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Who doesn’t know about Samsung? World’s biggest electronics giant based in South Korea, the company is based in Suwon South Korea. Have you ever bought anything from Samsung and then worried about returning the product to the company? Do not worry, you are at the right place this time, we will take you through the complete Samsung return policy in this article.

Samsung Return Policy Guide

The period for return – 30 days

The general return policy of Samsung spans 30 days. You should return the products within the first 30 days. Also, don’t forget to keep all the tags intact.

Before you return your products with the company, make sure you take care of the following things while returning.

  • If you face any issue with the product, make sure you report it within 24 hours to the company.
  • Your complaint should be backed by proper graphical pictures.
  • You will only be able to return products that have authorized dealer’s a tag of DOA( Dead On Arrival) intact.

Samsung Returns

return samsung items

Samsung return policy is unique, and the company requires Dead On Arrival (DOA) from its customers. Below is the detailed return procedure of the company

  • Firstly, to return your products, you should have your product certified as Dead on Arrival (‘DOA’) by Samsung’s authorized service centers.
  • If you feel your product has performance issues, you can visit Samsung’s authorized service centers, and get your product certified as Dead on Arrival (‘DOA’)
  • Samsung representatives will seal the product and accessories in the original packaging box and direct you to return the device to the seller/ retailer.
  • After that, you can initiate a request at 1800 40 7267864 to arrange for the pickup.
  • A guy will come for the pickup. As soon as you show him a copy/image of the DOA Sealed product, he’ll take your package to the company.

Do remember not to tamper with DOA receipt, because your product will not be returned without the receipt.

Samsung Refunds – Samsung Refund Policy

samsung refunds

Samsung provides refunds of all its in-store and online returns through the original mode of payment.

The company requires a time of 5-7 days to refund the order to the original mode of payment. Here is a detailed view of all refund methods

Type of paymentThe Number of days you will get a refund in:Refund and Credit Policy
Credit card/debit card    5-7daysSamsung will issue a refund in the form of the original payment; if you use a credit card, you will get a refund in your credit card. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable
Cash5-7 daysCash
Check5-7 daysCash

How their return policy differs as per the product type?

According to the company’s general policy, you can return most of its items within 30 days of purchase to get refunded via the original mode of payment.

The standard policy of the company is for 30 days. However, there are a few exceptions that are listed below

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
refrigerators, television, washing machine, etc.The product should be original condition and with IMEI number15 days
Mobiles, Tablets and wearablesAn issue with the product should be reported within 24 hours of the deliveryReplacement and refund will be done within 10 days of receiving of the productRefund will reflect within 21 days in your account
Memory and StorageNAContact Samsung service centre at 1800-40-7267864 or here
Consumer Electronics and Household applicationsFor your order to be eligible to return, the installation by Samsung engineer has to be done within 72 hours of the deliveryYour return will be made if your complaint is made within 48 hours of Samsung’s engineers’ visit.

You should also follow the following guidelines before returning the product:

  1. Do not temper the DOA seal, as your product will be made ineligible for the return.
  2. If the product is Unboxed in the absence of installation representative or without their consent, your return claim will be refused
  3. Samsung reserves the right to inspect and deny the return of the product.

Questions you may have

FAQs about samsung return policy

What is the Samsung Customer Service Number?
You can contact any of the Samsung representatives at 1800 407 267 864.

What if I got a defective item?
If you get any defective item, you can inform the company representatives within 24 hours of the delivery, and your item will be replaced.

What is DOA?
Dead On Arrival. It’s a tag used by Samsung service centre after they run their checks on the product you want to return or exchange.

What is the period of the refund?
It takes 5-7 days to get the refund of your purchases.


Do you know that the Samsung group also make ships and contributes 15% to the GDP of South Korea?

20% of the market value of the Korean Stock Exchange is formed by Samsung Group companies.

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I believe every shopper needs to be familiar with the store’s return policy before making any purchase. A total of almost 60% of shoppers end up returning their first purchase before settling for the product they like.

Feel free to share your shopping experience with Samsung!

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