Doordash Refund Policy

Doordash has grown in popularity over the years and is currently a massive food delivery giant. Food delivery services have made life more convenient for several people by enabling them to order what they want to eat from an app.

However, food delivery is not always perfect. For example, when a restaurant’s quality is low, delivery times are incredibly long, or you don’t receive everything in your order.

If you are unsatisfied with your order from Doordash, there is a chance you can get your money back. Whether you’re missing items from your order or just all wrong, there are ways to resolve your problem.


What is the Doordash Return Policy?

Doordash does not guarantee any refunds, and refunds are entirely up to Doordash’s discretion.

While every order complaint will not be offered a refund, most complaints will at least receive some of their money back. So if your Doordash order is messed up, you are not entirely out of luck.

Return TimelineNo return policy
Return MethodNo return policy
Exchange PeriodNo exchange policy
Exchange MethodNo exchange policy
Refund PeriodVaries
Refund MethodApp credit or the original payment method.

How to Refund a Doordash Item?

Doordash will only grant a partial refund for most situations unless you are missing entire items. However, quality problems with food ordered on Doordash will only receive a partial refund.

  • Open your Doordash app.
  • Click on “orders.”
  • Select the order you want a refund on
  • Select the reasons you want a refund
  • Doordash will issue your refund as credits you can use on your next order
  • If there is a credit card or billing error, contact customer service over the phone for your refund

It is scarce to receive your money back on your original payment method when you receive a refund on Doordash. Doordash’s automatic system will add credits to your next order if your refund is granted.

Missing items will likely receive a full refund on the items missing, but low-quality items will only receive a partial refund. If you abuse the refund system too often, Doordash will not issue any refund.

All refunds are handled through Doordash. The sore you bought from on Doordash will not handle your refund.

Can You Refund an Online Purchase on Doordash?

Yes, all purchases made on Doordash are made online. To process your refund for your online Doordash order then, you must use the app or call customer service. You cannot receive a refund from Doordash in a store, even if it is the store you ordered from.

How Strict is the Doordash Refund Policy?

Doordash holds the right to deny any refund they want. If Doordash determines there was nothing wrong with your order, or if you abuse the Doordash refund system too often, then your refunds won’t be granted.

Doordash Exchange Policy

Doordash does not have an exchange policy. Therefore, if you order food on Doordash, the only way to receive compensation is by requesting a refund. Food delivery services do not offer exchanges for purchases.

Doordash Return Policy

Doordash is a food delivery app which means you cannot return any items your receive. Even if the delivery person delivered the wrong food to the wrong address, there is no way to return the product to the delivery person. The Dasher cannot take the food back once the food is dropped off due to health and hygiene hazards.

Does Doordash Take Refunds Without a Receipt?

No, there is no way to issue a refund on Doordash without a receipt. You need to use your order receipt on your Doordash app to request a refund. This order receipt is your proof of purchase.

Does Doordash Accept Refunds After 30 Days?

No, it is unlikely that Doordash will issue a refund after 20 days. There are no direct statements to determine the length of time allowed to process a refund from the order date. Doordash uses its discretion when it comes to issuing refunds.

What Items Cannot be Refunded by Doordash?

Doordash will not issue refunds for the delivery person’s tip or delivery fees. You can have your food items refunded, but there is no way to refund the cost of delivery or the tip you leave your Dasher. Once you select your tip and hit order, there is no way to get that tip money back from Doordash.


Does Doordash Give Full Refunds?

Doordash will issue full refunds on items that never arrived. However, refunds do not include delivery fees or dasher tips.

Can I Get A Refund For The Doordash Product After Use?

If you order an item on Doordash, they will not request photos of your food, and you cannot return your items. However, you can still eat the food you ordered and receive a partial refund if the quality doesn’t meet your standards.

How Long Do Doordash Refunds Take?

Refunds on Doordash are immediate if the refund is approved. Doordash uses credits towards your next meal instead of refunding your money to your original payment method. Doordash ensures that you get your refund as soon as your approval goes through by using credits to issue refunds.

It does not take long to get approved for a Doordash refund either. Most of the time, you will only be denied your refund if your account has a history of abusing the refund system on Doordash.


While issuing a refund on Doordash is straightforward and user-friendly, the delivery giant does not always guarantee refunds. Doordash keeps track of how often your account requests a refund and reserves the right to deny a refund for any reason.

Doordash uses store credits instead of issuing the money back to your payment method in most situations. To get your money refunded back to your payment method, you must call customer service, and this type of refund is rarely granted.

Doordash does not request evidence that your request is valid when giving full or partial refunds. In addition, Doordash will never refund dasher tips or delivery fees associated with your order.

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