept returns of apparel, food, home cleaning supplies, pharmacy, paper goods, and health and beauty items. Though it’s temporary, still nobody knows how long is it gonna take to get back to their normal return policy.

      1. Florence R Echevarria

        Kohl’s is accepting returns. They keep it 48 hours before placing it back on the shelves. Why can’t Walmart follow Kohl’s policy.

  3. I wanted to return items I bought at the end of Feb (clothing) but they wouldn’t allow at this time. What about the 90 days return deadline if there is no date as to when you can return items. I also was missing my receipt

    1. Hi Gloria,

      Walmart has currently suspended returns of clothing and related products. Though it is a temporary suspension but the deadline has not yet been decided. However, once they update their policy, you will have a six week window to return your products.

      1. debbie hilmanofski

        Amazing the employees and customers in the store touch clothing all day long. That is no concern when you buy it!!
        I bought Bra’s 45 days ago Still w/ tags and in the bag. After 45 days the virus would die on a surface.Take Dated items back .Can not imagine the madness come return day . Walmart will probably transfer Fictitious
        name just to protect themselves.

  4. I purchased an item in-store so I can’t use the mail return option. I’m STILL waiting to be able to return my item and I purchased it in early April.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Since Walmart is not accepting any returns till the Covid-19 persists, you have to wait till further notice when their return policy would be updated.

  5. we bought 5 lb bag of potatoes and they were moldy. I understand not taking food back. But when you sell moldy food you should refund the cost.

  6. Purchased clothing for a St. Patrick’s party in early March. The party was canceled due to Covid 19. Since I’ve been limiting my store visits due to heart condition,I just tried to return today.I was told it was past 90 days so could not get refund or store credit. This policy is not on receipt and I feel under the current circumstances I should at the very least get a store credit.

    1. Hi Fran,

      Though there is no tentative date when the normal return policy will be restored but you will get a six week window to return your items so you have to wait till then.

  7. My beef is there is not a warning notice in the areas or at the checkout regarding the no return policy-checkers don’t say anything so when we purchased clothes, had we known, would not have bought it since we were not sure it would fit our daughter. The place it is posted–at the return desk–well, a little late to tell folks.

  8. I’m beginning to think walmart is running a scam on returns.It’s ridiculous to still have to wait.Do we have to wait till they find a cure?

  9. I was trying to return two t-shirts today, they wouldnt let me return them cause of this pandemic, i never wore them either

    1. Hi Scott,

      The return of clothing and apparels have been suspended till further updates. Once the normal return policy is restored, you will get a six week return window to return your products.

  10. Since I could not try on the dress I bought, I had to buy it to try it on. It did not fit and had a production flaw that I did not see in the store. I should be able to return it despite the covid. It had probably all ready been touched by a lot of people.

    1. Hi Marilyn,

      The return of clothing and apparels have been suspended till further updates. Once the normal return policy is restored, you will get a six week return window to return your products. Till then we would advise you to sanitize the order and keep it separately.

  11. Paulette Douglass

    I have things such as pants, shoes and ted hose that are not returnable due to covid-19 that I have had since it started and would like my money refunded for those items. Your policy as it stands is only good up to 90 days and that doesn’t seem right. Some items I have had too long to be within the 90 day limit. All the other stores are taking these things back already. When are you going to get with the program and take these things back. Lots of people that I have talked to are wondering also.

    1. Hi Paulette,

      The return of clothing and apparels have been suspended till further updates. Once the normal return policy is restored, you will get a six week return window to return your products.

  12. I think Walmart can do much better than this new return policy. As others have pointed out that other retailers are making it happen. Also, what really bothers me is that Walmart is not making the consumer aware of the New policy before they purchase the items. And my guess is that Walmart will not bother to make the customers awaiting returns hoping they will miss the deadline to return their items!!! Walmart I think you can do better than that! Please don’t make your customers loss your gain!

    1. Hi Roberta,

      The return of some products has been suspended till further updates. Once the normal return policy is restored, you will get a six week return window to return your products. Walmart is devoted to the safety of its customers and would assure you of every step that is needed to be taken to safeguard the customers’ grievances and would address them once the pandemic is over and the situation gets better.

  13. I purchased a Panasonic NIWL600 cordless iron for my wife, and it is not what she expected. It has been opened. Can I return it to WalMart in Niagara Falls, Ontario. If not what is the return policy and time for this item after Covid-19 is lifted?

    1. Hi Dave,

      Sorry, you can’t return it right now due to the suspension of Walmart’s return policy. Once the normal return policy is restored, you will get a six week return window to return your products.

    2. That really answered your question, didn’t it lol?! As big as Walmart is, they shouldn’t be suspending returns on anything. Their stores already close before it even gets dark outside so that alone is saving them big bucks. For Heaven’s sake (and all of your shopper’s sanity) PLEASE LIFT THE SUSPENSION ON RETURNS SO WE CAN GET OUR MUCH-NEEDED MONEY BACK!!!

  14. I am not understanding your return policy on things during Covid-19. Any item purchased has been handled several times b/4 it reached the store. It was touched by the supplier,by the truck driver and employees and who knows else. Now you are holding my money because I cannot return the items. I am a senior and need every penny I have.

    1. Hi Louise,

      We understand your difficulty. The return of several items has been suspended till further updates. Once the normal return policy is restored, you will get a six week return window to return your products. If you follow the guidelines, you will receive the full refund of your order subject to the fulfillment of their terms and conditions.

    1. I’m also finding that Target’s online system is the bomb. They will ship most of the items that Walmart will not and their prices are generally the same, depending on what you buy of course.

  15. Walmart customer

    The stores should allow returns at any store and if the store is in a questionable area they could quarantine the items for several days. Not only is their policy questionable for customers forgetting they have the item in their trunk etc as well as having to constantly determine if their store will now allow returns….. but it will cause customers to drive to areas where they can return the item. Finally, as I have found there is a stock shortage of items and I’m tired of checking and have stopped thus limiting a sale. The season will be over and Walmart will have a hoard of summer clothes returns.

  16. Bought the wrong size shorts for my husband and tried to return them the very next day on our way for vacation and they refused to exchange to another size, so he went without. He did not even try them on. He needs shorts and has lost a lot of weight due to surgery and I did not know what size to buy and was not allowed to try on. There were no signs anywhere about this and the cashier never spoke to me, just rang up my order. My husband was with me at the time also. Do you know when we can exchange them?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sandra,

      The return of clothing and apparels have been suspended till further updates. Once the normal return policy is restored, you will get a six week return window to return your products.

  17. It is a shame that i can’t return clothes that have the tags on them, how does waiting change anything? Will defnitely make me think twince of doing business with Walmart in which i have done a lot for a single guy.

  18. I was told I could not return rubber boots that were never worn and still had the connector tag on them because they were considered “apparel.” Seriously? They just didn’t fit my child.

    1. Hi Susan,

      The return of clothing and apparels have been suspended till further updates. This is why you cannot return your rubber boots now. Once the normal return policy is restored, you will get a six week return window to return your products.

  19. Walmart is being sued by a former employees estate. He died from the novel Corona
    Virus 2019 allegedly contracted at his Walmart work place. I do not think you will be able to return any of this product until this and other suits arising have been settled, maybe never! It all falls under the umbrella of
    we (Walmart) have the right to refuse to take back any thing we do not want to. Simple as that. If they told people this up front they would be without customers. So far they
    are not feeling any pressure to change.

    1. Obviously Walmart could care less about their customers. This is nuts! I can return clothes to other stores. Since this insanity started, I avoid all Walmart’s but live in a town where most mom and pop stores closed because of Walmart! So I’ll drive 35 miles and shop elsewhere. This is all a ruse to allow further enrichment of Walmart owners on the backs of we folks who have no place else to shop locally. Nope, once I’m allowed to rerun my stuff, I’ll not set foot in a store or shop them online. Nobody cares anyway!

  20. I want to know WHY Walmart is still not accepting returns on clothing. Please do not give the the standard answer you gave everyone else on this thread. I know you are not accepting returns. I just want to know Why when Kolhs, Ross, Boscovs and everyone else is.

  21. I would like to know why my question disappeared from this thread? I was also questioning why I am being lied to about the CDC not giving permission to Walmart to accept returns. Can you answer. Tried to return a shirt 3 times and that was what I was told. Its obviously a lie the employees are being told to say to customers as all other stores are accepting returns. Give me a straight answer please,

  22. Last 2 gallons of Walmart milk has gone bad at least 5 days before the last sale date printed on the carton. I’ve thrown away over a half gallon each time. Normally I would take it back and they would make it right but now I cannot. Maybe just go somewhere else and buy milk next time.

  23. You state that “you will have six weeks to return” (clothing) once Walmart is accepting returns again. How will customers know when Walmart is accepting returns on clothing??

  24. I went to Walmart to buy clothing. I asked if I could try them on and the lady said no. I told her I didn’t want to buy something that didn’t fit. She just looked at me. I walked away figuring something about the dressing rooms and COVID. So I bought them in mind that I can try them on at home and return it if they don’t fit. I didn’t know this policy, the lady at the dressing room could have explained that to me, I could have made a different decision and avoid what happened today when I tried to make my return.
    The more I think about this policy the more it doesn’t make sense. Since COVID is a contact virus what difference if it is returned now or later. They can bag it and then do whatever they feel is correct in dealing with the virus now. Are they cleaning everything? NO!! A customer picked something up from the shelf and placed it back, the next person picked up and well duh germs have been passed. With COVID running world, lord help the person if they didn’t wash their hands. So what is the difference if a return is made now?
    The employees at Walmart do not have to be so damn rude. At the end of the day it is the customer money you kept. I will make my return per the policy and I have it written on my receipt and initial by a manager to have it honored so there will be no arguing about 2 years later returns or whenever COVID restrictions are lifted. I don’t even like Walmart, the only reason I came was it was convenient. Today incident broke the camel’s back that I will never ever again shop at Walmart. There are other place I will go.

    1. Same! I bought swim suits in may, tried them on, they didn’t fit and thought I could return them. Obviously I was wrong but now I’m out $100 and no swimsuits. Now it’s fall and why would they want the swimsuits back now that they are out of season?

    1. I am wondering the same, I have some things needing to be returned that I’ve had for months and would like to get my money back….

  25. I understand why the changing rooms are closed, but why would anyone buy clothing at Walmart if they won’t even let people return items? Sizing is different across brands, especially in women’s clothing where the sizes are all over the place and based on nothing. I have $50 of clothes I just bought that I can neither wear NOR return. I will not be buying any more clothing items at Walmart until this ridiculous return policy is changed back. Honestly, everyone washes new clothes before actually wearing them anyway (once they know they will keep them), which gets rid of the virus if it was there. I don’t understand why this is even an issue. If they’re that worried, they could even “hold” returns in the back before putting them back out for sale based on the CDC guidelines for how long the virus can survive on fabrics- maybe 48-72 hours? Other stores, like Target and Marshall’s, are taking returns. I’m gonna call Walmart every single week until I find out they will take my returns, then I will get my effing refund. And I’m keeping the bag in the closet with the receipt until then. WTF, Walmart?!

  26. And why the hell is this policy NOT posted anywhere in the store? And printed on the receipt? It should be posted on BIG signs at the registers, in the affected departments, at the return desk, and the cashiers should be trained to mention it to people when checking out (or at least have a sign they can point to that clearly lists all restricted items. I would not have bought the stuff I did if I had known.

  27. Underwear is returnable, vacuums are returnable but my mop that has been broken from the day I opened it, purchased on March 17, 2020 IS NOT RETURNABLE! I can t see the difference between a mop and underwear. I would hope that a broken mop would not be put back on the shelf for resale so what is the problem? Take it back & refund me These rules are ridiculous!

    1. Hi Lois,
      These are Walmart’s policies for different items. They have different policies for garments and plastics so maybe this is why the item that you bought is non-refundable. Though there’s absolutely no logic behind the policy, but we can’t help it anyway 🙁

  28. I bought bathing suits in may. None fit. And obviously I could not return them (which I didn’t know at the time) so I spent $100. Are they still not accepting returns? I mean now it’s fall…

    1. Hi Erin,
      Walmart has a strict 90-day return policy and if you fail to return your items within that period, Walmart doesn’t accept them anymore. So please check your billing date and make sure it’s less than 90 days.

  29. When will we be able to return vinyl house cleaner? and if the 90 day return policy ends, will we still be able the return the product?

    1. Hi Michael,
      Some stores aren’t opening their returns but yes if the 90-day return policy ends, Walmart would provide you with a extended return window for your returns.

  30. Mary Ellen Purington

    I agree with the comments on returns–every other big store is doing returns
    this is ridiculous–I have apparel from May that I need to return so get
    busy making a policy to help your customers– thank you

  31. I had several items to return to Walmart. They were gifts I received in the mail without a receipt
    . The total was somewhere around $212. I was told I had to do 3 transactions at no more than $50 each. How does this make sense if they all were put on store credit? Why couldn’t they put it all on one card?

  32. If I have no receipt it was still in the bag it was a car air filter that don’t fit my fault can I take it back on my credit card and its Wal-Mart’s brand?

  33. My local Neigborhood Walmart will not accept item I bought at the super Walmart because they don’t carry it at their location. Item was an unopened bottle of horseradish. Is this a new policy?

  34. cary christensen

    A Remington shaver was purchased for my 91 year old father and the trimmer has fallen off. We have tried to fix it but cannot, I have the receipt that it was purchased April 23, 2021 and took it to Walmart today, June 1 2021. This is a $89.96 razor and is not working correctly. First I was told I could not return it because I didn’t have the box for it, who has room for containers of products they purchase? Then I was told no because it is a personal care product. Nobody is going to use it as its broken, how can that be a reason?
    A little frustrated.

  35. Watched a woman with questionable character at a return desk with a cart full of very large items… consisting of auto oils, cleaning products, large toilet tissue, largest box of pampers, and other items I should have paid more attention to. She had six receipts that were checked off by the products this woman would pull up out of the cart. Finally towards the end of this outrageous scam, she was given around $60 each receipt… the Pampers was not on one of the receipts and another item on another receipt was not accepted. When I got to the desk with my one item, I asked the lady how that woman was able to get money from receipts that was obviously not hers. I was told by the return lady if she had reported this she would be fired – I said can’t the cops be called on this? She said no, they would not respond. they have bigger fish to fry. The receipts items returned consisting of items were clearly not relatable to this woman’s lifestyle. HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE. EVERYONE AROUND ME KNEW THIS WAS THEFT THAT WENT WITHOUT ANY ACCOUNTABILITY TAKEN. IS THRE NO LOSS PREVENTION FOR THIS KIND OF THEFT?

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