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The Moosejaw return policy will allow you a lifetime return on products that are unused and in resalable conditions. However, electronics except for drones have to be returned within 30 days and drones have 15 days return period. The refunds will be processed in the same way the payment was made. All the products have to pass the quality check to get returned.


Moosejaw has a very lenient lifetime return policy where the customers can replace their products anytime. What confuses the customers is the different terms and conditions that come with this Moosejaw return policy of a lifetime. Different conditions are valid for different returns and they are very particular with the quality check of the products.

The complicated Moosejaw return policy is the reason that a lot of customers are not able to succeed in returning or replacing their products at Moosejaw. This is the reason I am compiling a detailed guide to make return and exchange easy for Moosejaw customers. 

How Can You Place A Return Request?

The returns at Moosejaw can be done either at the store or you can just ship the products to the address they give you. Since the Moosejaw stores are only located in the US, international customers will only be able to use shipping as the method to return their products.

Moosejaw In-store Return 

The following steps should be followed if you want to make an in-store return:

  1. First thing is to make sure that the product is in a resalable condition. This means that it should not be used (except for trying), damaged, and should have the original tag or the box in case of shoes. Also, make sure that the electronic products have not passed their return period.
  2. Go to the Moosejaw website and locate the store nearest to you by clicking on the store locator.
  3. Take your products and the receipt or any other proof of purchase to the store. The Moosejaw employees will check the condition of your items and return or exchange them as per your needs. 

Return Through Shipping

The return can also be made by shipping the product to the Moosejaw stores. The following steps have to be followed:

  1. You will have to print out a return label or the FedEx ground return label if you are in the USA. For international customers, you will have to ship back the product yourself and the shipping should be pre-paid.
  2. The international customer can contact the Moosejaw customer service and ask them to give you the nearest location where you can send your package.
  3. The products should be packed in a way that they are easily shipped. In the case of shoes, make sure to not use the shoe box as the return package since the company requires the shoebox to be returned with the shoes.
  4. The US customers can then drop their product along with the printed return label at the nearest FedEx drop location.
  5. The product will take about 10-15 days to reach the location and a refund will be made in 2-5 business days. 

What Are The Types of Refunds? Moosejaw Refund Policy

Products can be returned for a lifetime however the refund through the same way of payment is only applicable for the first 30 days. After this period, the refund will be given in the form of credits.

Payment ModeRefund and Credit Policy
Credit and Debit CardDeposit directly to the linked account.
CashOnly applicable on in-store exchange
PayPalRefunded to the account linked.
Moosejaw Credit CardGiven in case of returns made after 60 days of purchase.
Gift CardRefunded in the form of a new gift card.
Moosejaw Reward DollarsThe reward earned will be deducted from the account if you have enough MJ$.In case you don’t have enough MJ$, the amount will be deducted from the refund.

What Is The Return Policy For Each Product?

All products are on a lifetime return except for the electronics which have to be returned within 30 days and Drones have to be returned within 15 days. Apart from this, items such as gift cards, load-bearing equipment, food, and anything used for climbing can not be returned.

Products and PurchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
Clothes and Other ProductsUnused, undamaged, and resalable with receipt.Has a lifetime return policy
ShoesUnused, undamaged, and resalable with receipt.Has a lifetime return policy.Need to be returned with the shoebox original packaging.
Sale ItemsUnused, undamaged, and resalable with receipt.Might be returned if not Final Sale specified.
Gift Card, Food, and Climbing EquipmentAny ConditionNon-Returnable
Items With Free GiftsUnused, undamaged, and resalable with receipt.Will have to return the gift along with the purchase.
GiftsUnused, undamaged, and resalable.Same as the other products if you have the email address used while placing the order.If not then contact the Live chat and they will help you out.

What Is The Applicable Moosejaw Exchange Policy?

The exchange policy applies to the products just as the return policy. The only exceptions are as follows:

  • The orders place through eBay, PayPal and Jet cannot be exchanged.
  • Make a speedy exchange by contacting the customer care live chat.
  • The exchange is only processed once the order has reached Moosejaw.

Moosejaw Floor And Décor Return Policy Covid-19

There is not much that has changed in the return policy for COVID-19 except that the return policy has been extended for the orders that were placed after 3/15/20. Also, the return and exchange will take more time than usual because of the pandemic. Some of the stores are still closed and hence in-store return can now only be made by shipping the product to the given address. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Moosejaw

Q. Does Moosejaw Provide Free Return?
No, Moosejaw free returns are not applicable except for shoes. You will have to pay the shipping fee of USD 7.95 which is deducted from the order amount or asked of you when you print the return label. 

Can I Return An Item in Store That Was Bought Online?
Yes, it is possible to return an item to the nearest store if you have bought it online. It is also possible to return store-bought items online by shipping them back to Moosejaw.

Q. Can I return Something Purchased With A Gift Card?
The return with a gift card is the same as that with any other order. The only difference is that the refund is given in the form of a new gift card emailed to you.

Q. Can I Return Something Even If I Do Not Have The Receipt?
Yes, you can return something even if you do not have a receipt. However, you have to use the return label system which is attached to your order. So, either print out the order confirmation that is sent via email to you or just print out the information that you find on the website. 

Q. What is Moosejaw Return and Exchange Policy Sale Items?
The sale items are returnable unless they are marked as ‘Final Sale’. In this case, these items will not be eligible for return or exchange.


The lifetime return can be an extremely convenient option for customers who are not able to make their minds about a product within a short time frame. With the help of this guide, I am sure you have understood the return terms and conditions with each product and will be able to make easy returns or apply for an exchange for all your purchases at Moosejaw.

This was an easy explanation for Moosejaw return and exchange policy. If you have any more queries and questions, do let me know in the comment section below. If you like the article, please share that also in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you. 

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