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Bedding items are items that should be chosen carefully and a bad product can give you sleepless nights. Sleep Number is one of the prominent retailers and there are a lot of customers that are looking to understand the Sleep Number return policy.


Sleep Number is a well-known manufacturer of Comfortaire beds and bedding products and the company is based in Minnesota. Also, the company manufactures accessories.

Are you facing issues with your purchased bedding and other accessories? Do you wish to know about the return policy for different products such as pillows? Or are you looking for some information on sleep number bed warranty? If you are seeking clarity on all these questions and additional questions, we are here for you and we will talk about all these things in detail in our article.

Sleep Number 100 night trial policy

sleep number questions

The period for return – 100 days

Sleep Number has a very interesting return policy. You are allowed to try the mattress for 100 days and then you can return your mattress or bed within 100 days.

Company understands that your body might take about 30 days to adjust to the new mattress and only then you can understand the right mattress for you.

Given below are details to ensure that you understand the details fully.

How to Return Sleep Number Items?

To return any of the company’s product, you will have to take authorization from company officials and only then you will be able to return company’s products.

In case you wish to get full refund, you should send the original product in original packaging only.

Return in a store

When you are looking to return different products, you should note the following things to face no problem at the time of return.

  1. The product should be in new condition.
  2. You can’t send products back to the company without taking return authorization.
  3. You should take note of the company’s different products and their return policies and return accordingly.

You not to remember that you can’t return any of the company’s products to the company by visiting retail store except for DualTemp™ layer:

  1. Visit company’s website and look for store locator
  2. Visit reception desk and ask them for changing the product
  3. Company personnel will help you further
  4. You can only return DualTemp™ layer in a retail store
  5. You will get refund to the original mode of payment

Return by contacting customer service

You need to authorize most of the products of the company by contacting customer care and only after getting proper authorization you will be able to send the products.

Go through the given below steps to return through this method:

  1. Firstly, look for customer service number
  2. Contact the company official on the number
  3. Next, you need to tell problems faced with the product
  4. They will authorize return for you
  5. At the end of process,  you will get a prepaid label
  6. Next, you need to paste the return label and ship via the carrier of your choice
  7. You can also drop off your return at any UPS-authorized shipping center. You can find the UPS service center near you by clicking here


Club Monaco will process your refund into the original form of payment and you need to original receipt with you. The company will take 2 weeks to refund after the product reaches distribution centre. Also, it can depend on your bank and their billing cycle. Following are the refund gateways for different modes of payment:

Type of paymentThe Number of days you will get a refund in:Refund and Credit Policy
Credit card/debit card    21 daysThe company will provide refund in the form of the original payment and will deduct $5 as return cost. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable
Cash21 daysCash
PayPal21 daysRefund to Paypal account
Gift card21 daysThe company will deduct full return value of a gift along with purchase promotional items

Return Policy for Different Sleep Number Products

The company has a famous 100 night trial policy, wherein you can try mattress or bed for 100 days and return within time frame. However, you will have to return product on your own and company will not be responsible for return/delivery charges.

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
Pillow and bedding exchangesThese products should be in original condition30 days return policy
DUALTEMP™ Layer returnsThese products should be in original condition30 days return policy
Demo, display, refurbished or Factory Outlet warehouse closeout mattresses, bases or setsNAYou can’t return these products
FlexFit adjustable bases Upholstered collection furnitureNACan’t be returned back to company

Sleep Number Bed warranty

Sleep number has different warranties for different products. The company has 1 year, 15 year, and 10 year warranty in place.

You can visit this page to know more about product warranties.

Questions on mind?

What is Sleep Number customer service number?
You can contact the customer service at 1-888-411-2188.

What is the period of the refund?
The company provides a lot of buffer time for a refund. They ask for 21 days to process your refund.

How to disassemble a Sleep Number bed?
To disassemble your Sleep Bed Mattress, put it in a flat position and unzip the mattress. You will see two zippers but you only need to unzip only the bottom zipper under the edge of the mattress. Next, you need to pull the hose out of the mattress by pushing in the grey tab on the side of the bed. Repeat the same procedure to the other side of the bed.

How to move a Sleep Number bed?

To move a Sleep Number bed, you will need air chamber caps, as these caps helps in bed movement. These are small white caps that are found in your bed and if you can’t find these caps, you can contact customer service or visit a store to purchase them.


Do you know that Sleep Number is a highly technologically intensive firm and it has been issued 23 patents and 40 issued or pending foreign patents for its products?

We understand that your queries must have been answered by now and you must have made a lot of understanding about product. If you have more specific questions to Sleep Number return policy, you can post your suggestions and ideas and we will try to post them here.

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We would love to hear you out and we will fit in your suggestions in our next article.

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