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You do not want your skateboard to falter when you are very much into the game mode. Evo is one of the prominent skateboard sellers and we will give you an inside peek into Evo return policy so that you do not have to face problems while purchasing your skateboard.


Evo Return Procedure

Evo sells skateboards and related accessories for all gamers and sports person and it also has biking and camping accessories.

Looking to buy a new skateboard and concerned about the quality of the skateboard or related accessories? Have you purchased the company’s skate or other accessories recently? Do you need to want us to help you understand Evo’s return policy? We are here for you for any kind of information that you may need.

Returning Evo’s products

Evo Returns

Evo returns: The period for return – 366 days return policy

Evo has one of the best products in the industry and its return policy is even better, you can return its products not in a year but you can add 1 extra day to it and return it in 366 days.

Any of the sports products should be intact and returned in the same condition.

We will describe Evo return policy in a way that it helps a lot in understanding the products.

How to Return

Now comes the question that all we need answer to – how you will return the products?

When you are returning the products, you should make sure that there is no damage to the products.

Evo In-Store Return Policy

You can return Evo’s products either by a store visit or by mailing it to the company; you just need to take care of the following points before returning.

  1. When you are coming to the company’s store, make sure that you have proper documentation.
  2. When you send the products, Evo will ensure that the products are checked properly and only then you will get a refund.
  3. Evo can collect your data and Evo also reserves the right to refuse or admit product.

Look at some of the steps before returning the products:

  1. Firstly, locate the company’s store by clicking on location information
  2. When you are able to find the  right store, just go there
  3. Go to the store and meet with a customer representative
  4. A customer representative will help you in returning the product
  5. After acceptance of your return, you will get a refund and return confirmation mail

Evo Online Return Policy

If you do not want to visit Evo store, you can also return their products by visiting Evo website and initiate return.

  1. Go to Evo website and visit the returns section
  2. Look for the initiate return tab and click there
  3. Now you will have to fill in your order number and mail ID referred
  4. After completing all the details, print the shipping return label
  5. For the US-based customers, Evo provides flat rate UPS shipping labels. Most returns are just $7 and oversized products can be returned at $69
  6. However, Shoes and Flipflops can be returned for free

How Evo will refund you? – Evo Refund Policy

Evo Refunds

Evo will refund your amount only if the product is found to be in good condition and not used. A refund is made by Evo towards the method you used while paying the bill. Most of the refunds are processed immediately to your account and if they are not processed right away, they might take some time, depending on the type of bank.

How you paid your bill?Refund timelinesRefund and Credit Policy
Credit card/debit card    NAYou will get refund in your debit/credit card after deduction of shipping and handling charges However, Evo will deduct $7 for most of the items and it might deduct $69 for oversized items
PayPalNARefund to Paypal account
Gift cardNAGift card

Return Policy for Different Evo Products

Evo has a special return policy and it is evident from its return policy that how much it values its customers. You can return Evo products in 366 days, yes you read that right.

It is a great thing for all of its loyal customers. However, Evo won’t take used products, so take care while returning the product and return it in original condition.

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
All kind of productsEvo won’t accept products in used conditionReturn in 365+1 days

How can I exchange Evo products? – Evo Exchange Policy

If you are looking to exchange Evo skateboard, you can’t do that directly, as there is no such policy that allows you to.

You will have to initiate the return from the company’s website and when you have your skateboard’s return slip with you, you can place a new order.

Evo will deduct the cost of shipping labels from the refund amount and you will be given leftover amount. Do try not to exchange the products again and again.

Do you have any questions about Evo?

FAQs about Refunds

What is Evo customer service number?
You can dial 855 355-BURL to contact customer service officials.

Can I exchange my products?
There is no direct policy for exchange but you can return the product and purchase a new one.

Does Evo charge for returning the products?
Yes, Evo will charge the cost of shipping labels. if your product is of small size, you will be charged a fixed fee of $7. However, in the case of an oversized product, you will have to pay a hefty amount of $69.


Evo is one of the premier providers of skateboard products and it is well known among sport enthusiasts.

If you have eyes of any of the skateboard of the company, you better read this article and tell your friends about the policy, if they do not know.

Share the article with your friends and family and we will help you in future course in finding more insightful return policies.

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