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Rakuten is a famous e-commerce giant and a lot of people look forward to understand their return policy. They also sell through marketplace and hence marketplace returns, Rakuten Return Policy, Rakuten exchange policy, and cashbacks need to be understood.

Introduction to Their Return Procedure

Rakuten is one of the most well-known Japanese online trading and electronics seller. The company also provides communication services to clients across the world.

Rakuten Returns: Recently Did you happen to shop at the company through third-party sellers or at website? Are you looking for purchasing some item from the company? Do you need information about marketplace seller returns, cancellations, and exchanges? If you are looking for all these things, we have got you covered. We will talk about all these things in detail in our article.

Rakuten return conditions

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The period for return – 30 days

According to the standard return policy of the company, you need to return the items purchased through the online channel with in 30 days of invoice issued date.

Moreover, the company reserves the right to deny the admission of any product, basis its type.

We have described all the return procedures in detail for your help.

How to Return Rakuten Products

As you already know that you can return company’s products within 30 days of issue of invoice but you will have to return the product only through seller.

In case you wish to get full refund, you should send the original product in original packaging only.

Return by contacting your seller

Please take care of the given below things while you are returning your merchandise, because you could be in problem if you do not follow the given below instructions.

  1. Send your product in re-sellable condition to company’s warehouse
  2. Do not wash the merchandise at any cost
  3. Items purchased through third-party sellers will not be returned by the company

Follow the given below instructions and proceed for your return or exchange of the product

  1. Go to My orders page and look for the item you wish to return back to the company
  2. Look for the initiate return button and the items that are eligible for the return will pop up on your screen
  3. You will see a message form on the screen
  4. Fill in all the details such as why do you want to return the product and all the required details for the product
  5. Send the message to the seller and your return will be processed after evaluating the whole return

Also, the product should be in re-sellable condition

How can you check marketplace seller’s return policy

It is really important to check any seller’s return policy before proceeding to return the product to any of the seller.

You can follow the given below steps by visiting company’s website:

  1. Under the product image, you will be able to find the seller information
  2. By clicking on seller information link, you will reach to seller’s page
  3. You will find seller’s return policy by scrolling down

Rakuten Refunds

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Refund policy will differ from one seller to another. There are some sellers who will process your refund immediately towards your original payment mode and there are sellers that will take 4-5 days of time refunding the item to your payment mode. Banks may take additional time depending on their cycles.

Payment modeReturn periodRefund and Credit Policy
Credit card/debit card    Depends on seller’s policySellers will provide refund towards your original mode of payment and your shipping and handling charges will be deducted
CashDepends on seller’s policyCash
PayPalDepends on seller’s policyRefund to Paypal account

Return Policy Conditions for Different Products

For most of the products the company has its standard policy covering all the products under 30 days return policy. Moreover, policy can also change depending on the type of seller you have purchased your product from.

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
All kind of merchandiseThese products should be in original condition30 days return policy
Dell, Kobo, and Adorma Return PolicyThe product should be in re-sellable conditionYou can return the products in 30 days

Rakuten Exchange Policy

Rakuten does not have any policy that covers exchanges and if you are looking to exchange some of your items, you will have to return the merchandise and order a new one.

You can follow the given below steps to exchange the product that does not suit your requirement:

  1. Contact company’s customer care and ask for product authorization
  2. Return the product according to seller’s return guidelines
  3. Wait till you get the return authorization mail for your product
  4. Order a new product that you wish for

How to cancel the products

You can easily cancel the products ordered through company by following some easy steps:

Canceling the order within 30 minutes of order placement

  1. Go to My orders page and look for the item you wish to cancel
  2. Go the order details
  3. Press cancel order button and confirm cancelling your order

Canceling the order after 30 minutes of order placement

  1. Go to My orders page and look for the item you wish to cancel
  2. Look For send message or contact seller tab
  3. State your reasons and cancel the item
  4. You will hear from seller within 2 business days

Did we miss something?

FAQs about Rakuten Return Policy

What is Rakuten customer service number?
You can contact the customer service at 1-888-733-6410. You can also contact, By mailing the company at memberservices@rakuten.com.

In how many days can I return my Dell laptop?
Within 30 days of invoice issued by the company, you will be able to return the product back to the company.

If return policy different for every seller?
Yes. There are a lot of sellers listed on Rakuten website and return policy for each seller will vary.


Do you know that Rakuten is official partner of NBA and is also key sponsor of major football club – Barcelona and the company is involving in 5G technology trials?

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