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Looking for sports-related shoes and apparel? Shop at Finish Line today! 

Finish Line is a commercial store that produces various athletic sneakers and other athletic apparel. The company operates in almost all of the states in the United States of America and in Puerto Rico. 

The additional time that Finish Line gives you as part of its return policy makes it an ideal sportswear store to shop at, in case you need to return any items. 

Finish Line

What is Finish Line’s Return Policy? 

To return an item purchased online or in-store at Finish Line you must do so within 45 days of the item’s original purchase date. You must have a receipt. You must also provide your name and phone number. Finish Line stores inside of Macy’s do not take returns. You may return your Groupon, if eligible, for a refund or exchange it using Trade In. 

How to Return a Finish Line Item? 

Items purchased at Finish Line can be returned either online or in store. 

Online Returns

To return a Finish Line item online, follow the steps below.

First, ensure that you have all of the necessary materials to return your Finish Line item. The necessary materials are as follows:

  • Items to be returned
  • Original payment method 
  • Tags and other identifying features
  • Original packaging 
  • Original packaging slip
  • Proof of purchase

Your items must be in original or excellent condition to be returned to the store. You must have the original packaging and the original packing slip that came with the delivery. Tags on apparel must still be on the apparel. 

Next, you must go to the Finish Line website where you purchased the item or items in question. Go to the returns page. This should be clearly located on the Finish Line’s website. If you have any questions, you may call the store for further assistance. 

Once you have arrived at the proper page, input your order number and the zip code that you provided for the billing address. 

Out of the items that you have purchased, select the item or items that you wish to return. They should be listed after you have input your order number and zip code. 

Upon finding the appropriate items or items to return, locate the return shipping label. It should be near the item to be returned. Print the return label and fill out all of the appropriate areas on the form. For best results, fill out all information correctly, and truthfully, to the best of your ability. 

Once you have successfully filled out the return label, attach it to the package with which you are returning the item or items. 

Finally, take the item or items that you wish to return (in their original packaging with tags) to the nearest shipping center. Call Finish Line to verify receival of the package. 

Any shipping costs are non-refundable. 

In-Store Returns

For returning an in-store purchase, OR if you don’t want to mail the online purchase back to the company, follow the steps below.

Take the product to the nearest retailer. This can be searched by using the location feature on the website or a quick Google search. 

Go to a cash register or the customer service desk. If you are not sure where either of these are located in the nearest facility, ask a staff member and they will direct you where to go. 

Upon reaching the cashier’s location or the customer service desk, show proof of purchase, through a receipt, and disclose that you would like to return your item. Also disclose if you are looking for a refund or an exchange of the product. 

If you have shoes, they must be in the original box. If you have apparel, it must have all of the appropriate tags and identifying features.

Can You Return an Online Purchase to the Store? 

Yes. To return an online purchase to the store be sure to follow the in-store return instructions listed above. Remember, items must be in original condition with original packaging.

How Strict Is Finish Line With The Return Policy? 

Finish Line is relatively a bit more lax than other companies. You still have the possibility to return your items without a receipt and you have 45 days to return your item, compared to the standard 30 day return policy. 

Finish Line Exchange Policy

In order to receive an exchange on the item that you have purchased at a store or online, the item must be brought into the store – no exceptions are allowed. You must have the original tags and/or box.

Finish Line Refund Policy

You may receive a refund for an item or items purchased at Finish Line if they are in original condition. They must have all appropriate tags and packaging.

You will receive the refund in the form of payment that you originally purchased the item with. For instance, if you paid cash, expect a cash return. If you paid by credit card, expect a credit repayment. 

Does Finish Line Take Returns Without a Receipt? 

Yes! Finish Line does take returns without a receipt. However, you may not exchange Finish Line items and the only form of reimbursement or refund that you will receive will be in the form of a store credit.

The Finish Line retailer retains the right to deny your return without a receipt, but it is possible to return an item without a receipt. 

Does Finish Line Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Yes again! Returns after 30 days are accepted. This is due to the 45 day exchange policy. This policy will accept returns up to, and including, 45 days past the original date of purchase.

The item or items must be in great condition and you must follow the appropriate guidelines for returns. 

What Items Cannot Be Returned to Finish Line?

Here is a list of items that cannot be returned to the retailer. Finish Line may still deny your return for other reasons, as they retain the right to do so. 

  • Items more than 45 days past purchase
  • Items not in the original condition
  • Items without tags
  • Shoes without boxes


Does Finish Line Give Full Refunds?

Yes, as long as the proper requirements are met.

Can I Return a Finish Line Item After Use?

Yes, you may as long as it is in good condition and all of the tags and boxes are intact.

How Long Do Finish Line Refunds Take?

Allow at minimum 5 business days for the transaction to appear on a statement if paying by card. 


If you are looking to buy sports apparel, Finish Line is the store for you. Their additional 15 days on the return policy, as well as the ability to return without a receipt, make their return policy a great addition to the world of sports apparel. They care about the quality of items you received.

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