HOKA Return Policy

Thinking of buying something from HOKA and want to know the return policy before you do? We don’t blame you since you want to be able to return something if it doesn’t fit or work out.

Luckily, HOKA accepts returns for up to 30 days with few questions asked. However, one of the stipulations is returned products must be in new condition.

Below we’ll go over HOKA’s return policy and answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Let’s dig in!


What is HOKA’s Return Policy?

HOKA’s return policy lets customers return items within 30 days of the original purchase date. There are some exceptions to this 30-day window for holiday purchases. Say you buy a pair of shoes online after October 15th. You can return them up until January 31st.

Also, for online purchases, the 30-day window begins when you receive your order. Here’s a table that sums up HOKA’s return policy.

Standard Return WindowExtended Return Window
30-days from the date of in-store purchase or online order receipt.Shoes purchased after October 15th can be returned before January 31st.

Keep in mind that these requirements may not apply to warranty claims. You have up to one year to return a defective product. However, the company will evaluate warranty claim requests after one year on an individual basis.

How to Return a HOKA Product

Where you bought your shoes will determine how you’ll return them. If you bought products at a direct HOKA retail store or authorized retailer, you’ll need to take your shoes back to that location. The online store cannot process returns from the retail store network.

However, if you purchased HOKA products online, you can download and fill out the Returns Form from the website. You’ll get a returns label to attach to the package you send your shoes back in. HOKA prefers that you use the shoes’ original packaging, but it’s not required.

Once you send the package back, HOKA will send an email to let you know the company is processing your return. It can take up to 28 business days for HOKA to process your return.

How Strict is the HOKA Return Policy?

Like most companies, HOKA’s return policy does have some stipulations. Once the 30-day window has passed, the company may not accept refunds and exchanges. In addition, you must return a complete pair of shoes, and they must be real HOKA products.

HOKA Exchange Policy

HOKA’s exchange policy is subject to the 30-day timeline, and your exchanges must be like for like. In other words, you can exchange a size 8 shoe for a size 9 shoe as long as they’re of the same style. You can also exchange shoes for a different color as long as they’re the same style.

HOKA Refund Policy

HOKA issues refunds to the original payment method. So if you paid for your shoes with a Mastercard, the refund will go back on that card. It can take up to 7 days for the refund to appear in your bank account or on your card. This 7-day period starts after HOKA processes and accepts your return.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about HOKA’s return policy.

Does HOKA Accept Returns After 30 Days?

For non-defective shoes, HOKA only accepts returns up to 30 days from the date of purchase. However, the company does accept returns under warranty claims after 30 days.

How Long Do HOKA Refunds Take?

It can take 28 business days after you ship your shoes back for the company to process your return. From there, it can take an additional 7 days to receive a refund.

What Items Cannot be Returned to HOKA?

You cannot return non-authentic or used HOKA products.

Does HOKA Have Free Returns?

HOKA does have free returns for in-store and online purchases.

Who Pays the Return Shipping Charge?

HOKA pays the return shipping charge for customers who purchase directly from the company’s online store. Customers who buy shoes from authorized online retailers must pay return shipping charges. HOKA’s online store uses USPS and recommends customers who purchased from other online stores use a trackable service.

What is HOKA’s Return Policy Without a Receipt?

Customers must have the order’s original invoice or the receipt from the store to return or exchange items.

Can I Return Items On Sale?

You can return items on sale as long as they meet the company’s refund and exchange guidelines.

Can I Return HOKA Products After Use?

Unless it’s a warranty claim, you cannot return used and washed HOKA products. The company requires that you return shoes in unused and unwashed condition. With a warranty claim, this stipulation does not apply. However, there must be a verifiable defect that is not from normal wear and tear.

Can You Return HOKAs After Wearing Them?

Not unless the return is because of a defective product. Returns for reasons other than warranty claims must not be in brand new condition.

Does HOKA Have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

The company does have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee applies to the original purchase and exchanges. If you exchange your original purchase, HOKA guarantees customer satisfaction for up to 30 days past the exchange date. HOKA also guarantees a 30-day satisfaction window on refunds.

Final Thoughts

HOKA’s return policy is relatively straightforward and fair. You can return your shoes for up to 30 days past the original purchase date or date of receipt. However, your shoes must be in new condition and not previously worn or washed.

In addition, any returns and exchanges must be real HOKU products. If you want to exchange your shoes, HOKA’s policy is to accept like-for-like swaps. While you can exchange for a different color or shoe size, the style must be the same.

The return process is also easy to follow. In-store refunds and exchanges go through the original place of purchase. Online refunds and exchanges involve completing an online form, printing a shipping label, and shipping the shoes back.   

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