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Now we are living in a world of Prime, Netflix and Hulu but can you remember any movie that you did not watch by Redbox rental and there are still a lot of people who do so, or if you want to know how do you return a redbox movie? so we have Redbox return policy for them.



Who does not know about Redbox? For the people who do not know about the company, it is famous DVD rental provider in Canada and America.

Are you planning for a movie night with your friends? Did you purchase DVD on rent from the company in recent past? Do you feel that your movie night may get extended and you need extra time to return the DVD?

If you are looking for information around returns, cancellations, and cashbacks, you are at the right place. We will help you understand the company’s policy in a better way along with redbox video game return policy and redbox movie return policy.

Redbox return period

Redbox rental return time is not clearly specified. There is no specific return policy of the company and you will have to keep the DVD for minimum of one day and then you will be charged for each day that you will keep DVD for.

Do not draw anything on the surface of disk and there should be no scratch on it.

Given below are the return details for you to understand the policy completely.

How to Return

You are free to return the company’s products in as many days you wish to return but you will have to pay for each day that you have kept DVD for.

There are both fixed and variable charges that you will have to pay while returning the product.

Return by visiting a store

Read all the instructions carefully before you look to return the DVD. Given below are some of the instructions that you should look forward to.

  1. Pack DVD in the same package that you received it in.
  2. Do not put any kind of sign on the package.
  3. Return the DVD on the same store that you purchased it through.

You can only return DVD by visiting store and steps given below will help you in returning the product in an easy manner.

  1. Firstly, go through all the steps given on instruction guide.
  2. Go to store locator and find the store where you rented DVD from.
  3. Visit the store.
  4. Go to store shelf and put the DVD back with the help of store representative.
  5. They will calculate all the charges that are pending and charge money from you.

Do remember to send the DVD in original condition.

Redbox Refunds

There is no specific refund policy that is in place and the company will not issue you refund if you used DVD for a specific time frame decided by company personnel. However, you may get refund if you have got a defected piece but you will have to inform customer care on time.

Payment modeTime FrameRefund and Credit Policy
Credit card/debit card    NAThe company will issue refund towards your original mode of payment and your shipping and handling charges will be deducted
PayPalNARefund to Paypal account

Return Policy for Different Redbox Products

Maximum period that you can keep a DVD is 23 days after that you will be taken whole charge for DVD.

If you have taken DVD on a particular day, you will have to return it the next day by 9 PM else you will incur more charges for an extra day. In short, you have maximum 45 hour rental period.

However, there may be a time that you may face some technical issue and your box may malfunction and you cannot return the product the same day. You can call the company’s customer care and the company personnel will provide you free rental code if your request is really genuine.

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
Movies DVD (redbox movie return policy)There should be no product infringement and scratches on the product17 days return policy
Games DVD (redbox game rental price and time)There should be no product infringement and scratches on the product23 Days

Redbox Exchange Policy

There is no policy that defines exchange and you will have to get a DVD, go back to the store and return the DVD and bring a new one on rent.

What if you lose Redbox DVD?

If you lose Redbox DVD, you may be in some problem as you may be charged extra.

Redbox rental price: You will have to pay $50 as lost charge for the DVD that you lost and if you do not pay this fix price, you will be charged for DVD cost on daily basis and you will have to pay 25 days @ $1.50 + $34.50. After all these charges, you will not lose your DVD 🙂

Redbox FAQs

What is Redbox customer service number?

You can contact the customer service at 1.866.733.2693

In how many days can I return my movie DVD?

Redbox rental time: You have 17 days to return any of movies DVD.

Do charges differ for different version of DVD?

No, there are no different charges and charges are universal across different stores.


Do you know that Redbox captures more than half of the physical store rental market and major company in rental market?

We hope that we were able to answer most of the questions relkated to video game and movie return policy of Redbox.

Your feedback will be really important for us and we will make changes in our upcoming articles basis your feedback. Do not hesitate to provide feedback. You may want to check out our guide to: Newegg Return Policy, Audible Return Policy, and Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime.

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