Return These Products After Using For Over 100 Days – Best Return Period in 2023


It is essential for a company to not just increase its sales but also to satisfy the needs of its customers for the company’s growth in the long run. Offering the best return period does add some significant value.

This points out the necessity of improving the after purchase experience of customers in which the return policy of a company plays a crucial role. A free and lengthy return period often attracts customers.

The firms that gives less importance to the area of customer returns and their valuable feedback, usually misses a huge opportunity to gel with the customers and enhance their profitability in the long run. 

Why set a lengthy period of return?

Although a lenient policy may result in more returns. But it is also helps the firm with an overall increase in purchases.

The longer customers get to return an item, the less likely it is to receive a return from them as they get used to the flaws/defects in the product and eventually decides to keep it.

Such policies can attract the customers and invite them to take a chance on products that they otherwise would hesitate to buy.

The freedom in return policies turns out to be advantageous – companies may build a loyal relationship with their customers through interactions about returned products, inviting more positive feedbacks, and frequent purchases as a result.

Also, allowing customers to return items without any charges makes a positive impact of your company, and may make you money in the future.

Here are some companies with attractive return policies with a return period of over 100 days.


Spoke return period

Spoke is a London- based E-commerce retailer engaged in the sale of menswear. The company was established just four years ago. The company mainly focuses on providing a flawless fit.

Without compromising on quality, the firm promises to cover you from bar to beach and boardroom to brunch. Along with that the company holds appealing delivery and return policies.

Return Policy

The company offers a return period, which lasts for 200 days. The customer is free to return or exchange the product within this time period on the basis of dissatisfaction.

Your period of 200 days starts from the day of placing the order. Once exchanged the period of returning such a product does not start over (200 days) and you have only the time left from the early 200 days to return the product.

Although, the company does not promise a full refund over 200 days of purchase, but still wishes to contact and address the grief of the consumer.


To return your product, you need to go to the online returns portal of the company and fill in what you are returning and why and generate a prepaid label.

The service is free in the UK and certain more areas in Europe while from elsewhere you have to pay a fee to get the product back to the firm.

In case of not having access to the returns form, you can mail the company at and the company will send you the form.


Once the product is returned and inspected the company starts processing your refund.

It usually takes 3-5 working days for a refund to show up on your card statement after the company has processed the refund.

 Note: If you purchase a kit, you will need to return all items in the kit in order to receive yourrefund. The company does not accept any partial kit orders for a refund.


To exchange your product, you have to follow the instructions as given in the returns form. The company does not offer an exchange between products and colors but only between sizes.

In such a case, the customer can ask for a refund for the given product and place an order for the desired one online. A request for exchanging between products or colours is ignored and instead of the company issue a refund.


IKEA Superstore

IKEA is a Swedish-origin Dutch-headquartered multinational group working as a home-furnishing store for over more than 70 years. The firm focuses on providing furniture that is well-designed, affordable, and functional.

The firm also designs and sells ready to assemble furniture, kitchen equipment, and home appliances decorating the houses worldwide. The company is also engaged in the sale of food products.

Return Policy

The company offers a return period of 365 days with a condition that the product is returned in an unused, new, and re-saleable condition with packaging.

Small-sized orders and items with a total weight of less than 10kg, which can fit in a carton of 60x50x50cm, can be returned through CollectPlus.

The company provides for the truck collection of the products from the customers’ homes. However, this service is currently discontinued due to the ongoing corona pandemic but will be resumed soon when possible.

For further information on your returns you can visit here.

Return Timeline

The refund is processed as soon as possible within the statutory rights of the customer. Once the refund has been processed the customer receives an email verification.

The amount is refunded by the same method as the original mode of payment of products. Such products require a proof of purchase. Although, the firm currently is taking more than the usual time for a refund due to the ongoing corona crisis.

The company reserves the right to refuse the return or only offer a refund card if the returned orders do not deem fit.

Note: Company does not offer exchanges or refunds on food products and drinks.


Artist Guitar First Store

Artist Guitars is a high-quality instrument manufacturer firm opened in 2009. The company works closely with customers, luthiers, and factories to build their own brand of guitars.

Free shipping and returns, along with affordable pricing makes the company an appealing choice.

Artist Guitars also provide you with a 3 years warranty for the items bought by covering any faults in manufacturing or materials from date of purchase.

The customers can simply contact the firm with a detail description of the defect and a copy of the original invoice from if the customers have any issues. Such policies are offered in all the outlets across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Return Policy

The policy is applicable only to the original customer who bought the item and is only available in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

In case there is an extensive issue in the product, the company ensures that the product is returned to it without any cost to the buyer.

The company offers two separate policies – one for 100 days old products and another one for more than 100 days old products.

If the products are more than 100 days old and a return is required the company covers the entire cost of returns without any cost to the consumer. The firm provides for different courses of action for major and minor issues in the product involved in the return proceedings.

In case of the product having any major issue such as being unsafe or different from the description or sample etc. the customer can apply for either repair, exchange, or refund.

While if the product has minor issues then the firm decides on the most appropriate path to resolve the grievance of the customer. The path usually is repairing or exchanging the product.

On receiving the returned product, Artist Guitars starts the processing of the repair or exchange procedure within 24 hours. Such information is updated to the customer through the means of email or telephone.

Also, if the customer finds any article defected on its arrival itself, the customer has the right to immediately assist the insurance claim.

What is not covered?

Though majorly all the products are covered under such return policies by the Artist Guitars, few products are excluded from its ambit. Such products are known as Consumable products that include strings, drum sticks, and valves.

With that damage caused by misuse or neglect leading to broken hardware are not covered.

Also, if the product has been subjected to an unauthorized repair or modification, the firm does not Take or replace the product.

The company also does not provide such policies in case of general wear and tear arising from hard use of the product leading to the scratches or other small damages.


Return time periods play a crucial role in attracting buyers and widening the customer base of the company.

Every company aims to ease the return process and make it more customer-friendly to hold on to the customers for the future growth of the company.

Here, lengthy return periods favor the growth of the company in many ways.

We hope that the article has helped you out to know about the companies, which offer the best return period.

We made our best efforts to make you familiar with the return policies of such companies.

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