How To Cancel NowTV

Now TV has fast become one of the leading streaming services, particularly for those that don’t feel like purchasing a service from Sky or BT. A lot of people wonder how they can cancel Now TV, though. 

On this page, we are going to walk you through exactly how to cancel your Now TV account. We will also answer some of the more burning questions that people often have.


How To Cancel Your Now TV Account

Purchase MethodWhen To CancelHow To Cancel
Direct From Now TVAnytime before the subscription renews.On the website.
Purchase with a Now TV voucherAnytime in the last 30-days of the subscriptionOn the website
Purchase from a third-party company, e.g., Sky or BTDependent on the company. Check T;CDirectly from the third-party company

Canceling your Now TV account shouldn’t be too difficult.

Assuming that you have created your Now TV account directly with Now TV, you will always be able to cancel it by heading to You must login to your account there.

If you have purchased a subscription through one of the many third-party companies, you must reach out to them directly. This may involve, for instance, going on the Sky or BT website or even giving them a call.

You can cancel at any point up until the next billing date for your subscription. 

What Is The Now TV Cancellation Policy?

Now TV will allow you to cancel your plan any time before the next renewal date.

They will not give refunds for any canceled plans. Therefore, if you have purchased a multi-month subscription, you will keep access for all of those months, even if you cancel. The one exception is if you have purchased with a voucher. You must cancel in the final month.

Is There a Way To Cancel Now TV Membership Online?

If you have purchased your Now TV subscription through Now TV, then you can do so on If you have purchased through Sky, then you may be able to do so by logging into your account at The same applies with BT (

Is There a Fee To Cancel Now TV?

There is no fee to cancel Now TV. The only thing that resembles a fee is if you have used a voucher to purchase the subscription. If your voucher lasts for more than 30-days and you cancel before the final 30-days, you lose time on your subscription. However, if you cancel in the last 30-days, this isn’t an issue.

Can I Pause My Now TV Subscription Instead Of Canceling It?

You cannot pause if you have purchased your Now TV subscription through Now TV directly. Providers, such as Sky and BT, may allow you to pause your subscription. You will have to reach out to them, though.

Can I Get a Refund When I Cancel My Now TV Subscription?

It depends on the package that you have purchased. For the most part, the answer is no. You will not be able to get a refund on your purchase.

The one exception to the rule is if you have purchased a Sports Day package (i.e., Sky Sports for 24-hours). You are allowed to activate this package any time that you want. At any time during the first 14-days after purchase, you can request a refund. However, after 14-days, you lose that right.

Can I Cancel My Now TV Anytime?

For the most part, yes. However, your subscription will always run until the next billing date. So, if you have a 6-month paid subscription and cancel in month 1, you will still have Now TV until the end of the 6-month period.

The one exception to this rule is if you have purchased Now TV using a voucher. If you do not wish to lose some of the time on your voucher, then you must cancel in the last 30-days of the subscription. If, for instance, you had a 3-month voucher and you canceled in the first month, you would lose the second 2 months of the subscription. If you cancel in the third month, then you will receive everything. 

Why Can’t I Cancel My Now TV Account?

If you cannot see the Now TV subscription that you want to cancel on your account, then the chances are that it is because you have received your subscription through a third-party provider, e.g., Sky, BT, or one of the mobile phone companies. If you want to cancel your subscription, you will need to reach out to them directly. 


How To Cancel Now TV Subscription

How you cancel your Now TV subscription will be based on your package and where it came from. Most subscriptions can be canceled on the website.

Where Is The Cancel Button On Now TV?

You have to go to You are not able to cancel through the Now TV app. If you have purchased your subscription through a third-party company, then you may need to talk to them about canceling your account.

How Do You Cancel Now TV With BT?

You must contact BT directly if you want to cancel your Now TV package with them. You will not be able to cancel it through the Now TV website. The same applies if you have purchased your subscription through another provider, including Sky.

When Does a Now TV Subscription Renew? 

This will be dependent on the package that you have purchased. Some do not renew e.g., a Sports Day package, and in some cases, the Now Boost. Always read through the terms and conditions for the package you have purchased to know for sure.

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Canceling your Now TV subscription shouldn’t be too difficult. If you have purchased the subscription direct from Now TV, then you can only purchase through the official website. If you have purchased from another service provider, reach out to them.

Remember, not all subscriptions will need to be canceled e.g. the Sports Day package will not automatically renew.

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