Flipkart Return Policy

Flipkart offers many, many items and with that a detailed return policy. Let’s explore how the Flipkart return policy works, and how long you have to return certain items.

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What is Flipkart return policy?

The first thing to know is that Flipkart offers a large variety through sellers within their marketplace. Flipkart has its own general policies, but you’ll certainly want to check the individual seller policy to see if theirs lines up. A seller might be more flexible than Flipkart itself.

Generally, a representative from Flipkart will check the item being returned to make sure it is in good condition and complete. Since Flipkart sells anything from electronics to jewelry, they will take a little time to ensure the item returned matches the listings.

Let’s go into more detail about how long you have return some items to Flipkart:

Type of ItemReturn Time Period & Method
Jewelry, footwear accessories, watch accessories, travel items   Home items10 days   Return or Exchange
Outwear clothing, like jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, thermal items, and track pants10 days Refund, replacement or exchange
T-Shirts and most women’s clothings including dresses and blouses14 days Refund, replacement or exchange
Medicine2 days Refund
Home items including household tools and decor7 days Refund or replacement
Books, sporting equipment, exercise equipment, and auto or bike accessories7 days replacement only Free replacement for defective items
Toys, stationary, and musical instruments10 days replacement only Free replacement for defective items
Mobile Phones7 days replacement only Contact authorized service center for more assistance
Furniture and Large Appliances10 days replacement only We will attempt to troubleshoot. Any installations must be made by brand authorized personnel
Groceries – Fresh2 days, refund only  
Groceries – everything else10 days refund only
This table shows Flipkart’s policy for different products

How To Return a Flipkart item?

The Flipkart return process is easy for the online store. Head to Flipkart’s site, go to the Orders Tab, then select Return, and Create a Request. You’ll be asked, based on the item if you wish to exchange, replace, or refund.

You can then schedule pickup or delivery for the items. Delivery agents are able to come to a predetermined address to pickup defective items and take them for you to complete the refund process.

Flipkart’s return process is quite easy compared to other online merchants, and they keep you informed of the progress of your return, refund, or exchange.

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How strict is the Flipkart return policy?

Flipkart’s strictness for their return policy varies in part based on the item. A sensitive item like clothing might be subject to a more strict return policy than electronics. Flipkart has also made changes to their return policy over the years to better clarify. Like other online vendors, they have “buckets” of return policies based on the item.

Flipkart does tend to want to make customers happy, and they have been known to bend their return policy based on the item and the time.

Flipkart Exchange Policy

Listed above are items that have an exchange policy. In the case of an exchange, Flipkart can pickup and redeilver an item that the customer wishes to exchange for another. Thisis more common in the case of clothing or electronics where a size or color changed.

Flipkart Refund Policy

So long as an item has a refund policy and the customer is able to keep any small parts within the item together, they are given a refund. Flipkart does reserve the right to refuse refunds for any damaged items.

Does Flipkart take returns without a receipt?

Since refunds are only issued through their website and an ordering system, Flipkart will always have a receipt so long as you have an address on file that allows them to get the item to you. Don’t worry about your receipt.

What items cannot be returned to Flipkart?

For all of the vast number of items Flipkart offers their customers, the above list is not totally exhaustive. Some items cannot be returned to Flipkart, but will be detailed on that product page.

Does Flipkart give full refunds?

While Flipkart’s policy does change, they give full refunds for some items. In 2021, Flipkart had to clarify wording in it’s return policy after using a banner that said “No refunds – all sales final” when the banner didn’t apply to all items.

Flipkart also does not give partial refunds or charge a restocking fee.


Can I Return A Flipkart Product After Use?

In some cases yes. Items with multiple parts need to be checked to make sure all parts are presence. Electronics can be exchanged. The product page will tell you the specific items return policy and whether or not you can return it after use.

How Long Do Flipkart Refunds Take?

Flipkart refunds can take up to 14 days to process. A replacement may be faster, at less than 10 days.

Does Flipkart Accept Returns After 30 Days?

The longest return policy as listed above is 10 days. Flipkart may take consideration in some scenarios, but their policies are well laid out.


Flipkart offers a few return scenarios for it’s massive range of products. Their policies are pretty straightforward though they have been known to change them from time to time. You can still order from Flipkart with on



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