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The Maurices return policy lets you send back most items with no deadline. Just make sure you’re carrying the original receipt when you turn up at your nearest store for a refund of items bought in-store. Online purchases can be returned online or at a store. 


The generous Maurices return policy time limit is exactly zero. You don’t have to stress about those jeans you bought before Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t flatter you so much a few weeks after. Maurices free returns will welcome your ill-fitting denim with no scorn and give you a full refund for your pains. But there are a few things to keep in mind, not much, that I’ll take you through for an easier return experience. You’re welcome! 

Methods of Return

You can return your Maurices apparel either online or in-store. 

You can walk into your nearest Maurices outlet and return an item you bought online or at a physical store.  

  1. Find a Maurices near you that is open using the Our Stores link on the website. 
  2. Take your receipt with you. Maurices return without receipt is possible. But if you don’t have a receipt or a gift receipt, you’ll get store credit instead of a cash return.
  3. If the store is closed, wait for it to open. There’s not much you can do at this point except waiting. But the retailer promises to honour their word for customer-friendly and assured returns. 

For items you purchased online, you have a few different ways to get a refund. The fastest way is to use the online Expedited Returns Portal

  1. Locate the original pack slip that came with your order. This slip lists the items you bought. 
  2. Visit the link on the store website and you’ll be taken to a page called Returns.
  3. Fill in your order number and your email. 
  4. If you don’t know your order number, call Maurices customer service to get it. You can call at 1.866.977.1542. You can also use the LiveChat box or email. 
  5. Follow the instructions on the Returns page to select the orders you want to send back. 
  6. Print the return label. It’s prepaid, which makes it seem like the return is free. But just because you don’t have to pay for postage doesn’t mean Maurices won’t deduct the $5.95 flat rate shipping from your refund. A small price to pay for the unlimited return, I think. 
  7. Make sure to pack the items securely before you send. The original packaging is ideal, plus you save on the cost of new packaging. Make sure to attach the return slip on the box. 
  8. Make sure all extra labels are removed, as you don’t want to confuse the courier. 
  9. Ship via US Mail or UPS. 
  10. Wait for processing. Since this is “expedited return”, you’re likely to get a refund in about one to four days. 
  11. Want to track your shipment? Log into your Maurices account and you can see exactly where it’s at. 

To avoid the flat shipping rate, you can use your shipping method to make the return: 

  1. Pack as you would for expedited shipping. Make sure to return all packing slips that came with the original box or boxes. 
  2. Don’t forget to fill in the questions on the packing slip about your reason for returning. Place it in the box with the item. 
  3. Remove all extra labels from the box. 
  4. Mailbox to the address that’s on the website for “Maurices Returns”. You’ll be paying postage, of course. This makes sense when your return is less than in-store $10. 

Maurices Refund Policy 

The Maurices return policy is quite generous, and you get a refund against receipt the same way you paid. But note that’s minus the return shipping label that some other stores don’t charge.

Be warned if you pay via PayPal, you won’t get a refund against the card linked with that account. You will be charged shipping for sending the item back to the warehouse before you can get a refund. If you paid via PayPal and visited the store for a return, you’d be in for a nasty surprise if I didn’t warn you!  

Mode of payment Mode of refund
Credit card paymentsCredit, within 30 days 
PayPalStore credit, within 30 days 

Return Policy for Various Products

Maurices has a simple return policy for their items, requiring only that it must be in good condition. But there are a few rules about Maurices return by mail and in-store returns you should know, especially regarding Maurices PayPal returns: 

Products and purchases Product conditionReturn policy
All items bought in-storeGood condition, with receipt Any time, in-store only
All items bought online Good condition, with pack slips In-store or online
Items paid for with PayPalGood condition, with pack slips Online only

Maurices Exchange Policy

The Maurices exchange policy is like the returns policy: relatively simple. But it’s less friendly than the returns policy. You can’t exchange items you bought online. Your only option would be to return it and place an order for the desired size, colour or fit. 

Products and PurchasesConditionExchange Policy
All in-store purchases In-store exchange
All online purchases No exchange possible.

Merchandise Cards

Maurices return without receipt policy lets you return items at the store even when you don’t have the original receipt. But your refund won’t be sent back to the Credit Card you paid with. You’ll be offered a credit to a Merchandise Card instead. If you like the Maurices style, you can’t go wrong with a Merchandise Card to be saved for later.

Maurices Gift Cards

Maurices Gift Cards are great for loved ones. But if you want to return an item purchased with a gift card, the credit goes back to the gift giver. So this is one store where it doesn’t pay to send a gift back! 

Maurices Return Policy for COVID-19 

There’s been no change to the return policy at the retailer through COVID. You may just have to wait a little longer for stores to open in your area or for returns processing. 


Q Can you return clothes after wearing them?
Maurices has nothing against returning clothes you’ve worn a few times. As long as they’re in good condition, they won’t raise their eyebrows when you return them.

Q Can you still return items without a receipt?
Yes, you’ll just be refunded in store credit.

Q How long do I have to return an online order? 
There is no deadline. But let’s be reasonable. If you’re thinking of sending back the five-year-old sweater someone gifted you, Maurices may refuse to take back an out-of-trend item. 

Q I bought an item recently from a store that’s closed at the moment. How can I return or exchange the item? 
Maurices is very generous and tells you to wait for the store to open. They will make good their promise for no-deadline returns. 

Q I want to return an item to Canada. 
You can return any items at Maurices’ Canadian stores, or mail them with a pre-printed label. The Maurices return address is on the website. It’s a good idea to use a reliable carrier like Canada Post or Purolator, so you can trace your package. 


Maurices return policy no receipt policies aren’t very friendly if you’ve bought a truckload of items you don’t want. But the no-deadline returns makes a lot of buyers happy. Any pre-holiday hauls that don’t look so great out of the closet a few months down the line don’t have to go in the landfill. And armed with the knowledge of the way returns are done at these retailers, you’ll have an easier time of sending out your return boxes. Good luck! 

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