How To Cancel FuboTV Subscription

While FuboTV can be a great streaming service, the low amount of content means that not many people will be sticking to it long-term.

Sadly, FuboTV does make it a touch difficult to cancel their service. It is buried in the menus, but how you go about canceling will vary based on how you initially signed up to FuboTV. Let’s explain.


What Is The FuboTV Cancellation Policy?

FuboTV will allow you to cancel their service providing you do so prior to your next billing date.If you cancel your service when you have already paid, the service will continue until the next billing date. At that point, you will not be charged any more, and the service will just stop.

The one exception to this rule is if you sign up for the FuboTV free trial outside of Roku (e.g., on their website). If you opt to cancel your free trial, then you will lose access immediately. If you have a Roku device, then the trial will continue until the end of the free period (normally 7-days) and will be canceled at that point.

You will not get a refund if you choose to cancel your service.

You are encouraged to cancel, at the most, the day before your next billing date. Once the new billing period starts, FuboTV can charge you at any point during that day. However, the new month would have begun, and you will need to wait until the next month for your cancellation to be effective. 

How To Cancel FuboTV

In this section, we want to go through how you can cancel FuboTV on various services. For the most part, the process is very similar. However, because each device has its own app, there may be a couple of changes here and there, and we want to make you aware of them.

Here is a quick overview on how you can cancel each service, but read on if you want a bit more depth:

Sign Up MethodHow To Cancel
FuboTV WebsiteCancel on website
Roku TVCancel on Roku website
Apple TV Cancel on Your Apple TV device
IOSOn The App Store
AndroidOn Google Play

How To Cancel FuboTV On Their Website

If you are on their website, then you must log in.

Once you are logged in, look for ‘account settings’

On this page, look for ‘subscription’. Next to your subscription details, you will need to hit the ‘cancel’ button. At this point, FuboTV may try and convince you to stay on the site. This means that you may need to click through a few screens before your cancellation is finalized. Remember, until you see a confirmation on that screen, your subscription will remain. 

If you are canceling a free trial, you will lose access to FuboTV immediately. If you are canceling when you have already paid, then you will be able to keep using FuboTV until your next billing date.

How To Cancel FuboTV On Roku TV

If you have signed up using Roku TV, things can be complicated. This is because you will need to head to the official Roku website. You cannot do it from your Roku box or the FuboTV website.

So, start by heading to and signing into your account. From here, open up ‘Account Settings’ and then click ‘Subscriptions’. On that page, you will see a list of all your subscriptions. Obviously, you are going to want to cancel the FuboTV one.

If you have a free trial on RokuTV, then the trial will continue until the end of the 7-day period. This is the only device this happens on. If you have paid for a membership, then your subscription will continue until the end of the next billing period. 

How To Cancel FuboTV On Apple TV

The process for canceling FuboTV should be fairly easy on an AppleTV.

Start by loading up the ‘settings’ on your Apple TV. From here, select ‘Accounts’ and then ‘Manage Subscriptions’.

On this list, you should see FuboTV. Click ‘cancel’ next to it. 

How To Cancel FuboTV On iOS

IOS is probably the most difficult platform for canceling FuboTV.

  • Open up the settings app
  • Tap the iTunes ; App Store link
  • From here, choose ‘Apply ID’
  • Click ‘View Apple ID’
  • Select ‘Subscriptions’
  • On this list, you should now see FuboTV. Click ‘cancel’ next to it.

How To Cancel FuboTV On Android 

If you signed up using Android, then you will need to cancel on the Google Play store.

Start by booting up the Google Play app. Click your profile picture to open up the menu. On this list, look for ‘subscriptions’. This will open up a brand-new page. Select ‘cancel’ next to the FuboTV subscription.


Is It Easy To Cancel FuboTV?

It is fairly simple to cancel FuboTV. The problem is that the process can vary depending on the device that you are using. For example, the cancelation process is different if you signed up using Roku than if you signed up using the website. However, the process should still be fairly self-explanatory.

Can You Cancel FuboTV Before Free Trial Ends?

Yes, however, your free trial will end immediately on most devices. If you cancel on Roku, then the free trial will last until the end of the free trial period, even if you do cancel. 

How To Cancel Fubo Free Trial 

How you cancel your free trial will vary based on the device that you registered on. If you signed up through the website, then it will be on account settings. If you signed up using Roku, then you will need to cancel on the Roku website. If you signed up using Android, then you will almost always need to cancel on the Google Play store.


How you cancel FuboTV will depend on the service you initially used to sign-up. Remember, if you are trying to cancel a free trial on anything other than on Roku, your subscription will end immediately. On Roku, the free trial will last for the rest of the trial period. 

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