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Shopbop has a 30-day return policy, where, depending on where you stay, returns can be free or paid. Shopbop solicits returns from domestic and international customers, with DHL tie-ups. COVID has led to redefining of the return window, with allowance for shipping delays.   


Shopbop has, like the average retailer, a return window of 30 days. I’ve shared with you below a detailed and step-by-step look at the Shopbop return policy. So you don’t need to hunt through different links and pages when you are already stressed about having bought an $80 dress that is not the perfect fit!

How to Return Items to Shopbop 

The Shopbop international return policy is more or less the same everywhere. Shopbop allows you to send your purchases back through online DHL returns. So if you’ve got DHL near you, it’s your easiest and quickest option. But if you prefer to choose a cheaper return carrier, you can too. 

Shipping and handling charges are not free. Depending on which country you’re returning the item from, your shipping fees will be different.  

  1. Here’s what you need to do for the DHL returns: 
  1. Go to your Shopbop account and click on Order History. 
  2. Select the Return Items option and choose the items you want to send back.
  3. Follow the instructions to print the documents needed. 
  4. Prepare your package.
  5. Take your package to your nearest DHL service point 
  6. You can also sign up for a pickup

If you want to use a courier of your choice, here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Find the return form that must have come with your order. 
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Repack the items you want to send back and don’t forget that a shoebox doesn’t make a suitable shipping box! 
  4. Make sure to remove all the original address labels and barcodes from the original packaging. 
  5. Attach the return form on the outside of the package. 
  6. Also, attach the customs document. This step is very important. If you don’t attach the correct customs documents the package may be returned to you. Your international carrier service should help you with these documents. 
  7. It’s best if you use a trackable service, for peace of mind. If your courier offers an insured shipping method, it’s good too. You won’t have to deal with the headache of lost packages and Shopbop categorically says they won’t help you look for a lost package. 
  8. Send the item back to the address:
Attn: Returns
1301 E Washington Avenue
Madison, WI 53703

How will you get your Refund? 

This is important: your package must arrive at Shopbop within 30 days from purchase for the return to be processed in the original form of payment. Shopbop returns after 30 days may still be refunded, but as store credit. 

Return window /Mode of payment Mode of refund
Within 30 days Original form of payment 
After 30 days Store credit (if accepted)

Return Policy for Various Products

The Shopbop returns policy asks you to give the company 5 days from receiving your item for return before it can be processed. Here’s something interesting: the company will monitor your account activity and take it into consideration before processing returns. Of course, this is to avoid fraudulent returns from consumers who don’t honour the Shopbop return policy. 

Products and purchases Product conditionReturn policy
All products With all tags and security tags, and in original packaging, unwashed, unworn, unalteredWithin 30 days 
Final sale items Not returnable 
FootwearIn original shoe box (without labels) packed in suitable packagingWithin 30 days 
Shopbop returns Australia$35 return cost
Shopbop returns UK$40 return cost
Shopbop returns Singapore$35 return cost
Shopbop  return policy Hongkong$35 return cost

Shopbop Return Policy United States

If you’re in the United States and you send your item back within 15 days, you can get a full refund. Do you want to enjoy a free return? Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Look for the prepaid East Dane return label in your original packing box. 
  2. Fill up the return form also in your original package. 
  3. Include the return form with the item and paste the return label on the box. Make sure all old barcodes and address labels are removed or hidden. Keep the top of the label with you for Shopbop returns tracking.
  4. Arrange a free pickup by USPS or drop it off at your post office or mailbox. 
  5. If your package reaches East Dane after 15 days from the date of receipt, Shopbop will charge you $10 return shipping fees. 
  6. Track your return here. You’ll find the eight-digit tracking number in the return shipping instructions in your original package. 

If you don’t use prepaid return, or you don’t have a return label in your original package, don’t panic. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Complete the return form label and repackage the item. 
  2. Hide old labels or barcodes. 
  3. Ship package to
Attn: Returns
1301 E Washington Avenue
Madison, WI 53703

  1. Make sure you’re using a shipping method you can track. 
  2. Wait for the email from Shopbop, letting you know that your return has been processed. 

Shopbop Return Policy Canada 

If you’re in Canada, there are a few different types of return shipping available to you with different costs of return. The guaranteed return shipping times are useful to know since returns are time-sensitive. 

Here’s what you need to do to get a refund through the free 5-9 Day Shipping

  1. Find the prepaid return label in the original package. All Canadian orders will come with the shipping label included. 
  2. Complete the included return form and repackage your items with the return form included. 
  3. Make sure to remove any original barcodes or address labels. 
  4. Don’t use the shoe box as a shipping box for shoes. 
  5. Paste return label on box and ship through Canadian Postal Service. 
  6. Return the item within 30 days and expect returns to take around 15 days through customs and in shipping. 
  7. In the past, Shopbop refunded duties and taxes, but it won’t anymore. You can apply for duties and tax refunds on your own with the Canada Border Services Agency. There you’ll need to fill up a form and follow instructions for a refund.  

If you decide to use DHL online returns, you pay $30 for both 1-3 day shipping and 7-20 day postal shipping. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Go to your account on Shopbop and select Return Items, choose the items. 
  2. Print all the needed paperwork and prepare your box. 
  3. Have DHL pick your box up or drop it off at a nearby DHL service point. 
Type of shippingShipping cost
5-9 Day Shipping (Canadian Post)Free 
1-3 day shipping (DHL)$30
7-20 day postal shipping$30

Shopbop Return Policy COVID-19

Due to COVID and delays in shipping, Shopbop has made it slightly less stressful for you by redefining the returns window. The 30-day return window is now counted from the time you receive your package and till the time you send it to your return carrier. Processing times may also be a bit slower for you.

FAQs About Shopbop Return Policy

Q. Does Shopbop offer exchanges?
Shopbop doesn’t have an exchange policy. It will be faster to return the old item and order in a new one in the size or colour of your choice.  

Q. What is the Shopbop customer care number in the US&Canada? 

Q. Does Shopbop ship to Australia? 

Q. Can I do COD returns? 
COD returns may be denied or Shopbop may deduct the shipping amount from your return. 

Q. How long do Shopbop returns take? 
After Shopbop receives your package, give them around 5 days to process your refund. Following the credit into your account, refund periods depends on your bank’s processing time. 


Shopbop doesn’t have a special Christmas return policy and the Shopbop return policy after 30 days is not too generous. But it has a standard process for handling your returns. As far as COVID goes, Shopbop has been generous to not count shipping time into your return window. Knowing the Shopbop return policy before you go about trying to return your purchase will make your life a lot easier in these strange times. 

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