Walmart class action lawsuit settlement – Top 7 Picks!

Here is the list of 7 most important and famous Walmart class action lawsuit settlement against the company.

Walmart is a US-based retail corporation operating chains of discount stores and grocery stores. Sam Walton found the company in 1969.

They also own a retail store chain by the name of Sam’s Club. The company owns and operates 11,484 stores across 27 countries. Walmart also operates its stores in the UK, Japan, Canada, Chile, and Argentina.

Many of the customers have asked through our website – Has Walmart engaged in class action lawsuit settlement?

Our answer is yes.

Walmart has engaged in several lawsuits ranging from employees to outsiders. We have charted 7 of the most important lawsuit filings against the company. These filings range from the last 10 years of lawsuit filings.

Walmart fails to properly inform customers when their tires are recalled by manufacturers

Walmart Tire class action Lawsuit

Plaintiff by the name of Dozier has claimed that Walmart did not inform its customers about the recalling of tires by manufacturers.

Most of the customers were not properly informed about the recalling of tires by the company since they did not register customer names and failed to send them a message related to recalling of tires.

When tires are recalled by manufacturers, customers should be informed by third-party vendors about recalling.

Mr. Dozier placed an order with the company in 2017 and got 4 Milestar tires and he had to pay $300 and paid the additional amount for mounting of tires at local Walmart store.

According to a lawsuit, if the customers were not informed at the right time, it could have resulted in customer death or injury to the customer, Manufacturers regularly subject tires to testing to various factors such as friction and acceleration, braking and even turning. They also subject tires to environmental factors.

The lawsuit alleged that Walmart places its own customers at risk of unknowingly driving on defective tires by failing to help consumers register their tires with manufacturers.

And opposition argued that the company violated rules by not informing the customers about recalling of tires and it has violated federal tire regulation.

Difference in prices by online and store operations

Walmart Price Difference class action lawsuit

In an another filing the company has been accused of  falsifying and deviating the information with its customers by showing fewer prices on its website as compared to those in its stores.

The company reportedly showed different prices through its online channels and different while you are buying through a store. These kinds of practices are generally used to drive the customers to the store.

The prosecution party lead by Sofia Maynez claimed that there was a deviation in the company’s prices when she went to purchase from the app and when she went to purchase from stores.

Sofia viewed the prices of Huggies wipes on the website, which were advertised at $5.44 as compared to the prices in store at $8.97 on the app.

She also accused Walmart of not only malpractices but also of violating the laws related to misrepresenting the prices.

Sofia has asked the company of paying for the damages that the company has caused, not only her but also for several customers like her.

Many customers have accused the company of showing different prices on both platforms as customers had to pay the extra amount by purchasing through the store, while the app showed lesser price.

Walmart Class Action Says Bill Payment Services Aren’t Reliable

Walmart Billing System class action lawsuit

One of the Walmart customers has accused the company of misinterpreting its bill payment and said that the company’s bill payment service is not reliable. Also, the bill payments sent to him are not carrying the right information.

Jeremia, a resident of California, accused the company of misrepresenting and not notifying the company of the important information that he should have known and acted upon. Jeremia used Walmart as the service provider to pay his mortgages during July–October 2017 period.

When Walmart was acting as a third-party service provider, the company would transfer the money received from Jeremia to the home loan provider and in turn, Jeremia would get a receipt indicating the conformation of mortgage payment.

Later he came to know from his home loan provider that he has not paid 4 loan installments and the loan provider would look to foreclose his property over non-payment of the mortgage amount.

However, he was not notified by Walmart about unsuccessful bill payments and he only came to know by his loan provider about non-payment of bills.

In the lawsuit, he has accused the company of not informing him about the non-payment of the bill, which was a result of payment failure. Due to non-communication of payment failure, Adolphus not only experienced economic loss in the form of late payment charges but also in the form of mental and emotional distress.

Adolphus completely relied on Walmart to inform him about any late payment issues and non-payment of mortgage, and he could not find the non-compliance from the side of Walmart when he discovered the issue.

He also goes on accusing the company in terms of service delivery and poor communication.

Adolphus says that he was never informed, in writing, orally, or “in any conspicuous manner” that his payments did not go through.

Amazon, eBay, Walmart Class Action Says Seat Belt Extenders are Defective

Seat Belt Extender class action lawsuit

Three major retailers of consumer goods – Amazon, eBay, and Walmart have been hit by customer allegations that they sold defective seat belt extenders.

People going by the name of Keith, Cooper, and Sabrina commented that seat belt extenders are majorly used by fat people who face problems in fastening the seat belts meant for the use of normal people driving the car.

The plaintiffs accused the company of not testing the extenders for crash test and they did not get tested by any of the carmakers. Car manufacturers not making crash test dummies keeping these seat belt extenders in mind, making them prone to accident is the main reason.

Also, the lawsuit also alleged that there is a increase in sale of seat belt extenders over the last 10 years.

eBay’s alleges states that car manufacturers provide seat belts in the back seat because it seemed safer for adults. Also, it created problems for people wearing thick clothes along with police personnel.

Walmart Fights Employee Handprint Scan Class Action

Biometric Reader

Plaintiffs have accused the company of violating Illinois law by preserving data of its employees and it did collected hand scan data of its employees.

However, the company has denied all sorts of allegations and has stated that it neither preserved nor created employee data of its employees. It says that we have kept data of all employees safe

The case is currently proposed but the company has readied itself to fight the case.

Walmart stated that its system gives entry to authorized employees to its cash register system and it is not prohibited by any act including Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act.

This law states that companies need to get employee consent and share the policies with their employees over the collection of biometric data. However, the company stated that its data did not qualify biometric data

Settlement of pregnancy bias case

Gender Biasness in Walmart
My project. Close up of female hand that holding pencil and making notes while embracing her belly with another hand

Walmart has also been accused by several workers over its policies for pregnant workers, which they deemed discriminatory.

Plaintiffs going by name of Talisa Borders, OtishaWoolbright, and Stacey accused Walmart of having discriminatory policy until 2014, which discriminated against pregnant workers, and they were not provided the same benefits and it violated Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978.

Walmart reportedly negotiated with its workers for $14 million, who filed a charge against the company for discriminatory practices

The company has provided each worker settlement amount that ranges between $819 and $2,049.

Employee retirement program lawsuit

Employee Retirement

Some attorney filed the case against Walmart acting on behalf of the employee retirement fund and accused the top executives of Walmart of hiding details of bribe taken by the company’s senior officials in Mexico and not disclosing the details of the case with the public for long and these details were made public only when NY Times started the investigation into the case in 2012. After that US district court ruled in favor of the plaintiff and started the case against the company.

Plaintiffs put the charge on the company officials of inflating the value of shares and mishandling the payoffs in retirement schemes. The prosecution also asked for $470 million in claims

In 2018, Walmart and the City of Pontiac came to an agreement on the case, which did put allegations on the company officials in different countries such as Mexico, China, India, and Brazil. Also, there were allegations of violating the Federal Corruption Practices Act (FCPA) act.

Now the company has decided to pay the opposite party a sum of $160 million to settle the things down. However, the company has denied accepting any liability of any wrongdoing in the case.


Walmart has settled a few of the lawsuits, some are still going on and it has also won a few of them.

We have tried our best to provide the best of insights and information about the lawsuit filings of the company.

We understand that there are always a few queries or questions that are left unanswered and you can always ping us in case you feel that a certain section is missing.

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  1. i needed to return an unopened bed set with out a receipt. i knew since the purchase price was 60.00 and not having my receipt i would be given a store card in lieu of cash, wasnt a issue to me. i took it to the nearest store where they said i would have to return it to the original store across town. i knew this was a lie but isaid ok no problem and headed over there. when i tried to return it there i was told that i would be receiving a card with a value of 25.00. i looked down on the counter and there right in front of me was their return policy. which read; return without a rcpt under 25.00 will get cash back, returns over 25.00 will receive a store i tried to explain to them that that doesnt mean returns over 25.00 only get 25.00 cards. and they said it has always been store policy and i didnt know what i was talking about. i feel like i have a good grasp of english so i tried with their supervisor and was told again store policy is returns over 25.. get a 25.00 card. before i walked out i asked them how many customers they have enforced this policy on and the reply was ALL OF THEM. in the parking lot i called corporate who put me on hold for about 90 seconds at which time they said to go back and they would have my full refund ready. i went in , they did but when i asked for an apology i rcvd dirty looks from the clerks to the stuporvisor. i guess the general manager is originally from a middle eastern country and his grasp of the english language was suspect. how much money did that store take from customers because no one stood up to them? on a side note i caused CVS to pay an extremely large fine for taxing candy. situational awareness is key in life

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