Sprouts Return Policy – Everything You Need To Know

Purchasing from Sprouts farmers market is usually a quick and easy process, go in buy what you need and leave. However, have you ever had to return an item to one of their stores?

If not, in this guide we’ll walk you through what you need to know before wasting time or being unsure of the next steps.



From baked goods to Sprouts brands, Sprouts Farmers Market sells a variety of things. You can return a product you purchased from Sprouts if you’re unhappy with it for any reason.

Have you bought Sprout products recently? We will help you understand Sprouts return policies in detail and you will be more informed when buying from their stores.

Sprout Return Policy

Almost any item can be returned to the shop in accordance with the Sprouts return policy. Staff members at Sprouts are free to accept or reject a return request as they see fit. When you return an item, the retailer may deduct at least 10% off the original price if the item is damaged or opened.

Before proceeding for return, make sure you follow the given below parameters:

Return by contacting customer care

To start your return you need to obtain return authorization from the company and only then you would be able to return the product.

How To Initiate Your Return

The client should go to the closest Sprouts Farmers Market Store to return any goods. The firm will start a refund or exchange (if feasible) back to the source depending on the type of product we are returning and the original way of purchase.

However, the consumer must have the following in order to seek a return:

  • Returning a product requires that it be in its original packaging and be undamaged.
  • the original debit or credit card that was used to make the purchase

A purchaser may start a return by getting in touch with Customer Care. To do that, one must complete a contact form with the information shown below:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

Sprouts Refund Policy

Most likely your refunds will be made to the original mode of payment. However, your bank may take additional days to process the amount into your account and it takes one billing cycle if you used credit card. These are general modes of refund:

Payment MethodRefund MethodRequirements
Debit cardsCashReceipt
Electronic checksCashReceipt
Credit cardCredit card refundReceipt and the original credit card
EBT cardEBT card refundReceipt and the original EBT card
Manual checkGift cardN/A
Gift cardGift cardN/A

Sprouts Exchange Policy

Sprouts does not have exchange policy in place. You will have to return your previous order and place a new order for the item you want.


Can I Return Items To Sprouts Without A Receipt?

Yes you can return items to sprouts without a receipt, however in exchange for a gift card only.

Can You Return Unopened Groceries?

Stores will allow return of unopened groceries, providing you hold a receipt. It is unlikely that meat produce will be accepted for retur.


Sprouts, one of the leading supermarkets, promotes a healthy and controlled life by offering organic and natural goods.

As customer expectation for healthier, less-processed items rises, Sprouts has the opportunity to double or triple the number of locations it currently operates in order to better cater to disadvantaged populations.

Farmers markets, supermarkets, specialty shops, and traditional retail stores are all present in Sprouts’ existing retail locations. Because of this, each store draws a wide variety of consumers and provides them with the bulk of the organic products available on the market.

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