Hello Bello Return Policy

Known for their great quality baby products at an affordable price, Hello Bello is a company that offers subscription services delivered right to your doorstep. Their products are also carried in most major retailers, making Hello Bello baby products widely available. 

As with any store or company, knowing the details of the return policy is vital. And let’s be honest – few people bother themselves with scrutinizing the fine print of a retailer’s return policy before purchasing. 

Fortunately, Hello Bello’s generous return policy makes it easy for parents of young children to return unopened or unsatisfactory products, and is a company committed to customer satisfaction. Read on to learn more about Hello Bello’s return policy. 

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What is Hello Bello return policy?

Hello Bello accepts the return of both opened and unopened products within 60 days of delivery date.

This is the policy on subscription bundles directly from Hello Bello’s website. Returns for Hello Bello products purchased from a third-party retailer such as Walmart or Amazon are subject to the retailer’s return policy rather than Hello Bello’s. 

Return Deadline60 Days
Return MethodsBy mail or in store
Exchange Period60 Days
Exchange MethodBy mail or in store
Refund Period7-10 business days
Refund MethodOriginal payment method or store credit

How to return a Hello Bello product

Returning a Hello Bello product is simple. The following lists the steps you must take to submit a return.

  1. Log into your online Hello Bello account and select “Returns”
  2. Locate and select “Initiate a Return”
  3. Select the item or items from your recent order that you want to return 
  4. Indicate the reason for your return
  5. Review your return before submitting
  6. Upon submitting, you will immediately receive an email confirming your return and a return shipping label
  7. Print the label and attach it to the package containing the items you wish to return

Hello Bello exchange policy

The dollar amount for products that arrive damaged or products that don’t arrive for any reason are credited to your Hello Bello account and used for future shipments and bundles. 

Items such as unopened packages of diapers can be exchanged for other sizes or designs as long as the desired sizes and designs are still carried by Hello Bello. Because many diaper prints and designs are seasonal, Hello Bello will not accept exchanges for other designs if the desired prints are discontinued or unavailable for any reason. 

Unopened packages of diapers that your baby has outgrown can be exchanged for other sizes by crediting your account. 

Hello Bello refund policy

Any unopened Hello Bello product can be returned within 60 days for a full refund or account credit. For opened products, contact Hello Bello’s customer service line. 

Hello Bello’s Customer Support line can be reached at 1-888-860-6888 or you can reach them via email at support@hellobello.com.

Does Hello Bello accept returns after 30 days?

Hello Bello accepts returns within 60 days of delivery. 

What items cannot be returned to Hello Bello?

You cannot return items after 60 days of delivery. Opened and used items cannot be returned unless the product is defective or damaged. For products that are opened and do not meet your expectations, contact Hello Bello’s customer service line. 

Does Hello Bello have free returns?

Yes. When you return an item, you are emailed a return shipping label free of charge. 

Who pays the return shipping charge?

Hello Bello pays the return shipping charge. Upon submitting your return online via Hello Bello’s website, you will receive an email confirmation containing a return shipping label that you can then attach to the package containing the items you wish to return. 

How long do Hello Bello refunds take?

Items that are returned and credited to your Hello Bello account are only credited after an investigation (in the cases of damaged merchandise or merchandise that was never properly delivered), and the time it takes to credit your account depends on the length and complexity of the investigation.

What is Hello Bello return policy without a receipt?

Because Hello Bello’s subscription service keeps track of all purchases made through your account, including shipment and delivery dates, there is always record of your purchase. 

Because Hello Bello items are also available in store from major retailers such as Walmart, CVS, and Target, refer to the specific retailer’s return policy for returning Hello Bello products without a receipt. 

Can I return items on sale?

Yes. Any unopened Hello Bello product can be returned within 60 days of delivery for any reason. 

Can I return Hello Bello product after use?

While any unopened Hello Bello product can be returned within 60 days of delivery for any reason, opened products may be eligible for return if you are unsatisfied with them. In these cases, contact Hello Bello’s customer service line 1-888-860-6888. You can also email Hello Bello customer support via email at suppoer@hellobello.com

Can you return Hello Bello diapers?

Diaper bundles can be returned as long as they are unopened and returned within 60 days of delivery. 

Is it hard to cancel Hello Bello?

With a Hello Bello subscription service, you can order, edit, or cancel your subscription at any time. Orders are automatically shipped on a recurring basis depending on your selected shipping preferences (e. g., once a month, once every two weeks). 

Three days before your next bundle is scheduled to be shipped, you will receive a reminder email. Keep in mind that you will need to cancel or edit your subscription within 48 hours of receiving the reminder email. Any changes or cancellations can be made either by logging into your Hello Bello account settings or by contacting Hello Bello’s customer service line. 

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Returning items from Hello Bello is simple and straightforward, especially for those with their subscription service. Since there is always record of purchases and shipments, there will always be proof of purchase, and their 60 day window for returning unopened items for any reason is easy to keep track of. 


Can you return diapers to Hello Bello? 

Yes, as long as they are unopened and returned within 60 days of delivery. 

Who pays return shipping?

Hello Bello pays return shipping. 

Can I return opened items? 

This depends on the reason. Because Hello Bello is committed to customer satisfaction, if you are dissatisfied with a product, contact Hello Bello’s customer service and they will find a way to make it right. 

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