Dominos Pizza Refund Policy

Dominos is a popular pizza chain restaurant that offers carryout or delivery. Everyone enjoys a pizza night occasionally, and Dominos is excellent for tracking your pizza when you order.

However, every restaurant eventually drops the ball and either make something incorrectly or lacks quality in their food some nights.

Dominos has a refund policy to prevent you from paying for an insufficient or incorrect meal. Sometimes you can receive a partial refund, and other times you can receive a full refund. Dominos’ refund policy is easy for customers who received an unsatisfactory product to navigate.

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What is the Dominos Refund Policy?

Dominos does not guarantee a refund or have a specific policy. However, they state they will fix any problems with your delivery. Depending on the issue, you may receive a refund for your purchase.

The critical thing to bear in mind about Domino’s return policy is that your return is up to the discretion of Dominos. Dominos doesn’t guarantee a refund unless they feel it is justified.

Return TimelineNo return policy
Return MethodNo return policy
Exchange PeriodNo refund policy
Exchange MethodNo refund policy
Refund PeriodVaries
Refund MethodStore credit or original payment method

How to refund a Dominos item?

To get a refund on a Dominos item, you must call their phone number or use their online chat. The process below is how Dominos will navigate your refund.

  • Go to the Dominos website and select their live chat option or call the number listed on their website.
  • Explain why you are unsatisfied with your delivery.
  • The customer service representative will confirm your information and decide if they will issue your refund.
  • If your refund is approved, it will be issued to your original payment method.

There is a chance that Dominos will deny you a refund. Additionally, Dominos does not guarantee that they will refund every order that requests it.

Dominos may also compensate for your problem by offering cash towards a future order or a discount on future orders.

All of Dominos’ refunds are managed online or over the phone. Dominos refunds are not handled in stores.

Can You Refund an Online Purchase to Dominos?

Yes, if you ordered Dominos delivery online, you can receive a refund for your online order. Most refunds are handled online, but you can also call a phone number for refund assistance. Unfortunately, most Dominos restaurants won’t refund your product in-store.

You can receive your dominos refund from an online purchase by using Dominos live chat on their website.

How Strict is the Dominos Refund Policy?

Dominos’ refund policy is vague, which can mean sometimes it’s strict and sometimes it’s loose. Your Dominos refund is up to the discretion of the Dominos employee. Dominos states they will make your unsatisfactory delivery “right,” but that doesn’t always mean they’ll issue a refund.

Dominos may issue a full, partial, or no refund on your order. Dominos may also decide to issue a store credit or a future discount instead of a refund.

Dominos Exchange Policy

Dominos does not have an exchange policy. Most restaurants do not exchange items because it is unsanitary. Once a customer receives an item, there are no takebacks.

Dominos Return Policy

You cannot return food that you have bought from Dominos. You can attempt to receive a refund on your items, but Dominos will not take your food items back.

Does Dominos Take Refunds Without a Receipt?

No, dominos will not refund your items without a receipt. However, if you order online, you will receive a digital receipt for your Dominos order in your e-mail. Digital receipts still count as a receipt.

Does Dominos Accept Refunds After 30 Days?

No, if there is an issue with your Dominos order, you must report it immediately. Dominos will not issue any refunds for their products after the day of purchase.

What Items Cannot be Refunded to Dominos?

No items can be returned to Dominos. Dominos is a restaurant, and most restaurants won’t accept returned items. You can try to receive a refund, but there is no need to hand your food back to the employee.

Once the food is handed off to the customer, it is a health hazard to accept the food back.


Does Dominos Give Full Refunds?

Sometimes Dominos may decide to issue a full refund. However, Dominos will often offer store credit, a partial refund, or a future discount instead. You must talk with customer service over the phone or online to discuss a full refund.

Can I Get A Refund For Dominos’ Product After Use?

After your delivery, if there is something wrong with your order, you can negotiate a refund with Dominos customer service. You will not be expected to return the item.

However, Dominos customer service may want you to provide photos of the problem before issuing a refund. So, if anything is wrong with your order, take photos of the problem before disposing of or consuming your Dominos order.

How Long Do Dominos’ Refunds Take?

Dominos will often cancel the charge before it is withdrawn from your bank account if they decide to issue a refund. However, Dominos prefers to issue a store credit or a future discount instead of canceling your charge. All mistakes in your dominos order must be reported immediately to resolve the problem.


Dominos is a popular pizza chain that prides itself on its product. Their refund policy is a bit unclear, but they promise to resolve any delivery problems you have.

To initiate a refund from Dominos, you must either use the live chat on their website or call their refund phone number. Dominos will not issue a refund in their stores or over e-mail.

You are more likely to receive store credit or a discount instead of having the funds back in your bank account. However, there are a few situations where the money is fully refunded to the payment method.

If you have trouble with your Dominos order, you must report the problems immediately to receive your refund.

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