Pretty Little Thing Return Policy

Pretty Little Thing is a well-known clothing brand targeting a female audience and part of the Boohoo family. Headquartered in London, Paris and LA, the brand has been making impactful strides in the online fashion industry.

The increased popularity of the brand in the last number of years has resulted in a rise in those seeking out the Pretty Little Thing return policy. We explore it in detail in this article.

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What is PrettyLittleThings return policy?

Pretty Little Thing return policy asks that you return items within 28 days of processing the order for refund or exchange. PLT return policy as of 2022, requires that items be unworn, unwashed, tags intact and prefer shoes not be used outside.

Return Period28 Days
Return MethodVia Mail
Exchange PeriodNo Available
Exchange MethodExchanges not available
Refund Period3-5 Business Days
Refund MethodOriginal payment method

How To Return a PrettyLittleThing item?

Returning an item from Pretty Little Thing online store is easy. You’ll want to sign into their website and go to their returns portal. Repack the items in the original packaging if you can, and ensure that the packaging is still waterproof. You’ll also want to make sure tags and labels are still attached.

Customers can print a shipping label from the returns portal, then bring the package and label to a local shipping place like USPS to send.

Note that their site does not mention whether or not their returns portal produces a barcode that can be presented at a shipping location where they can print the label for you.

You’ll receive a confirmation notification that the return was received.

Does Pretty Little Thing pay return shipping?

Pretty Little Thing does not pay return shipping. The return label is more to provide the correct address and an easy method to track with. You will need to pay the actual price to ship your items back.

Will PrettyLittleThing refund return shipping?

Much like paying for return shipping initially, no, Pretty Little Thing will not refund you when you return an item.

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

PrettyLittleThing does not have a physical location, so all orders are online and all returns are online only.

How strict is the PrettyLittleThing return policy?

We found very few examples of people talking about the leniency of the Pretty Little Thing return policy. Their return policy is fairly straightforward about the number of days and the conditioning required for the item.

Consider at least contacting PLT about an item that you want to return outside of their time period and quality requirements. They might work with you in order to maintain a happy customer.

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Pretty Little Thing Exchange Policy

PrettyLittleThing do not currently offer an exchange policy to their customers. Instead, you can return and reorder your items by following their returns process on their website.

Pretty Little Thing does offer what amounts to an exchange policy, but it probably doesn’t work the way you think.

Instead of indicating which item you want instead during the exchange process, you’ll want to initiate a return process.

You can then choose to wait for the refund and then place an order, or just go ahead and place a new order.

The better part of this process is that you can simply return the website to place an order instead of going through a different system.

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PrettyLittleThing Refund Policy

The policy is pretty simple. You’ll need a packing slip, the shipping label, and the items within a waterproof and sealed parcel. Refunds will be credited back to the card they were paid from.

Does Pretty Little Thing take returns without a receipt?

Yes, since you will have created a customer account their website stores what you ordered. Printing a shipping label with a packing flip should be good enough for Pretty Little Thing and proof of your purchase.

Does Pretty Little Thing accept returns after 30 days?

They might. While their return policy says 28 days, you can ask to see if they are lenient about their policy for your particular case and items.

What items cannot be returned to Pretty Little Thing?

Beauty products and accessories cannot be returned. Grooming products and swimwear also cannot be returned, and swimwear has a hygiene seal to indicate whether or not it’s been tried on.

One should carefully purchase these products from Pretty Little Thing to avoid having to deal with not having them be returnable.

What if my product is defective?

Defective products at Pretty Little Thing are handled a little differently. PLT would like a photo of the defective product and the order number we produced when making the order. Their site is not clear about what the next steps for a defective product are.

Do PrettyLittleThing Offer Free Returns?

For UK consumers, the company offers returns at no cost, however, you must get proof of postage in case your product is lost in transit back to the company.


Can I track my return with Pretty Little Thing?

Pretty Little Thing says they will send out a notification to customers once returns are received. It’s not clear on their website if they offer the ability to know where your return is and how far along it is in the process.

Can I Return Pretty Little Thing Products After Use?

To make it short, no. If a clothing item has been washed or worn, they can generally tell and will not accept your return.

How Long Do Pretty Little Thing Refunds Take?

A return should be processed within 3-5 days. If you do not receive your refund within 2 weeks, you should certainly contact them to see what’s happening.


Pretty Little Thing offers a fairly straightforward return process. Some people who are used to purchasing clothes online might be disappointed that Pretty Little Thing offered a fairly short return policy.

They also do not offer to pay for return shipping, which is rather unique and might be attempting to keep people from returning products.

Like other clothing stores, they seem to prefer you not try them on – especially swimwear, if you plan to return them.

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