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The Fred Meyer return policy lets you return most items within 90 days of purchase. Additionally, make certain that you’re carrying the receipt when you make a trip to the nearest Fred Meyer store for a refund. Not having a receipt won’t necessarily eliminate your chances of return, it will make things slower. It’s even better if showed your Rewards Card which states you bought the items.

Getting Started

Come holiday season, it’s common to end up with – let’s face it – a few well-meaning and unwanted presents. Like the belt that a friend’s grandpa receives on every single occasion, from an eccentric friend of his. Firstly, it’s not like the rest of us always make the most rational buying decisions when out shopping, still though. Secondly, knowing the Fred Meyer return policy can make life a lot easier when you’re about to return something you regret buying.

Methods of Return

If you were sent a gift for Thanksgiving from Portland, and you lived in Seattle, you don’t have to drive two hundred miles to get a refund. You can return your gift or purchase at any Fred Meyer store near you.

When you’ve decided you want to return an item, you will have to take care of some things along the way:

1.    Is the box opened or unopened? Great news folks, you can return opened boxes, as long as the product is like-new and in sellable condition with no damage done to the item.

2.     Check the product category. Make sure it doesn’t belong to the list of unreturnable. Furthermore, There’s also a section called Return Policy for many of the Products further below where you can find out which category your item falls under and whether Fred Meyer will accept a return.

Here are some inputs to help you understand in-store return policy.

1.      First, go to the company website and use the Find a Store link to identify the store closest to you.

2.      Recall if you used your Rewards Card at the time or purchase and if the purchase date was within 90 days. Show the Rewards Card at the store and it will be easy for the sales rep to look up your purchase details and give you a refund.

3.      If you didn’t use a Rewards Card, locate your receipt. Bring it to the Customer Service Desk along with the item to return.

If you can’t find your original receipt, and for some reason they can’t find your transaction on their system, then there are a few important things to remember:

1.      Carry your ID. Fred Meyer prefers that you use a state-issued driver’s license or some other state-issued ID card.

2.      The official Fred Meyer policy which says you’ll get a refund equal to the lowest value of the item in the last ninety days. Be prepared for that. As far as the system goes, it’s obvious that it’s to your advantage if you have a Rewards Card or the original receipt. However, even if you don’t, you will get some refund, as long as they can find your purchase on the system.

3.      If you don’t have a receipt, and your purchase is under $5, you should get a refund in the same way as you bought the item.

4.      But if you paid over $5 for the item you want to return, the company won’t give you cash. They’ll sign you up for a Merchandise Return Card, so make room for another card in your wallet if you don’t have some already.

5.      If this is your first return without a receipt, you’ll be allowed a refund of $50 tops. Your second will be rejected.

Moreover, Rewards Card is fantastic, there is no specific Fred Meyer return policy without a receipt so it’s safe to always keep your receipts for high-value items!

How will you get your Refund?

Fred Meyer has some of the most lenient and customer-friendly return policies out there. You’ll be paid back the way you paid. If your personal check payment was made in the last 10 days, you’ll have to verify a few things.

Mode of paymentMode of refund
Credit cardBack to the same card
Debit cardCash
Personal checkCash

Return Policy for Various Fred Meyer Products

Fred Meyer has categories of products with some differences in return policies.

List A is a list of items you can return without tearing your hair out:

  • Computer accessories, calculators, telephones, storage items, A/V & phone accessories, iPod accessories, cell phone accessories, TV wall mounts, headphones, clock radios/alarm clocks, camera bags/accessories, video game accessories (not including subscription cards and points). Secondly, Fred Meyer jewelers return policy and Fred Meyer return policy electronics, are very specific about no receipt return so better keep those safe with you for the time being.

If you bought gas or electric-powered equipment with manufacturing defects. You should contact the manufacturer’s service centre. You can look up the manufacturer’s toll-free number listed in the instruction manual.

Here is a look at the return policies for various Fred Meyer products:

Products and purchasesProduct conditionReturn policy
Unopened itemsWith original sales receipt for refund or credit to a Gift CardReturn in 30 days with receipt. With a gift receipt, 60 days.
Opened itemsMust be like-new and sellable, with all essential itemsReturn in 30 days
List A itemsOpened or unopenedReturn in 30 days
Video game software, DVD, Blu-Ray disc, pre-recorded VHS videos, vinyl recordsUnopened, with sales receipt
Unworn shoesSellable or if defective, with receipt or Rewards CardReturn in 30 days
Scuffed shoes, with damaged soles or other signs of wear Not returnable
Gas or electric-powered equipmentNew and unused, without manufacturing defects, no fuel added to tanks or fuel lines, with sales receipt or Reward Card and all packaging materials
BooksUnused, no broken spines, torn pages or dog earsReturn in 30 days
Baby formulaMust have receipt to refund 
Fresh guarantee products Any conditionReturn for full refund
Wine, beer, alcohol and tobacco products Governed by your state law
Opened movies, computer software, music CDs, video games  Not returnable
Opened consumables like computer paper, ink, blank DVD and CD Not returnable
USB drives, media storage cards, film Not returnable
Items damaged through use Not returnable

Exchange Policy

The Fred Meyer Exchange Policy’s List B lists all the defective items you can exchange without caveat:

  •  computer hardware, monitors, rinters, tablets and readers, TV, DVD, Blu-ray player, portable video items/audio devices, home theater systems, camcorders, camera, GPS, apple iPods and iPads, video game hardware
Products and PurchasesConditionExchange Policy
List B itemsDefectiveExchange in 30 days
Defective video game software, DVD, Blu-Ray disc, pre-recorded VHS videos, vinyl recordsCan only be exchanged for identical itemExchange in 30 days
Defective booksCan only be exchanged for an identical bookExchange in 30 days
WIC itemsCan only be exchanged for identical itemExchange in 30 days

Fred Meyer Reward Cards

If you used a Fred Meyer Rewards card at the time of purchase, then it’s just going to be easier for you to get a refund in the future. It will be easier for the customer care rep to find you on their system, and it’s going to be easier for them to send you a refund. But any points that you earned during purchase will be taken away from your total points when you return the item, so keep that in mind. That’s only fair!

Gift Cards

Items bought with gift cards have a longer return or exchange window. This is helpful of course, as the gift-giver may have sat on their purchase for a while before sending it your way!


I hope you now know clearly how to proceed with your return at Fred Meyer. Armed with some of this info, you’ll have an easier time with post-holiday returns. If you turn up at a Fred Meyer return store because you regret an impulse buy or bought an item that doesn’t work like you expected, you can expect some understanding from a generous return policy. And take it from a chronic impulse buyer with a strong conscience – it’s always a good idea to keep your receipts!

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