Groupon Return Policy Explained

Do you like saving money on saving money? Try Groupon! 

Groupon is an online location where individual merchants can offer goods, services, and travel opportunities and you, the buyer, can save money! The ease of starting Groupon’s return and refund policy can make it easier to get your money back on disappointing goods, services, and more.

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What is Groupon’s Return Policy?

The return policy for Groupon varies from service to service. Groupon, Groupon Goods, Groupon Getaways, and GrouponLive have different return policies. Always check the fine print for each individual purchase through the Groupon site. 

For the different options for vouchers on Groupon, you must submit a refund request within a certain timeframe to be considered for a refund on your returned voucher. Some vouchers are not applicable to be returned. Returned Groupons are almost always for exchange. If the fine print allows, you may Trade In your Groupon for Groupon Bucks. 

How to Return a Groupon

Groupon Local 

To return a Groupon Local voucher, you must fill out a refund request form within 7 days of purchasing the voucher.

Log into Groupon. Go to the Order History page of your Groupon account. Click view details on the Groupon that you would like to return. Wait for the request to be processed. Allow up to 10 business days for the transaction to be processed. 


Ensure that the item is in original condition. Then return the item or items in question to the retailer within 30 days of purchasing the item. Call the merchant to verify that the item or items have been received. 

First, sign into your Groupon Account. Click on the My Groupons tab. Select the item or items that you would like to return and click show details. Select the option to return the desired item or items. 

Items must be shipped with the Groupon return label. Print the label and fill out all of the appropriate spots on the form. Attach the form to the item or items being shipped for return, then ship the items back to the merchant. 

Groupon Getaways 

GrouponGetaways are more difficult to return. Often in the fine print there is a specific deadline after which the voucher cannot be returned. Getaways often have dates by which you need to book if you’d like to stay at that location.

If you would like to return your Groupon, and it is within the date restrictions, go to the MyGroupons tab after logging into your Groupon account. Click see details, and fill out a return request. 


Often GrouponLive sales are final sales. Always read the fine print before purchasing. In the unlikely event that it is not a final sale, log into your Groupon account and go to the MyGroupons tab. There you will find the details and return request for the purchased voucher or vouchers. 

Can You Return an Online Purchase to the Store?

No. All purchases are made online and there is no physical store. Groupon is an e-commerce company. 

How Strict is the Groupon Return Policy

While the Groupon return policy is strict in its returns, you can always still use your Groupon voucher for the amount that you purchased it. You will always have to be within the specific date restrictions for each voucher purchased to return the voucher. Groupon is very strict with its Final Sale vouchers so always read the fine print. 

Groupon Exchange Policy

You may use Trade In to exchange potential vouchers.

First visit sign into the Groupon mobile site or App.

Click on the MyGroupons tab or page. 

Next, select that Trade In voucher link.

You will only be able to Trade In vouchers for Groupon Bucks to purchase another Groupon. 

New vouchers must be purchased within 60 days. 

Groupon Refund Policy

Groupon’s return policy is almost always a refund for the value of the voucher purchased. 

When it is not a refund, you can exchange it for Groupon Bucks.

Does Groupon Take Returns Without a Receipt 

Because Groupon is an online only purchasing e-commerce company you will always have access to transaction details. If you cannot find your transaction details, call the company and they will be able to find them for you. The transactions are all recorded online so receipts are always available. 

Does Groupon Accept Returns After 30 Days?

No, Groupon does not accept returns after 30 days. Date restrictions apply to all purchases. You may still use your Groupon after 30 days of purchasing, even if the promotion is no longer ongoing. It will just be used for the amount that you spent to purchase the voucher. 

What Items Cannot Be Returned to Groupon? 

Coupons NOT purchased through the authorized Groupon website or app may not be returned to Groupon. You must have purchased the voucher through the legitimate Groupon app or mobile site for a refund. 


Does Groupon Give Full Refunds?

Yes, Groupon does give full refunds if the proper requirements are met. 

Can I Return a Groupon Item After Use?

Yes. If you were disappointed in the service that you used a local groupon for you may return it. For Groupon Getaways and GrouponLive you may not return after use. For Groupon Goods you may return after use if they are in original condition. 

How Long Do Groupon Refunds Take?

Groupon refunds can take up to 3 weeks to process. 

Final Thoughts 

Groupon makes saving money on services, goods, getaways, and concerts easy! With just a few clicks you can save big money on your time. Groupon does offer returns and exchanges. ALWAYS read the fine print for all Groupons for specificities when it comes to returns or exchanges. 

Happy Groupon-ing!

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