Goat Return Policy [2023] | READ On To Know The Return Updates!

Goat Return Policy

The Goat return policy gives customers 3 days to return items that don’t work for them. GOAT Clean items are eligible for a return, and refund is made in the form of store credit. Shipping and handling charges are not refunded. 


Goat’s support for customers who don’t like a purchase is not the most generous in the world. Take a look at the Goat return policy Reddit page and you’ll see stories of the fallout from the Draconian conditions and rules. But at least if you know the rules, you’ll have an easier time of the process to get your money back. I’ve explained the Goat return policy here for you to refer to every time you make a GOAT Clean purchase or order a new pair of sneakers for a few hundred hard-earned dollars!

The Steps to Return Items to Goat

Since you don’t have a lot going for you in terms of the Goat clean return policy, it’s good to read up on how you can make a return even while your package is on its way. And once you’ve got your purchase in hand and trying it out, treat it like it’s fragile to increase your chances of getting a refund. Here are the steps to a successful return: 

  1. When you receive your package, make sure you handle it with extreme care. The last thing you want is to give GOAT a reason to not give you a refund. 
  2. Unbox very carefully, so the package can be returned, if needed, in the same condition. 
  3. When trying on the item, be very careful not to squeeze into too-small items. Goat insists on the absence of creases from items tried on at home.
  4. Pack the item in the original packaging and include the packing slip. Attach the GOAT return label on the package. Make sure no older bar codes or addresses are visible. 
  5. If you want to drop off your return at GOAT drop off locations, which are temporarily closed. Usually, there are drop-off locations in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. 
  6. Your other option is to ship the parcel to the following address: 

3600 South 16th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53221
United States

Be prepared to pay a hefty bundle of shipping fees. Goat will not refund what you’ve spent to have the item shipped to you or the return shipping charges.  

Goat Refund Policy 

The only way to get a refund from Goat is through Goat Credit. They will deduct shipping fees before they send the credit into your account.

Return window /Mode of payment Mode of refund/Shipping deductions
All eligible itemsGoat Credit
Goat US returns Goat Credit minus domestic or “Instant” shipping costs – $12, $15 or $25 depending on location
Goat Canadian returns Minus $30 shipping
Other international ordersMinus $40 shipping

Return Policy for Various Products

It’s good to know exactly which items you can and cannot return, even before you go shopping. Goat doesn’t let you return all items. The table below will give you a clear idea of what you can and cannot return. Maybe you can use this list as a guide for your shopping sprees too! Buying a $400 coat only to find you cannot return it because it was a discounted Final Sale item can be a bummer. 

Products and purchases Product conditionReturn policy
New in Box or New No Box and Goat Clean products, apparel and accessoriesAs when shipped, no creases (from trying on), no damage, original tags, no debris, in original packagingWithin 3 days of receipt
SneakersNo debris or worn-out soleWithin 3 days of receipt
Final sale items, vintage, ID, sample, custom items, pre-release, defect, GOAT storage items, used items, items shipped to freight forwarder in ChinaNot returnable


Q. How long does the Goat returns process take? 
Goat sneaker returns and other Goat Clean product returns can take anywhere between 1 and 7 days from receipt. 

Q. Can you cash out Goat credit? 
No, Goat credit can only be used in-store. 

Q. Does Goat refund shipping costs? 
Goat doesn’t refund shipping costs both to and from your location. 

Q. I’m an international buyer in my local currency. Will I get credit in my local currency after returns? 
After returns, you will receive Goat credit in USD, converted from your local currency.

Q. What happens if my sneaker return request is not accepted?
The goat will give you the option to either let them list the sneakers with them on your behalf or you can pay to have them shipped back to you. If you fail to respond to their email within 14 days, they’ll list the sneakers anyway at the price you paid for it. You can change the price later through the app.  


Goat is not the most generous retailer when it comes to returns. The Goat sneaker returns policy puts you on a tight noose of three days in which to test out your new purchase. And in the event of a return, you don’t get cash back, which can be disappointing if you’ve made up your mind you don’t want to shop at Goat. 

But the company says it’s their position as a middleman between the sellers and you, the buyer, which makes it difficult for them to do cash returns. However, the retailer’s policies keep changing. Knowing the latest rules and conditions can make life much easier for someone shopping with GOAT. Following Goat returns Reddit forums and FAQs can also fill in gaps in information about the retailer’s policies in your country. 

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