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What is The Container Store’s refund policy?

If you have your receipt, you can make a return for a refund within 120 days of purchase.

If you paid with a debit card or cash, you will receive cashback up to 400$, or a refund to the card used.

If a check was used as the original payment method, your refund will be in cash up to 200$.

If the amount of your cash or debit refund exceeds 400$, or a check refund exceeds 200$, a corporate check will be mailed to your address.

If you do not have your receipt, but paid with a credit card, The Container Store will do their best to find your transaction information in order to process your refund request. If this cannot be done, you will be issued a Merchandise Credit card.

Your return can either be taken directly to the store where the item or items were originally purchased, or ship them to the warehouse – the address will be on The Container Store’s website.

Return timeline120 days
Return methodIn-store or mail
Exchange period120 days
Exchange methodIn-store
Refund policyWithin 14 business days
Refund methodCash back, Merchandise Credit card, original payment method

What is The Container Store’s exchange policy?

The Container Store’s exchange policy is identical to the refund policy.

When you bring in your item or items with the original receipt, you will be given an appropriate item exchange. The window for this is 120 days after the date of purchase.

What is The Container Store’s “return promise”?

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, The Container Store will work with you on a solution, or get you a refund.

Returns after 120 days will be reimbursed with a store credit card, from either the lowest retail price of the item or the purchase price if you brought your receipt.

You will need a valid photo ID without a receipt or proof of purchase.

Can an online order be returned to a store?

Yes, you can return an online order to any store.

So long as you have your original receipt and a valid photo ID. The window to return a purchase is 120 days.

An online or Instacart order returned to a store will be refunded with a Merchandise Credit card.

Any purchase from The Container Store can be returned to any store or drop-off site.

You will not be offered a refund if the item you’re trying to return has been used excessively, or it’s beyond the 120-day return period. If – for example – you’re moving out of town and no longer have a need for the item. This is not a valid reason for return and will not qualify.

What is The Container Store’s price adjustment policy?

The Container Store has a 7-day price adjustment policy.

If the retail price of your item is reduced within a 7 day period after your purchase, The Container Store will issue you a store Merchandise Credit card or the original payment method. This price adjustment policy is only available when you have the original receipt.

Prices from previous promotions cannot be adjusted.

Installation services costs are not included.

Can you return an Instacart order?

Yes, you can return an Instacart order at The Container Store.

However, items purchased through Instacart are only eligible for in-store return, and refunds will only be given out as store credit. This is only during the 120-day return window.

Simply take your item or items and present your Instacart receipt and your item or items to an employee.

Along with the Instacart receipt, you will need a valid photo ID and your name at the time of the return.

Do you need a receipt?

Yes, you need to have a receipt to make a return at The Container Store.

When you have your receipt, you may make a return or exchange within 120 days of purchase.

At the time of return or exchange, a valid photo ID and your name will also be required, depending on the type of return.

Are there any fees?

There are no shipping or restocking fees if your purchase was made inside a store.

What do you need to bring to return an item to The Container Store?

When you make a return or request an exchange at The Container Store, you will need to bring along a few things to prove you are who you say you are, and that you really made the purchase you’re claiming you did.

You will need:

The original receipt

A valid photo ID

Your name

Your Address

Your phone number

The item or items you are trying to return or exchange


So long as you have your original receipt and a valid photo ID, the return process at The Container Store is very simple and straightforward.

The very basic thing you need, besides the item or items itself you’re returning, is the original receipt. With that, The Container Store will be happy to work with you.

However, go beyond the return window, or lose your receipt, and things might get a little complicated. However, even in this situation, The Container Store will still work with you.

Without a receipt, or outside the 120-day return window, you will still be offered a Merchandise Credit card for the purchase price on the receipt or the lowest retail price of the item within the last 90 days.

In short, the return and exchange policies of The Container Store are fairly lenient and forgiving. Even without the receipt, you’ll still get something.

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