Dollar Tree Return Policy

Dollar Tree has one of the most restrictive return policies out of all companies in the United States. They consider all sales final. You may have a limited ability to return a product with a receipt, but this will be very limited. You cannot make returns online. 

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What Is Dollar Tree Return Policy?

The Dollar Tree return policy is virtually non-existent as they do not offer a return policy to their customers. The company claims that having a stricter return policy, it means that they are able to offer better deals to their customers.

To an extent, this does make sense. After all, not having to spend a ton of cash on administering returns does mean that the company makes savings, and these savings can be passed onto customers.

There are no returns for anything purchased on their website (unless the product is damaged), and you can exchange in store if you have a receipt and the product is unopened. You cannot get a refund.

Return PeriodNone
Return MethodOnline or in-store
Exchange PeriodNot specified
Exchange MethodOnline or in-store
Refund PeriodNone offered
Refund MethodNot applicable

How To Return a Dollar Tree Product

If you want to return a product in-store, then head in with your product and the receipt. Remember, the product must be unopened. If it is opened, then it no longer qualifies for a return.

You can then request an exchange. Remember, Dollar Tree does not give refunds. There is no exception to this rule.

If you have purchased a product online, then there is no ability to make a return at all. Dollar Tree considers all sales final. However, if the item is damaged, you can contact the Dollar Tree customer support line and they will tell you the best way to proceed. Although, in most cases, this is just going to be an exchange. 

How Strict Is The Dollar Tree Return Policy?

Very strict. Dollar Tree does not deviate from its return policy. The company feels that if it did deviate from its return policy, it would no longer offer the competitive prices that they are famed for.

The only way that you are getting anything in the way of a return with Dollar Tree is if you meet the following conditions:

  • The product has been purchased from one of their stores.
  • The product is unopened.
  • You have a receipt for the product.

The company does not give any time frame in which the returns can be made, although it is probably safe to say that you should be making those returns within 30-days, or you will lose out on your opportunity to exchange the product.

Dollar Tree Exchange Policy

Dollar Tree will only ever exchange products. They will only ever exchange if you have purchased a product from their store, have not opened the product, and you still have the original receipt. They will not exchange products that you have purchased online unless the product arrived damaged.

Dollar Tree Refund Policy

Dollar Tree doesn’t offer refunds. They operate on a strict no-moneyback situation. All sales from Dollar Tree are final, although you may have a limited opportunity to get an exchange if you have purchased the product from a store.

Does Dollar Tree Accept Returns After 30 Days?

It is tough to know since Dollar Tree isn’t a huge fan of offering returns in the first place.

Their website does not list any information about how quickly you need to return the product. However, it is probably safe to say that the quicker you return the item, the better. This means that you should be returning well before the 30 days is up.

What Items Cannot Be Returned To Dollar Tree?

You cannot return any product that has been opened to Dollar Tree. 

Does Dollar Tree Have Free Returns?

Dollar Tree does not offer returns on its online orders at all.

If your product has been damaged before delivery or parts of it are missing, then you can reach out to Dollar Tree. They will offer a solution. They may offer free returns here, but it will always be dependent on the situation.

Who Pays The Return Shipping Charge?

If you have a damaged product (i.e. one that arrived damaged), then Dollar Tree will decide the best way to proceed. If you need to return the product to them, then chances are that they will cover the return shipping. 

How Long Do Dollar Tree Refunds Take?

Dollar Tree will not offer refunds under any situation. Even broken items from online purchases are only subject to exchange.

What Is Dollar Tree Return Policy Without a Receipt?

If you do not have a receipt, Dollar Tree will refuse to exchange the product for you. You will not be able to get a refund whether you have a receipt or don’t have a receipt. 

Can I Return Items On Sale?

Assuming that you have not purchased the product online and that the product remains unopened, then there seems to be nothing barring you from returning sale items. However, do bear in mind that you can only get an exchange and not a refund.

Can I Return Dollar Tree Products After Use?

No. All sales are final. If you have opened the product, you cannot return it to Dollar Tree, even for an exchange. 

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Dollar Tree has an incredibly strict return policy. This is to ensure that they can continue to offer good prices. You can only expect a return if you have purchased the product from a store and it is unopened. Even then, you can only get an exchange on it.


Does Dollar Tree Offer Refunds?

No. Dollar Tree does not offer refunds at all. All sales are considered final. 

How Do You Exchange An Online Purchase From Dollar Tree?

You cannot exchange products that you have purchased online. If you have received a product from the online Dollar Store and it arrived unbroken, you are stuck with it.

Does Dollar Tree Offer Store Credit?

No. Dollar Tree does not offer store credit. If you want to exchange a product, you have to exchange it when you make your return. You cannot exchange on to a gift card.

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