Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays in 2023?


Does Amazon deliver on Sundays and Saturdays?

Yes, they do! However, it depends mainly on your location and the availability of weekend delivery in your area. If you are a Prime member and you have ordered on Friday, you can expect your delivery on Sunday.


Amazon Delivery

Mostly, the customers order their items through Amazon and look for the order being delivered at their office or other locations. Customers also order through Prime to get the benefits of 2-day delivery.

You might also think that Amazon has a huge customer base and it might lose on them if they do not deliver on Sunday.

Often customers ask one question at our platform – Does Amazon deliver on Sundays and Saturdays?

We have done a detailed analysis of your queries. Give it a read to understand further.

How Amazon Sunday Delivery Works

How Sunday Delivery Works

Amazon has partnerships with a number of retailers including USPS, UPS and other independent service operators in the US.

When we talk about the Sunday delivery, most of the delivery providers do not offer delivery on Sundays. UPS provides service on Saturdays and it is considering providing delivery services on Saturdays.

USPS does not operate its regular services on Sunday but it delivers packages for some of its customers such as Amazon and a limited number of premium services such as priority mail express and if weekend service is available at your doorstep, you may get Amazon package.

If you are using Amazon Prime then there is some good news for you. Prime guarantees 2-days delivery for most of the packages and if your area is under the serviceable range, you may get your package delivered on Sunday.

Using Prime on a Sunday

Prime delivery on a Sunday

Amazon has also launched a service with the name of Prime Now, this service guarantees delivery on the same day or within 2 hours of placement of the orders.

You can also use Prime Now on Sundays. Currently, prime now only services a very few ZIP codes in the US and there is the restriction on the type of items that come under this service.

In some areas, Prime Now delivers groceries from Whole Foods and meals from various nearby restaurants on Sundays.

There is a provision of the same-day or next-day delivery for Prime members on the orders exceeding $35 amount.

If you are a prime member and you are ordering an item less than $35, then you will have to pay a nominal charge for the next-day delivery.

If you do not use prime, you can also order through the prime program and get your product delivered through expedited delivery.

Using Amazon Lockers

Pick your orders from here

Most of the people find it convenient to get the items delivered on a weekend as they think that there would be someone to receive the delivery at home on weekends.

However, if you are not at home during the delivery of the parcel, you can conveniently use the Amazon Locker facility. You can use the Amazon locker facility to receive an item at a nearby business, such as a grocery or drug store.

You will be notified by the company and they will give you a special sequence to get your product.

When you get back home you will have the access to your locker. The only condition is that the store having that locker facility should be open.

Has Amazon restricted the Sunday delivery to Prime users?

There is no such rule that you will only get the delivery on Sunday if you buy Amazon’s $99 plan. However, if you are a prime member, you can order on Friday and your shipment will be delivered on Sundays.

Once I ordered some items through my prime account and it specified for delivery on Sunday. However, my order was not delivered on Sunday but one day before the specified delivery date. So, basically it does not matter what your plan is, you can get the delivery on any day

Non-prime customers

If you are not a prime member, you can also receive your items on Sunday. It is purely random and is not specified anywhere. One of my friends ordered through the non-prime delivery service and his order was delivered on Sunday, even when the time frame was 3-8 days. He ordered on Monday.

How much does Sunday delivery cost?

Amazon Deliver on Sunday

Usually Sunday delivery is free for all the users and customers who are using Amazon are only required to pay for the standard shipping rates. The ones using Amazon Prime are not required to pay any charges. However, you may be required to pay the same charges for the expedited shipping.

This kind of special delivery is not available for all kind of items and it is completely restricted. It is only for the items that are urgently needed and not every item falls under it

Is there any indication about package arriving on Sunday by Amazon?

There is no such claim made by the company until you place an order. When you place an order, you will get the guaranteed arrival date. One of my friend placed order for watch and the order was to arrive on a specific date and it happened to be Sunday. However, the company did not say that it was Sunday.

I ship my Amazon orders to my office, which is closed on Sundays. How can I restrict the delivery?

If you have put your office address for delivery and you have put it under the list of office addresses, do not worry. You will not get your order delivered on Saturday or Sunday in any case. We tried to have the views of Amazon on this but couldn’t.

Most of the times Sunday deliveries are performed by “part-time employees” since regular employees are on leave on that day. These employees do not appear in uniform and work for a lot more hours for extra pay.

You can also look to work as part time delivery personnel as the requirements are good in number and they require people.

There are a lot of job openings on the USPS website, requiring for part time people on Sundays and they also pay decent wages of ~15.30/hour.

Do I have an option of independent carriers?

USPS has service contracts with a lot of firms such as Staples and other retailers for delivery on Sundays. The deal received considerable backlash from workers, who claimed it was shifting jobs to low-paying, less experienced workers. Staples is looking to end the trials for this service partnership.

At what time does Amazon deliver on Sundays?

When does Amazon deliver on a Sunday?

If we talk about Amazon Flex and Amazon DSP guys, they usually deliver between 8 am to 10 pm and some time the time for 8 am delivery is not fixed and the delivery may be delayed till 9 am and they deliver till night. These guys deliver 7 days a week including Sunday between the same times.

If you have ordered through standard delivery, your order will most likely be delivered before 9 pm. However, there might be some exceptions to this. If your package is close to your home just before 9 pm, it may be delivered by 10. Amazon Prime orders are the ones that can be delivered till 10 pm.

However, the other service providers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx have different timings and days of delivery. If you do not have Amazon Flex and DSP services in your area, your order will most likely not be delivered on Sunday. There might be some chances that these service providers deliver your package on Sunday.


Amazon does not deliver on Sunday if you have opted for standard delivery. However, if you have chosen for Prime delivery and ordered your parcel on Friday, you will get your order delivered on Sunday. Service on Sundays is not widespread and is limited to some regions only.

There are a lot of people who are working and they want their products to be delivered on weekends and preferably on Sunday as they will be home to receive the product.

Most of the public and private delivery service providers are either exploring the possibilities of starting the Sunday delivery or they have already started delivering the parcels on Sundays.

You can also try on your own by placing an order on Friday and look if it really gets delivered on Sunday.

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