Framesdirect Return Policy

There are many reasons someone may find themselves needing to return a pair of glasses to Framesdirect. Whether it be an incorrect fit, the wrong prescription, or a damaged product, Framesdirect has a thirty-day return or exchange policy and a 1-year warranty on all their glasses.

Glasses cannot be returned whenever for whatever reason. The thirty-day return or exchange policy is for the fit of the glasses and other preference concerns only. Contacts can also be returned under this policy if they are unopened and unused. Specific issues will be referred to in the one-year warranty.


What is Framesdirect return policy?

Framesdirect’s return policy depends on the situation or reason you want to make your return. This policy wants you to state the reason for your return and it will be evaluated from there.

 If the reasoning falls under design, color, fit, or other preferences-based reasons, it will fall under the thirty-day return or exchange policy. Any other reason will need to be checked with the one-year warranty.

The table below represents the thirty-day return and exchange policy. This table does not apply to the one-year warranty.

What is covered under this policy?All Eyeglasses or SunglassesContact Lenses
Everything that is returned for preference reasonsThis policy will not cover damaged goods of any typeThey must be returned with the original packaging, so hang on to your packaging just incaseOrders that are exchanged in the continental US will not have to worry about the price of shipping the glasses back. Framesdirect will cover the postage for exchangesOrders that are refunded will have a $9 shipping charge deducted from the returnYou will have the option to exchange, refund, or receive store creditContact lenses can only be returned in their original, unopened, unmarked boxes in good condition. Opened boxes are not eligible for this policyExchanges in the continental US will not have to worry about postage prices. The postage will be included in the exchangeRefunds will have a $9 postage fee deducted from the refund

What if my prescription lenses are wrong?

You are not out of luck if you receive the incorrect prescription. This can happen on occasion and the customer should never have to struggle over something that is no fault of their own. The product must still be returned within the thirty-day return window, but there is a slightly different policy than there would be for a preference return.

Do not attempt to fix the issue yourself. Framesdirect will not accept returns of items that have been tampered with.

How do you get the issue fixed?

  1. Inform Framesdirect of the issue within the thirty-day return window
  2. Framesdirect will provide a prepaid return label for you to return the product within thirty days of receiving your items
  3. The lens package will be replaced with no extra cost to you, or store credit will be provided
  4. If after evaluation it is determined that the lenses were made accurately according to the prescription, the shipping cost to return the frames will not be covered
  5. Any products returned for lens issues after the thirty-day window will only be eligible to be repaired or replaced. Refunds will not be considered after the thirty-day time window.

What if I receive a damaged or incorrect item?

For returns that are made for damaged or incorrect items, the glasses will be examined to determine if there was accidental damage. Damage that occurs after the item is received will not be covered under this policy. Accidental damage is not covered under this policy.

If you receive damaged glasses, do not attempt to fix them yourself. Tampering with them will void the warranty.

How do you fix this issue?

  1. Inform Framesdirect that you received a damaged or incorrect product
  2. Framesdirect will give you the option to exchange, refund, replace, or receive store credit for the items
  3. Items must be returned within the thirty-day window
  4. Return the time exactly as you received it

What does the one-year warranty cover?

The one-year warranty is great if you notice issues with your glasses after the thirty-day window is over. This warranty doesn’t cover damage you caused to the glasses yourself. Only damage or problems that are a result of how they are made are covered.

 Items under this warranty will not be eligible for a refund. These items will only be repaired or replaced.

What is covered under this warranty?FramesLenses
Damage that occurs from the production of these glassesDamage that is not caused after the glasses are receivedLoose hinges, screws stripped of coating, discoloration due to time or oxidation, jewels or logos that are out of place, or broken nose pad posts that occur within one year of receiving the product.Any cracks that occur within the year that are not the result of an accident or elemental conditionsPeeling coating that isn’t the result of mishandling

If the glasses are tampered with, even to fix the glasses before return, the warranty will no longer be valid.

Any oculus lens products are only able to be returned if there are defects in the item.

InSpatialRx prescription inserts are only able to be returned if there is a manufacturer defect.

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Framesdirect has a reasonable return policy, but it is not as simple as returning an item for any reason at any time and getting your money back.

After the thirty-day window, there is no getting your money back at all. You must return the items within thirty days if a refund or store credit is what you are interested in.

The warranty that is used after the thirty days are over doesn’t issue a refund, but it will replace or fix your glasses at no additional cost to you, so long as the issue falls within the warranty guidelines.

Mishandling is not covered at all under either the thirty-day policy or the one-year warranty.

 The Framesdirect return policy is specific, varies depending on the issue with the item, and will not always guarantee a refund.

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