GPS tracker for car Walmart in [2023] Best Tracker & Full Review

Walmart sells Top GPS tracker for the car with different types of vehicle tracking systems for its customers. We have compiled a list of 6 best GPS trackers for cars at Walmart. These trackers have been chosen based on customer reviews and ratings from the company’s website.

Global view GPS tracker

This tracker is good for stealthy tracking, which requires accuracy and stability. You can attach it to magnets in the underside of your car. Also, the device comes with $23.99/month plan and it does not require any SIM card for activation. Here are some of the features of this device that will get you hooked to it.

  1. GPS tracker can be used in rugged conditions and it is the best asset to track any vehicle covertly.
  2. It has a small size, which can be fitted anywhere and this device lets you Bolt GPS tracker placed in limited space for a longer period of time.
  3. The best thing about this tracker is that you need not charge it again and again, on a single charge, it can be used for many days.
  4. It also lets you track any journey in the real-time; you can track it using your smartphone, computer, and desktop.
  5. The company provides you with a tracking app, which is free of cost.
  6. It also has a waterproof casing, enabling it to be used in robust conditions.

Best GPS tracker Reviews

Vyncs GPS Tracker: Best for Long-Term Tracking

Vyncs GPS tracker is one of the best GPS devices used for long-term tracking of your vehicle. This device not only provides you real-time data but also ensures user safety. This GPS tracker evaluates your driving and provides you a performance index, which can be used for further evaluation and it can help you save loads of money on your insurance.

This tracker has a lower price as compared to most of the devices present in the market. Also, it works on yearly plans instead of monthly plans that most of the trackers use.

There are various plans this tracker works on – such as Basic plans and pro plans.

You can purchase the plan at $75 and it also comes with a one-time activation fee of $30. Also, the annual renewal cost of this device is $6.

GPS tracker for the car at Walmart may vary in prices with that of Amazon.

Benefits of this device:

  • It will keep engine alert
  • The yearly subscription fee is very low
  • It will provide your performance index
  • It can track your mileage

Cons of this device:

  • Long-term commitment
  • The device provides updates of the location with some delay
  • Higher activation fee

MOTOsafety GPS Tracker

This GPS tracking device is one of the best when it comes to the use of this device by the newer drivers and users.

There are a lot more features that are offered with this device that we bet you never knew. With this tracker, you get an education course for children, geofencing, and location alerts that you can change based on your demand.

The biggest benefit of this device is that it comes with a very reasonable price tag, which is not hefty.

You can buy this device for $20. However, the real cost is involved with the subscription, which costs $19.99.

You will get your driving report card on a daily basis, which is pretty cool considering the different apps that are in the market.

Benefits of this device:

  • This app can provide you the replay of google maps
  • Geofencing is another feature that the company widely advertises
  • Curfew
  • The device also provides a driving course for your teens

Cons of this device:

  • Sensitivity to acceleration
  • Speed limits in this tracker app are inaccurate sometimes

Bouncie: Best for Vehicle Maintenance

Bouncie is another app that is widely popular as GPS tracking game, but it houses the different parts of other popular apps.

This app can be used with your car’s OBD and it will offer a different kind of features such as geofencing and real-time speed alerts. Also, this app can be used to track the emission levels of your vehicle and its engine maintenance.

This app is compatible with Amazon echo and we can command echo to check the levels of gas in vehicle and registration dates too if you need.

If you are on a business trip and you need to report the fuel data to your company to get reimbursement, then it will be beneficial for you, as it will give you real-time mileage data.

If we talk about the pricing, this app is low on pricing, by paying $8 per month you can get a good amount of features to work for you.

Some of the users have reported glitches while using this app with Alexa.

Also, GPS tracker for the car at Walmart may vary in prices according to the time of year.

Benefits of this device:

  • It will provide you regular maintenance alerts
  • Geo-fencing
  • It is one of the best trackers for mileage tracking
  • You need to give a very low subscription fee
  • Real-time vehicle operation alerts

Cons of this device:

  • Problems with flashing glitches
  • You will face glitches with related to Alexa

SpyTecSTIGL300 GPS Tracker

The company has designed this tracker in a way that it can be put in the pocket easily as it is only 2 inches. Also, if you want you can attach it to the undercarriage of your car. It runs on battery and hence it needs charging on a regular basis. It can easily run 8-10 days on one charge.

This device comes at a cost of $25 and if you do not like the product, you can cancel it within 30 days, by following the no-hassle policy of the company.

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

Both Optimus 2.o and SpyTec are almost similar in specifications and capabilities and both can be used interchangeably. Optimus is bigger as compared to SpyTec and has better battery life when compared to SpyTec.

The company sells it for $20 per month, which is a decent price considering capabilities.

The best thing about Optimus is that it can be used via website and app, unlike SpyTec, which only uses the website for tracking purposes.

Location tracking is not as good when compared to other trackers in the same range. However, it also depends on the type of plan you are using. If you are using an upgraded plan and you install updates on a regular basis, you won’t face any issues.


Autobrain is the new brand in the market but it has impressed industry experts with its accuracy and other capabilities. It is a real-time tracking device and shows the location on a real-time basis.

This device provides trip reports and maintenance alerts to keep your car healthy and safe to drive. It also has emergency response abilities. The mobile app’s crash response feature kicks in and calls emergency contacts and responders when it senses a collision.


Walmart sells vehicle tracking systems of different types and it not only does direct selling but it also sells through third-party vendors.

We have tried our best to provide the best of insights and information about GPS tracker for the car at Walmart.

Walmart sells vehicle tracking systems of different brands on its platform but try to purchase the one with best reviews.

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