Gymshark Return Policy

Gymshark is an excellent company known for creating fitness wear and accessories. Men and women activewear are amongst the top sellers of the UK-based brand. However, there may be those times when you may not be happy with the Gymshark items you have purchased.

If you are considering the idea of requesting a refund, read the following information below. We will discuss the return and refund policy including frequently asked questions.


What Is Gymshark’s Return Policy?

Gymshark return policy allows customers to return their products within 30 days from purchase, providing tags are intact and unworn.

The returns policy will depend on a few factors such as the location or the type of clothing you have purchased. This is the following policy that Gymshark has as of 2022:

  • All products must be returned within 30 days of receiving the order.
  • Exchanges are available to customers located in the United States and Canada. These must be completed within 30 days of receiving the order.
  • All products must have the tags still intact (if there were tags present upon receiving them). However, Gymshark will have tagless apparel, so you may not worry about whether or not such clothes are null and void from the policy. The items should also be unwashed and unworn.
  • If the hygiene seal is still intact, women’s swimwear can be returned. However, men’s swimwear cannot be returned due to hygienic reasons.
  • Underwear can be returned if the hygiene strip is still intact.
  • Final sale items cannot be returned.
  • Face masks cannot be returned because of health protection policies.
  • Socks can be returned if sealed in their original package.
Return Period30 Days
Return MethodBy Mail
Exchange Period30 Days
Exchange MethodBy Mail
Refund PeriodWithin 14 days
Refund MethodMethod of Payment

How To Return Gymshark Products

If you are able to return your Gymshark products in accordance to their policy, you can do so just be following these steps:

  • Find the Returns page and choose the region you live in.
  • Click on the ‘Returns Portal’.
  • Have your order number handy along with an email address or your zip code. Enter the information in the exact order that appeared on the confirmation of your order. The order number is the first thing you will enter first.
  • Choose the item(s) you intend to return and explain the reasons why.
  • Make sure you confirm any original information.
  • Choose your method of how you will return your order. There will be a designated drop off point.
  • If needed, download a returns label or have a QR code handy while returning. Attach it to the package or use the QR code while you are at the designated drop-off point.

How Strict Is The Gymshark Return Policy?

If you are wondering how strict the Gymshark return policy is, it does have its boundaries. They care quite a bit about health and hygiene, which explains their refusal for returns regarding some apparel like swimwear. However, as long as you meet the requirements, you should have no problem returning items within the 30 day period after receiving your order.

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Gymshark Exchange Policy

Currently, customers in the United States and Canada can take advantage of an exchange policy offered by Gymshark. Information can be found on the company’s returns page. For all other countries, there is no exchange policy available.

Gymshark Refund Policy

Refunds will be given to customers within 14 days from the receiving date of your return. If you have purchased Gymshark items from a third party seller, the refund policy may differ. For the time being, the policy mentioned above only applies to customers who have ordered from the official Gymshark website.

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Does Gymshark Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Unfortunately, 30 days is the cutoff for returns. Therefore, you won’t be able to return your items after that point.

What Items Cannot Be Returned To Gymshark?

As mentioned, men’s swimwear and face masks will absolutely not be accepted as returns. Items that may not be returned include clothing that is missing any hygiene seals, tags (with the exception of tagless apparel), or clothing that is being sent back in a package other than the original.

Does Gymshark Have Free Returns?

Gymshark offers free returns in numerous countries. If you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway, you are eligible for free returns. However, if you reside in the countries not on the list, you will need to pay for any costs for returning your items.

How Long Do Gymshark Refunds Take?

On average, Gymshark will give you a refund within 14 days of receiving your return. It’s unclear whether this is 14 business days or calendar days.

Can I Return Gymshark Products After Use?

That depends. If the products have been unworn or unwashed, it may warrant a return.

However, if the products are worn, the return policy may be null and void. If you have worn the Gymshark product more than once, you may not be able to return it.

If you wore it once and noticed it not fitting, you may still be able to return it so long as you have the original packaging and if any seals or tags (if present) are still intact.

If you have any questions, you may consult with Gymshark’s customer service team regarding any information on whether or not the item can be returned.

If it can be returned, you can follow the policy as listed above. If you purchased the product from a third-party seller, this may depend on that vendor’s return policy which will differ from the Gymshark website’s.

In Conclusion

If you are considering the idea of returning your Gymshark items, we hope this guide has been helpful for you. Keep in mind that Gymshark’s policy is pretty simple and straightforward. Some items can be returned and some may not.

If purchased from a third-party vendor, the policies may differ from Gymshark’s. The return and refund policy outlined above only pertains to items you have purchased from the official Gymshark site.

If we have not answered any additional questions you may have about Gymshark’s return policy, you can consult their website for more information regarding returns and refunds.

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