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The Swedish furniture behemoth entered the US in 1985 and currently operates 37 stores across the country. It fulfills almost every furnishing need of its customers beginning from living room furniture to mattresses and bedroom furniture. 

What more? IKEA Return Policy offers a 365-days return window to its US customers. Yes, you read it right! You can return your IKEA items within a year subject to some basic terms and conditions. What are they? Let’s find out!

IKEA Return Process Simplified

The period for return – 365 days

IKEA calls its return policy a ‘No-nonsense return policy’ which means it is a simple, much hassle-free policy that supports its consumers. 

As IKEA says “It’s OK to change your mind!” If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, just bring the merchandise to IKEA within 365 days along with a proof of purchase, and you will be given a full refund in the payment mode you originally used. (Click here to find your local store)

How to Return IKEA items?

Ikea return by mail

Items bought from IKEA can be returned in any of the three ways – in-store returns, by mail (for small packages) or pickup from your location (for large packages). 

In case of store purchases, online return is not available and you would have to return the items to IKEA warehouse only. Below steps explain how to proceed with the processes to ensure hassle-free returns.

In-Store Returns

a local store

The items purchased offline can only be returned to the local store. These returns are free and do not involve any shipping or handling charges.

Step-1: Visit the customer desk at your nearest IKEA store (Click here) with your merchandise.

Step-2: Show your receipt (if you bought online), photo ID, and your mode of payment (debit/credit card). The customer care representative will check your documents to check for eligibility. If you do not have the receipt, show the debit, credit, gift card or order number.

Step-3: Once verified, you will be refunded the amount immediately in the original form of payment. The refund amount will reflect in your bank account within 10 business days.

Return through Mail

Smaller items (usual items of weighing 10 kg or less) purchased online can be returned to IKEA via mail. 

This has to be done within 14 days of the purchase; otherwise, the goods would have to be taken to the warehouse. Shipping charges are to be borne by the customer. Follow the below steps for return through mail:

Step-1: Put your merchandise along with the purchase receipt in the packing box. It is good to pack items in the original packaging but no issues if you don’t have it. You can provide own packaging.

Step-2: Fill out the return slip (click here for the slip) with details such as your name, address, ZIP code, and reason for return. Attach a copy of the store receipt or order number and this slip-on the sealed package.

Step-3: Address the package to the ‘IKEA Returns Department’ and ship it to the nearest IKEA store and once your package arrives it would be subject to return policy to check for eligibility.

Step-4: As soon as they receive your return package, the refund will be issued within 2 weeks time.

Pickup by IKEA

In case of larger items (which would require a truck to pick up), you can contact IKEA and get it picked up from the desired location, though not all areas are covered. For arranging a truck you can contact 1-888-434-4532.

What to do If you don’t have the purchase Receipt?

What if you lost your receipt? Don’t worry! IKEA maintains a record of its transactions and can trackback to yours through your debit card, credit card, gift card number or any applicable order number. 

If that also doesn’t work-out you can still get a refund in the form of store credit at the lowest selling price of the product. This is done to limit misuse of the generous IKEA return policy.

IKEA Exchange Policy

If you want to exchange your IKEA product, bring it along with a photo ID, and the sales receipt to your nearest IKEA store.

Contact by calling 1-888-434-4532 or fill this form to start the exchange process.

Exceptions to IKEA Return Policy

Currently, IKEA does not have any list of items that are not allowed to be returned except for the following:


IKEA is a little bit strict in return for its mattresses, in the sense that it does not give a refund (neither cash nor store credit) for the mattresses bought. If you didn’t like it, you may exchange it for another mattress and that too only once in 365 days.

Gift Cards

gift cards ikea

You cannot or exchange your gift cards for cash. The simple reason is that these cards are meant to be spent on the merchandise and not for cash.

Items bought using these gift cards, both online or offline are subject to normal return policy.

Used Items

In case the items are found to be dirty, stained, damaged or in an unsellable condition, the customer care representative would refuse to return or exchange the item, although, it has been noted that the definition of ‘used’ is very subjective and would differ on a case to case basis.

Missing and Damaged Orders

What to do in case your package is received in a damaged condition? The IKEA representatives would aid you in this case.

If your order arrived in an incomplete or ruined condition, or worse it didn’t show up at all, just contact the customer care here or fill out the email form (Click here to fill out the form).

The customer care desk would look into the matter and find a possible solution.

Also, you can visit the nearest IKEA local store and reach out to the service desk there. In case you got damaged items to take the ruined item as well as proof of purchase.

Tracking and Managing Orders

Tracking IKEA order

To avoid the above problems, you can always track your order on the IKEA website.

Just go to this page, enter your 9 digit order number and you can start tracking your product. Generally, the local delivery company contacts you a day before your scheduled delivery date to provide you with a four-hour time frame to plan your activities for the day.

In case you want to cancel or reschedule your order contact 1-888-888-4532.

Questions on mind?

FAQs about IKEA return policy

What is the IKEA Customer Support Number?
You can call Customer Service at 1-888-888-4532 from Sunday – Monday from 9 AM to 10 PM EST. In the case of business and kitchen sales, the timings are 9 AM to 9 PM.

What are my options after the 365-day return window?
There are no alternatives available for return after the window is crossed.

Can I return items those are marked bargain corner, clearance, or those sold “As-Is”?
You can return all these items just like standard IKEA merchandise. This means there is no risk in buying these items.

Can I return items at the IKEA Planning Studio?
The Planning Studio locations do not accept any returns. You would have to reach out to customer service to arrange for returns.

Can I return gifts to IKEA?
In case you have a gift receipt, you can get store credit for the item’s purchase price. In the absence of the receipt, it is difficult to return the item.

What is the return policy for assembled products?
You can return assembled products to IKEA. The only condition is that they should be in unused or sellable condition otherwise, the company may refuse the return.

Who pays the shipping charges in case of return by mail?
If the return is made within 14 days, IKEA can reimburse the shipping charges. After this period the expenses would have to be borne by the customer only.

Can I return the items if I don’t have the original box?
Yes, although it is better to have the box to ensure a smooth return.

Can I return the IKEA products without having any sales receipt?
Yes, you can present your debit, credit, gift or order number used in the transaction. If you don’t have that too you will get store credit for the lowest selling price of the product.


Do you know that IKEA names each of its products rather than numbering them? For example, beds are named after Norwegian places, sofas are named after Swedish towns, kitchen tables are named after Finnish geographic points, chairs are male first names, and glasses and cups are named after adjectives.

The main reason behind this was the founder’s Mr. Ingvar Kampard’s dyslexia.

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