How to find an amazon wish list? | updated for [2023]

Find a wish list on amazon

Wish lists are an important way to know someone’s preference for gifts but finding and seeing one’s wish list on Amazon a tedious task and requires information around the creation and sharing of wish lists. How to find someone’s wish list remains the question always.


Amazon Wishlist

Can I see my friend’s list on Amazon? Can it be put in private mode or public mode? Can I hide my wishlist? These are most of the questions that people visiting our platform ask from us.

We have included stepwise guide to answer your questions.

Most of the Amazon subscribers create their wishlist to easily navigate the product that they might need later and these curated lists help them select the product easily and check out without any hassle. You can see your friend’s wish list provided they have shared the list with you.

Amazon does not provide the option to view wish lists publically and if you wish to view someone’s wish list, you must ask your friend to share it with you. Below is one of the wish list for your reference.

Friend's list

How to Find a Friend’s Amazon Wish List

You can request your friend’s wishlist by following the below steps:

  • Go to Account and list section and click on Wish List.
Finding a Registry
  • Go to Your Friends and your friends who have shared their wish list with you could be seen there.
Making your amazon wish list public
  • If your best friend has not shared the list with you, do not worry!
  • You can ask your friend to access his/her wish list.
  • To request access to a friend’s list, compose a note or use the one provided, then select Email this message. When your friend agrees to share their list, you’ll see it in this section.

How to Find an Amazon Wedding or Baby Registry

To look for a wedding or baby registry wish list, you should follow the below steps:

  • Go to Account and list section and click on Wedding registry or baby registry from this list.
  • If you want to find your friend’s name there, click on the search option.
  • Next, you need to select your friend’s profile and then you can view the list for your friend.
  • You can also use the search option to look for the list of items there

How to Purchase an Item From a Friend’s Amazon Wish List or Registry

When someone shares the list with you, it is intended to be used for the gift recipients to receive the exact gift they want and it eliminates the need for duplicate gifts. You should shop from the shared list or registry and not through the ideas, as there can be a lot of items of that kind.

  1. Select a gift from the list and add this gift to cart and you can confirm your selection by clicking on add to cart button, next you can proceed to checkout through the URL.
  2. You can look for checkout in a similar way that you do while checking out normal products. If your friend has put his/her address for checkout under the list, you can choose other addresses to checkout.
  3. You can ship to your friend even if your friend didn’t include an address on the list. In that case, you can enter the address by yourself and proceed.
  4. If you wish to give some message to your friend, you can also do so by visiting the gifting Options tab and removing the pricing details from the receipt
  5. Next, you need to confirm the payment and click on place your order and you are done.
  6. If you ship the package to the address already listed, then your item will be removed from the list, as soon as your order is complete. However, if you are not able to remove the product from the shipping list, it means you have selected the gift to be shipped to you.
  7. As soon as you click on the place your order tab, your order will be processed and it will be shipped to you and you will start receiving the delivery updates about the product and it will not be known to your friend until the product arrives.

Whenever the holiday season arrives, a lot of us worry about gifting something to our friends and it is not the biggest headache. The biggest headache is that you do not even know if your friend will like the gift given to him by you or not.

However, it is easy to know if that person uses Amazon and if that person uses the app, then you may want to have a look into his/her wishlist.

But to view the list, your friend needs to have the public wish list on Amazon and if the wish list is not public, you can ask your friend to keep it public.

You can simply navigate to Amazon’s Find a Wish List page to search.

There is a lot of confusion among the folks who want to keep their wishlist public, you can do so by following the given below steps.

How Do I Share My Amazon Wish List?

To share your Amazon wish list, follow the given steps:

Sharing your amazon wish list
  • If this is not collaborative and this is only for you, you can click on view only and copy that link.
  • Share the copied link via mail, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms.

Recently, Amazon has eased the process of making the wishlist private or public. You need to click on manage the list by visiting your account and you can choose ‘Change privacy settings’. Next, you can select public or private as your list type.


There are a lot of people who exchange gifts during the holiday season and they wish to know the preferences of their best friends or relatives without directly asking them for it. Most of the people make their wish lists and wish list is an amazing way to know the preference of your friend and then you can decide upon the gift you wish to give him.

It is really important to have the wishlist public for it to be seen by your friends or relatives.

We hope that you understood all the steps completely and you would be able to create your wish list and share it with your friends.

Do let us know about your feedback in the comments section and we will get back to you with answers to your possible questions and suggestions.

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