How to Cancel SiriusXM

Listening to music and live performances can be enjoyable, especially when you’ve got a long drive ahead of you and you’ve got limited options, but if you’ve subscribed to SiriusXM and decided that it’s not for you, here are all of the best ways to cancel.

Call SiriusXM’s customer support number from 8 AM to 11 PM and tell them that you wish to cancel your subscription. You can also visit their website to contact a live agent or cancel your subscription from the Account page of the SiriusXM website.

 From a phone, you can manage your subscriptions directly and cancel from your mobile device.


Different Ways to Cancel SiriusXM

The first and simplest way to cancel your subscription is to call their customer support number, which you can find on their webpage, and tell them that you want to cancel.

They’re available from 8 AM to 11 PM every day except for Sunday, on which they are only open until 8 PM.

When you tell them that you want to cancel, they will ask you for a reason and try to encourage you to stay or change your plan, but if you’re insistent, just politely tell them that you’re not interested in any other subscriptions and want to fully cancel your account.

You can also visit their website to get paired with a live agent. Using the virtual chat feature will eventually get a live agent on the line. You can tell them through the built-in messaging system on the SiriusXM website that you want to cancel.

If you have a SiriusXM account, you can also do the following steps:

  1. Visit the SiriusXM website
  2. Log into your account
  3. Find the Manage Your Account at the top of the page
  4. Choose Change Billing Info
  5. Click on Cancel Service

If you have SiriusXM on your Apple phone or iPad, you will need to do the following:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap on your Apple ID and navigate to your subscriptions
  3. Click SiriusXM and tap Cancel Subscription

On an Android phone, you’ll need to go to the Google Play Store, navigate to your subscriptions, and cancel your SiriusXM subscription from that page.

What is Sirius XM’s Cancellation Policy?

SiriusXM lets you cancel at any time with no one-time cancellation fee and your cancellation is effective that same day. Any payments that you have made in advance are nonrefundable if you have a lifetime, trial, or promotional subscription.

For any other subscription, SiriusXM will refund anything paid in advance on a pro-rated basis, minus any applicable fees.

Keep in mind that uninstalling the SiriusXM app on your phone is not the same as cancelling your subscription, and you will continue to be billed if that’s all you do.

You need to address the subscription either in your Settings app for Apple phones or the Subscriptions page in the Google Play Store.


Can I Cancel My SiriusXM Online?

If you bought SiriusXM through their website, then yes.
Cancelling online is as easy as logging into your account and managing your billing info; however, if you bought SiriusXM through a third party (aka Apple or Android phone), then you will need to cancel through those services, and you can’t cancel online.

What Happens When You Cancel SiriusXM?

When you cancel with SiriusXM, you will lose access to all SiriusXM services effective immediately. You are, however, still responsible for any fees or charges left on your account, which you can find from your account settings.

Can You Pause Your Subscription Instead Of Cancelling It?

You can pause your subscription once every year for up to six months. After you request reactivation or six months has passed― whichever happens first― your subscription will continue as usual.

Is It Easy to Cancel SiriusXM?

Cancelling your SiriusXM subscription is really easy. You can do it with a few taps on your phone or iPad, or you can visit their website and cancel your subscription through their account.

Calling or speaking with a live agent could be a bit more of a hassle since they will likely try to convince you to downgrade your account instead of cancelling it, and they will want to know why you are cancelling.

Can You Cancel SiriusXM at Any Time?

You can cancel SiriusXM at any time with no worry of penalty, but if you’re just taking advantage of the 3-month free trial of the SiriusXM Essential streaming subscription, then be sure to cancel it before it auto-renews into a full paid subscription.

Otherwise, you will be subject to additional charges. A standard free trial, however, doesn’t require a credit card and won’t automatically renew.

Will I Get Charged If I Cancel My SiriusXM Subscription?

There is no one-time cancellation fee for SiriusXM, but if you’re behind on payment, SiriusXM charges a late fee that will still be owed after you cancel your subscription. Otherwise, anything paid in advance will refunded to you.

Just make sure you cancel your account before the next billing cycle, or you may incur additional charges.

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Final Thoughts

Cancelling your SiriusXM subscription is easy and straightforward. If you have an online account with SiriusXM, then you can call their support number, chat with a live agent, or cancel yourself through your account settings.

If you have SiriusXM through your iPhone or Android device, then you can manage your subscriptions on those devices to cancel. Don’t just uninstall the app. Doing so will not unsubscribe you.

Thankfully, SiriusXM doesn’t charge you a cancellation fee for regular subscriptions, although if you have a promotional, trial, or lifetime subscription, there may be additional cancellation charges.

With a standard subscription, as long as you cancel before the start of the next billing cycle, then you won’t be hit with any fees, and you will be reimbursed pro-rata for anything you prepaid for months in advance.

Whether you’ve discovered that the service isn’t for you or don’t foresee yourself using it in the future, now you know the best ways to cancel your SiriusXM subscription.

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