Fire Emblem: Three Houses Walmart [2023] Full Review

Walmart sells Fire Emblem: Three Houses Walmart album through its online and offline channels. You can also visit your nearest Walmart store and look for the game in the games section of the store. But before visiting the store, do confirm the hours of opening and closing.

Fire Emblem – Our Favourite 🙂

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a strategic roleplay game developed by Intelligent Systems and Koei Techmo. The game was launched on 26 July 2019, by gaming major Nintendo.

This game is said to be 16th part of gaming series Fire Emblem and it will be the first game since the release of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, to be played on home consoles.

The game location is set on the continent named as Fodlan and this continent is the home of three nations, which are arch-rivals but currently, they are dwelling at peace.

If you wish to play the game, you will have to take the role of a former mercenary and will have to choose among three nations and guide your nation to the victory at battles.

Game not only incorporates the elements of the previous series of games but also includes the role of tactical role-play and time management skills.

Let’s Start Gameplay!

Gameplay of Fire Emblem

The gameplay includes a battle, where three rival nations are fighting to establish their rule and you will have to be one of the nations and fight against two other nations.

At the start of the game, you are asked to choose gender and name of you character. After that you are asked to teach at Garreg Mach Monastery – the hub of all activities in the game.

If you are teaching a particular house, it will impact the game’s direction and narrative in the progress of the game. Your time will be divided between teaching your students and fighting for the nation that you have chosen.

At the beginning of the game, you will be focusing more on the teaching of your students and schooling system. In the second half, which takes the story five years ahead, you will be focusing more on the battle and fighting with the player being locked to the house they chose during the opening half.

How does it came into being?

A still from Fire Emblem

When Nintendo got the success to inform of Fire Emblem Awakening, this series got the attention of the developer to inform of commercial viewpoint and this led the developer of the Intelligent System and Nintendo to bring the game to home consoles, only after Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

After finishing the production of Fire Emblem: Fates, this game began to be developed in 2015. The company decided to plan the release on 3DS.

The team decided to release it on the home console on knowing about the Nintendo Swirch. The team took the help of Koei Techmo and the biggest challenge for the team remained to release the game on high definition console.

The full production of the game began in 2017 with Toshiyuki Kusakihara and Genki Yokota—respective directors for Intelligent Systems and Nintendo EPD— returning to direct the game.

The Born Date

Firstly, Nintendo decided to release the game in 2018 and for some reasons the company extended the release to 2019. In early 2019, the company announced the name of the game and video was showcased to gamers. The release of the game was finally scheduled on July 26 2019.

Similar Games to Roll

We have listed a few alternatives to this game that you can enjoy at your home console, PC or at mobile.


This game was co-developed by Justin Ma and Matthew Davis. This game tops our list of the best strategy games equivalent to Fire Emblem.

In this game your mission is to save humanity from the wrath of an alien named Vek and this game involves repeatedly going to and fro into the time and killing the enemy.

In the game, every mission feels like a kaiju film and here and there you will find citizens screaming into the terror, as aliens rise up from the ground.

The uniqueness of the game lies in the fact that the game feels more like a puzzle, due to its structuring and paths.


This game is not like Fire Emblem, as Fire Emblem is grid-like gameplay, this game is turn-based and it is one of the best games on turn-based warfare in the list.

In the game, you have different options to customize and here you get around 100 characters to choose from.


One of the best games based on survival and planning to survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. This game also feels like, you are solving some of the puzzles of a grid-based game. This game will test both of your combat and survival skills.

The storyline of the game requires you to scavenge for supplies and figuring out the getting out strategy.


This game is set in a cyberpunk universe and it is a great strategy experience for the people who are too much into the strategy and games involving tactical experience. In this game, you will get great immersive 3D experience, with 3-D characters and gritty maps.

This game has been developed by Harebrained Schemes and it is based on the original tabletop game of the same name.


This game is one of the games that come in the tactics genre and it is a well-known and iconic game and like many of the games in our list, this game could never appear on PC and this game has a community of passionate game developer and creators and these creators have created a map by building different challenges.


Fae Tactics

Currently, this game is in the development stage and it is a spin-off from RPG series and highly notable tactics gameplay. This game could never make to PC.

This game does not contain any animation cutaways and separate menus and you can get everything on a single screen, making the game more interesting.


The Banner Saga is the last game in our list, but not the least. This game goes on by depicting a fantasy tale. This game has been inspired by Norse mythology.

It is one of the engaging games. When you are playing this game, you will feel like going through the world of Disney, as every frame of the game is too beautiful.


The game has received fairly good reviews on different platforms of customer reviews. The game has received and according to Metacritic, this game is the highest-rated Nintendo Switch-exclusive of 2019.

Famitsu is the famous gaming magazine of Japan and it reviews games on regular bases for different console and mobile-based games.

4 reviewers of this magazine have reviewed this game and provided the game with a score of 10. Many of the other reviewers have reviewed the game-high on its risk-taking abilities.

Another reviewer from GamesRadar, Aron Garst reviewed the game and gave it a perfect 10 score. However, he criticized the game for its low difficulty.

With positive reviews from game reviewers, this game also got a good amount of sales during its commercial launch and the company is trying to bring another series of the game lovers and reviewers within the next few years.


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