Walmart Department Manager Job Description

department manager job description

The Walmart managerial post is good level post. As it is a big post the workload is also big. The one who is a manager in the store has to look out all the process which are held in Walmart. The manager has to take all the responsibility of the entire Walmart. We’ll talk about Walmart Department Manager Job Description in detail.

The manager job requires efficient skills to work in such big store. He/she must be good at communication and their nature must be helping and jolly.

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Walmart department job duties and responsibilities

department manager job duties

He/ she will establish the store items. He/she will keep the items dividing into various sections so that the customer will find it easy to buy the items. The manager also confirms that the price of the product is correct or not and it is kept neat in their own section.

The manager also manages the stock which comes from the vendors or Walmart warehouse. He/ she checks the stock which comes from vendors and keeps all details about the stock.

The managers also have to secure the items from the thief in the store by keeping an eye on every item in the store.

The manager does not have to work alone he/she can assist a worker with them for helping like managing the items in shelves and signage process and afterwards he/she walk in the store to see the work of the workers

The managers also have to see the whole shop and manage the cleanliness of the store and have to arrange the items properly. He/she also has to change the price of the product when the need arises.

The manager has the charge to give the discounts on the items.

He/she also has to check which item is not available in the store. if any customer wants something which is not automatically ordered then he/she have to order quickly from the vendors.

Wallmart provides job opportunities for the people than the people who join as workers have to learn everything from the manager this means the manager has to assist the new workers who are in Walmart.

The manager also has to make a daily report of the stock which is sold and which are out of stock in the department.

Salary of the department manager

department manager job salary

Wallmart department manager has to work a minimum of 40 hours per week but many time manager works 50 hours per week. During the period of high business, the working hours may increase. If the workload is huge then the manager splits the work and splits the shift of the workers.

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As a Walmart department manager, the chances of promotions are high. The starting pay of any managers varies according to the size of the Walmart store.

If the Walmart store is in a big city and is a big store then the starting payment starts from $15 per hour. For demanding Walmart store the payment for a manager is $15 per hour and for the non-demanding store, the manager payment is between $10 to $16.

The manager also gets many types of facilities like he/she gets a discount on the product if they shop from the Walmart store.

Selection procedure of the Walmart department manager


For the position of Walmart manager, you have to apply by filling the application with all your details. Then the personal associates will select choose the desired application. Personal interviews are conducted that are selected through this process.

If your interview goes well you will get selected for the position. You will be provided with an offer letter and the further process will take place. Next, you will be invited to an orientation program to give you certain knowledge about your job.

To be the manager at Walmart you have to be graduated from school or college and have a certain experience of working in big stores. If you are all qualified with a better resume then you have the maximum chance to get selected.


Walmart Department Manager Job Description is pretty detailed and offers you a lot of learning opportunities on the ground. If you are really interested in this type of field, then what could be better than working at Walmart?

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