Visionworks Return Policy

Visionworks is a company based out of North America. They have an expansive chain with 711 retail stores across the states.

They provide eyeglass frames, lenses, and various glassware accessories. They also dispense contact lenses.

Here’s a familiar situation to a lot of glasses-wearing folks: you bought the perfect pair of glasses through Visionworks, only to realize once they came in that they’re the wrong size. Or the style didn’t end up suiting you like you thought. Can you return them?

Visionworks wants you to love the way you look in your new glasses, and if you don’t the process to get them exchanged is fast and simple. And free!


What is Visionworks’ return policy?

Yes absolutely! Visionworks offers a “Love What You See Guarantee” – you can return your glasses within 100 days of purchase for whatever reason.

If you have any problem or dissatisfaction with your new glasses, you will be allowed to return them up to 100 days after your purchase.

Visionworks will either issue you a full refund, or offer you an exchange for another pair with the frames and lenses of equal or lesser value.

The glasses you return must be in like-new condition, with all included packaging and accessories. Damage that is not consistent with ordinary wear will not be accepted.

How long is the return window for Visionworks?

Visionworks ensures a 100 day grace period after your purchase, to decide if these glasses really are the perfect match for your face, style, and life.

Any time within this window, you will be allowed to exchange your glasses completely hassle free.

How do you return glasses to Visionworks?

Visionworks does not state on their website how to go about making a return.

The only thing you can do to initiate a return or exchange is to contact the company and request information about their return and exchange process.

Contact Visionworks over the phone

The first method you can use to contact Visionworks about a return or exchange is to call the company directly.

They can be contacted through this number: 1-800-784-7427

This will get you connected to a customer support agent who can help you get your return started. Just follow the support agent’s instructions.

Contact in person

You can take your item or items directly to a Visionworks center to initiate the return process in person.

Find a staff member and request a return.

If you don’t immediately know where the nearest Visionworks center is, you can use the Visionworks Store Locator to find your nearest store.

What can you return to Visionworks?

Returns made to Visionworks will only be accepted in its original form, in like-new condition. This includes the original packaging and all branded inserts, dust bags, labels or accessories included with the original packaging.

Damaged glasses, or glasses clearly not purchased through Visionworks, will also not be accepted.

What can you do if Visionworks rejects your return request?

If you believe your refund or return request was wrongfully denied, you can use the app DoNotPay to “sue” the company with the help of the app.

However this is a drastic and serious decision that should not be taken lightly. Before jumping on to the “sue them” boat, exhaust all your other options first.

Contact them by mail, go visit the store in person, call them and email until you reach a satisfying conclusion.


Does Visionwork Offer Free Returns?

Yes Visionworks puts customer satisfaction first. If you need to return your glasses, if it’s within the 100 day grace period, you will be given a free return, or a free exchange.

Does Visionworks Offer Free International Shipping?

No Visionwork currently does not have any international shipping policies in place.

How Long Will The Refund Take?

Visionworks has stated that their refund time frame is around 30 days. However, depending on the type of refund you’ve been issued, the time can vary significantly. Currently, they do not offer a way to track your return or refund process.


It’s totally understandable to be frustrated and exhausted by the process of requesting a return. You have to fill out a request letter, make a few calls, fire off a few emails. It’s taxing.

Visionworks has an incredibly generous 100 day window for a free return or exchange, no questions asked. If you want a return for any reason, short of destruction of the glasses, you’ll get it guaranteed if you’re within that guarantee period.

Exact information about Visionworks’ return policy is a bit tough to find. Which is unfortunate, given the generous nature of it.

However, despite how difficult it is to find information about Visionworks’ return and exchange policy, as you can see here it is quite generous and forgiving.

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