Kohls Return Policy – All you need to know before making a purchase!

Kohl’s offers quite a variety of products ranging from apparel, electronics, cooking appliances to jewelry and accessories. Check out the website to explore the wide options offered by the company.

There was a time when Kohl’s did not have a timeline for returns. But the good times are gone now and there are changes to its return policy, although compared to many retailers it is still quite lenient. Read on to find how and what you can do as a consumer to ensure smooth returns.


Kohls Return Policy

Kohl’s return policy allows you a return period of 180 days for most of its items sold online or in-store, even without tags. Returning your clothing items without a receipt enables customers to receive store credits

Premium electronics are the only exception to this policy

Even for these electronics, you have 30 days to return. You would need the original packaging and a valid receipt for a hassle-free return. The goods even in worn condition would be returned. After all, it is the ‘No questions asked policy’.

Return Period180 Days
Return MethodBy Mail or in store
Exchange Period180 Days
Exchange MethodBy Mail or in store
Refund Period7 days
Refund MethodOriginal form of Payment

How To Return to Kohls?

Items bought in the store can be returned only at the store. However, goods bought online can be returned via mail or the local store. Below steps explain how to proceed with both the processes to ensure hassle-free returns.

Returning items to a Local Store

Returning purchases in-store is the quickest and most convenient way to receive your refund or credit. 

Go to the nearest Kohl’s store and look for a Customer Service Desk to return the product. You can reprint a copy of your purchase invoice, for smooth returns.

No receipt, no reason to worry. Kohl’s associates can look a purchase for up to 180 days. Just provide your credit or debit card.

You’d need to provide them with the valid ID proof in case your receipt is untraceable. You will get store credit at the lowest price in the past 13-week period for the product.

Remember – Kohl’s tracks your returns. Any suspicious activity can lead to denied returns or additional charges.

Returning items through Mail

If you made an online purchase through the Kohl’s website and would like to return the items in the same way, then the steps would change a little.

Step 1: Sign in to the Kohl’s shopping account to reprint your products’ sales receipt.

Step 2: Fill out the return form, include your invoice and place it with your items to be returned

Step 3: Pack them in a strong packaging (original packaging would be preferred)

Step 4: Send the items to Kohl’s and they’ll issue a refund. In case of payment by Kohl’s Merchandise credit, contact the customer service.

You will get your return within 7 days, although timelines may vary bank to bank. All the shipping charges are to be paid by you.

Remember – If returning any electronic device such as smartwatches, do not forget to remove your personal information.

Kohls Refund policy

Refunds would be made in the original mode of payment. For in-store returns, Kohl’s would refund the amount immediately whereas for online returns it will take around 7 days to complete the whole process.

In case you made the purchase using a check you will be refunded in the form of store credit, cash or corporate refund. For returning a gift (with a gift receipt) you will get an equal exchange or store credit. The same is the case for non-receipted returns. 

Here, the amount would be reduced to the lowest 13-week sale price. If a purchase was made using Kohl’s Cash your refund on return will be reduced by the amount of Kohl’s Cash used. It won’t be redeemed. Also, if you earned Kohl’s Cash, the value would be decreased.

Returning Premium Electronics

As we noted earlier, this category is a little bit stricter than the general policy. Premium electronics majorly include (but not limited to) following items:

  • Headphones & Speakers
  • Gaming
  • Fitness
  • Printers
  • Tablets & Computers
  • Cameras
  • GPS
  • TVs & Home Theater/Entertainment
  • Electronic Accessories
  • Hoverboards
  • Drones
  • Virtual Reality

Find out the list of brands included in the policy here. You get only 30 days to return them, provided you have the invoice available with you. Longer return policy applies during the holiday period, discussed later.

Defective or Damaged Goods

What if you received a defective item from the company itself, without any fault of yours? Don’t worry, you are covered in the return policy.

Just inform the customer care within 180 days of the purchase (30 days for premium electronics) and the company would return it. Any shipping costs incurred by you would also be subject to reimbursement. Contact customer care here.

In case, you were missing some items from your package call the customer care at 1-855-564-5705 and ask for exchange or reimbursement.

Kohls Holiday Return Policy

Kohl’s is thoughtful about how busy the holiday season can be for you. Therefore, to facilitate, the return deadline normally extends to January 31 for premium electronics purchased from November 1 to December 25.

You would still be required to give the original packaging and receipt.

Can I return to Kohls after 180 days?

No, Kohls will not allow you to return to the store after 180 days, meaning customers will not be able to return or get a refund.

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Can You Return Worn Clothes To Kohl’s?

Yes Kohls will allow you to return clothing to their store within 180 days of purchasing, even if they have worn.

Kohl’s Return Policy Without A Receipt

No you do not need to have your receipt when returning to Kohls. However, this isn’t the case for watches and other electronics where a receipt is required. Store credit is offered to customers who can’t provide a receipt.


What is the Kohl’s Customer Service Number?

You can call Customer Service at 1-855-564-5705 or live chat with them here.

Can I order goods using live chat?

For security reasons, that is not allowed.

Where can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status here.

Can Kohl’s cancel my return?

If the company feels you are misusing the return policy, you can be denied returns.

Can I get a refund for discontinued items?

Nowadays, Kohl’s won’t refund such items and give you store credit for the same.

I paid for an item using my Kohl’s Cash, would I be refunded for that? And what about the additional points earned?
You won’t be able to get the cashback and the refund would be made deducting their worth. The additional points would also be taken back.


Do you know that there are more than 600 million page views on Kohl’s website and almost 3 million customers place orders there? Not only online, but it is also growing strong in brick and mortar stores too, with almost 1160 stores out of which 117 are only in California.

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If you are still scratching your head, clear your all doubts about Kohls Return Policy by asking them below!

2 thoughts on “Kohls Return Policy – All you need to know before making a purchase!”

  1. Was not aware of the change in the refund policy, now I have items that were purchased in Sept. that I can not get full price for even tho I have the receipt, may have to shop else where and cancel card not very happy

  2. Christine Bancroft

    My hubby bought me a housecoat last year for Christmas (in Jackson, MI store) that ties in the front. I like zip up better. Returned to Adrain, MI store in March and was told it was past the date and could not be returned. So there it lays in the bag on a shelf in my closet. But I bought a Cuisinart coffee pot, no paper work with it. I called Cuisinart to register it for warranty, the lady I talked to said it was already out of warranty, by three years .Kohl’s sold it to me as new, not a reduced price. We don’t shop there as often as we use to. Probably will not hear a word from Kohl’s.

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