StockX Return Policy [2023] – Read To Get Your Refunds NOW

StockX claims they are the ‘stock market of things’, and they are not wrong. With an uber-cool collection of sneakers, trading cards, collectables, skateboards, and whatnot, they are matchless. We have got the StockX Return Policy all covered for you in this simple to understand guide.

StockX is the new kid on the block that is here to stay and if you had any problem returning their merchandise, we will show you how to do it.


Stockx Return Policy

StockX have a relatively strict return policy and all returns require the customer to send the company’s cutomer service team a written message within 3 days of receiving your item.

 Yes, I know what you’re thinking – the return window is small so you need to be quick.

You will have to contact StockX in writing within 3 business days of receiving your product. Only then you can expect to have a return for your faulty arrival.

As return policies go, this is one of the strictest you will find

Return Period3 Days
Return Method Online
Exchange Period3 Days
Exchange MethodOnline
Refund PeriodWithin 14 Days From Purchase
Refund MethodMethod of Payment

How to start with the returns?

There is a specific way to return to StockX and we are describing the steps in an easy way below, check them out below.

Step 1: Contact StockX hereregister your issue with them in writing, within three days of receiving the material.

Step 2: Explain your issue with the product in detail.

Step 3: Include photos of the issue with the product, also include the photo that shows that the verification tag is still attached to the product.

Step 4: Please include a sharp image of the QR code on the verification tag as well.

(Remember, do not remove StockX verification tags attached with the faulty product you received if you want a return.)

StockX Refunds

Since StockX is an intermediary between the selling and buying party there is no way they can assure their seller a refund or an exchange or a swap of any kind.

However, there is one way one could go for a “refund” and that is by selling your faulty product back at StockX to another buyer.

You will, of course, have to reduce your selling price a little from what you originally paid for, so there’s that to consider.

ProductNumber of days you will get your refund inRefund and Exchange Policy
SneakersN/AThere is no refund or exchange, list the product that you don’t want, back at StockX for a resale.
Other ProductsN/AThere is no refund or exchange, list the product that you don’t want, back at StockX for a resale.

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StockX Products and their return conditions

ProductsProduct ConditionReturn Policy
SneakersThe product should be in unworn condition with all its original tag and packaging intact.Register your issue in writing within 3 business days of receiving the item.
Other ProductsThe product should be in unworn condition with all its original tag and packaging intact.Register your issue in writing within 3 business days of receiving the item.

Important Points to Remember

  • StockX is an intermediary between a selling party and a buying one, thus this anonymity doesn’t allow them to issue their customers the refund or exchange services.
  • However, if you order wrong size merchandise and are looking for an exchange or refund, then the only way for you to do that is to resell that item at StockX.
  • If you get a defective or unauthentic material, you must lodge your problem with StockX here, in writing, within 3 business days of receiving the product.


What is the StockX customer support number?

There is no customer support number but you could contact StockX customer services using this link. Or write to them at

How long does StockX take to refund?

StockX Return Policy contains no refund policy as such due to the nature of their business in a live market. All you could do is to resell whatever you don’t find to your taste back at StockX listing.

Can you cancel an order on StockX?

Once you have made a bid or an Ask and your sale has occurred, you cannot cancel the trade then. So think carefully before bidding or asking at StockX.

Can I Return My StockX Products After 30 Days?

After 30 days, you are unable to return any StockX products. The return window is set at three days from the time you get your item. Alternatively, you can sell the item yourself on their marketplace.


Did you know that the initial stock at StockX of sneakers is very impressive with its 15,000 pairs of limited release sneakers that represent 3,500 models!

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We recommend all online shoppers to go through the StockX Return Policy before making a purchase at their store.

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