Menards Return Policy 2023 [Updated] – Read BEFORE Returning

Menards is a home improvement store chain located in the US. The firm is $10 million worth and sells everything from building material to home appliances.

Have you ever bought anything from the company and felt a need to return it? Here are we to help you know everything about the Menards return policy. We will describe everything in detail, so read the article carefully


Menards Return Policy

The general return policy at Menards is 90 days, however, the company has a vast category of products, and as a result, its return policy can differ depending on the product you purchased.

The product level return policy we outline below in this article will give you more insights on the return policy that might be more relevant to your situation.

Return Period90 Days
Return MethodIn Store or by Mail
Exchange Period90 Days
Exchange MethodIn Store or by Mail
Refund PeriodWithin 7 Days
Refund MethodMethod of Payment or Store Credit

Menards Return methods available

The return policy of Menards is customer-centric, and you can return any of the products either by visiting their store or by online mode.

Menards Store Return Policy

You can return both online and store purchases to the store located near you. If you want to return items by visiting the Menards store, just follow the below steps to begin your return.

  • The very first step you need to take is – find your nearest store.
  • Now, give some works to your legs and visit the Menards store.
  • Don’t forget to bring the confirmation email or receipt with you.
  • Present the order details and items to the service desk located at the entrance of the store.
  • Your return will be immediately processed, and the refund may take 7-10 days to credit back to your account.

Menards Online Return Policy

You can opt to return your product by mail if you are not willing to pay a visit to your nearest store. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • To return your products by mail, you need to contact the company’s guest service representative.
  • The guest service representative will promptly answer your query.
  • You will be given detailed return instructions by the representative, which will help you return the product.

Unfortunately, the cost of shipping your return package would be borne by you.

Moreover, Menards will deduct a twenty-five percent restocking fee for all the online returns of the merchandise.

What if I am not able to find my return receipt?

If you’re wondering does Menards allow you to return without a receipt, the answer is yes.

If you need to process your return without a receipt, you will be able to print a Return Receipt if the purchase was made by check or credit card by using the Return Receipt Kiosk located by the Guest Service Desk at any Menards® store.

If you operate the Menards account, you will be able to print your receipt online. For more information on finding your orders online, you can visit the lookup receipts page.

You can also print your receipt online from your Menards® account if your purchase was made with a check or credit card.

For more information on looking up your orders online and printing your receipt, visit the Lookup Receipts page. You can use the driver’s license or state ID card for all non-receipted items.

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Menards Refund Policy

Menards provides refunds of all its in-store and online returns through the original mode of payment.

The company requires a time of 7-10 days to refund the order to the original mode of payment. Here is a detailed view of all refund methods

Type of paymentDays to process your refundRefund and Credit Policy
Credit card/debit card    7-10 daysMenards will issue a refund in the form of the original payment; if you use a credit card, you will get a refund in your credit card. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable
Gift7-10 daysIn-store credit
Cash7-10 daysCash
Check7-10 daysIn-store credit

Moreover, if you have paid via multiple payment methods, you will be refunded in the following order:

Menards Card, Discover Card, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, in-store credit/gift card, debit, then cash.

Menards return policy for all the different products they offer

According to the company’s general policy, you can return most of its items within 90 days of purchase to get refunded via the original mode of payment.

If for some reason, you are not able to return the product within 90 days, you can also return it afterward. If the return is made after 90 days, you will be refunded through in-store credit.

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
Gas-powered items consist of gas-powered wheeled goods, including the following: • Lawnmowers • Snowthrowers • Tillers • Log splitters • Chipper shredders • Generators • Pressure washersThese items should be in original condition and with original packing   Gas shouldn’t have been filled in these items30 days return with receipt
Gift CardsNANon-refundable
Service items such as handheld gas-powered item or contractor paint sprayerThe items should be in original condition and with original packing intact30 days return
Custom Window Treatments Custom Exterior Shutters All Doors Vinyl Windows Steel Door Glass Replacement Glass Table Tops Building plans, blueprint sets, study sets, and reproducible mastersNAThese products can’t be returned
Holiday itemsThese items should be accompanied with a receiptThese items will be refunded at the receipt price before the holiday.

After the holiday, the lowest register clearance price for that item will be given.
PlantsReturn these items with receiptMenards guarantees these items for 1 year
Major AppliancesThese items should be accompanied with a receiptThese items should be in original condition and with original packingYou can return items with manufacturing defects within 7 days.

If there is not any manufacturing defect in the product, you can return it within 30 days
Chemical Items NAIf the product is opened, it can only be exchanged.

However, unopened items can be returned according to the standard return policy
30 day over the counter exchange productsNo return or refund will be made without a receipt30 days
90 days over the counter exchange productsNo return or refund will be made without a receipt30 days

You should also follow the following guidelines before returning the product:

  1. Products missing the Universal Product Code (UPC) can only be exchanged for identical products.
  2. Stock merchandise, which is cut or altered, will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.
  3. Return merchandise purchased on rebate must be accompanied with original rebate receipt.


What is Menard’s Customer Service Number

You can fill the online form by visiting this link to contact the online guest service representative.

What if I got a defective item?

If you get any defective item, you can contact the online guest service representatives within 3 days.

Can I return my online order at any Menards store?

Yes, you can return online orders at any Menards store, but it is solely upon the individual store to accept or reject the return.

What is the refund period?

It takes 7-10 days to get the refund of your purchases.


Do you know that the founder of Menards (John Menard) started the company with pole building business and spent his nights working in a movie theatre to gather funds for the business?

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Design your home with the Menards collection but don’t let unwanted products sit at your home. File a return ASAP.

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  1. I purchased balusters and newel posts and handrail. I have since found out I cannot use them as I originally thought. I purchased some other items at the same time that I have used. I have already sent in the rebate form. Can I return the balusters, newel posts and handrail for a credit?

  2. How many returns does Menards allow you to do without a receipt?? My sister used my Id and returned stuff a couple times and ib went to return something and couldn’t so how long do I have to wait to be able to make a return without a receipt

  3. Hi, I live in Canada and made a purchase before covid (Feb 2020) and I am not able to cross the border to return this item (value $30). I still have the receipt. Will I still be able to return it if at some point I can cross the border again?

  4. We purchased a variety pack of Marcelina gourmet coffee and none of us like it. Am I able to return it??

  5. I went to Menards Waterloo Iowa and I didn’t have my receipt with me.I I didn’t feel like going All the way home to get it and that I would be happy to get a store credit slip.And to my surprise Menards keep my return and gave me nothing. I demanded my items back and also asked them to call the local police department so they could explain to me and the police department how they can keep my items I brought in to the store to return. They would not call the police like I asked them to and I don’t have any way to call them myself.My family had just been through a total loss House fire. The garage did not burn because it was detached.So we were returning items we were not going to need.for money or credit check because we needed to.

  6. Menards is not a good store. The prices are marked up 11% to make up for the rebate. And returning items are not good if you are a minority. I always have problems returning items while a caucasion customer has no problem returning things. If you dont believe me, go to the farmington missouri menards and see for yourself.

  7. What if we just canceled an order after 90 days because delivery did not happen when promised??? Does the refund policy still apply? Why should we have to wait a month to get our money back??

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