Discount Tire Return Policy

Discount Tire offers competitive prices for tires, wheels, and accessories. They have been in business since 1960 and have their customers in mind each step of the way. They make buying tires easy and also make returns easy as well. If you are looking to buy new tires, or have recently bought tires from Discount Tire, continue reading below to learn about their return policy.

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What is Discount Tires return policy?

Discount Tire wants all its customers to be happy with their purchases. If you are not satisfied with your tire purchase from Discount Tire, they will refund your purchase within 30 days. Bring your original receipt and original form of payment to process the return.

Note that returns are handled on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

Return Period30 Days
Return MethodOnline or in-store
Exchange Period30 Days
Exchange MethodOnline or in-store
Refund Period14 business Days
Refund MethodOriginal Method of Payment

How To Return A Discount Tire Item?

You can return any tire bought at any of their retail locations. Bring in the tire, wheel, or accessory along with your original receipt and payment method to see if they will accept your return. 

To return an item to Discount Tire Direct you must follow their return process. Start by calling them to set up the return. 

They will want to know the name the merchandise was purchased under. This information will be written on the package or label. 

They will want to know if the tires have been used. For a tired to be considered used, it means the tire has been mounted on the car or driven on. If the tires have been used, they will not accept the return. 

To return the tire you just properly package it with packaging material.  They recommend adding insurance to the shipment for your protection. Provide the accurate and legible address to the package and label for the return. 

Discount Tire has rules that you must follow when returning tires, wheels, or accessories. Be sure to secure all loose materials such as lug nuts or bolts in separate packaging. 

To prevent chafing all wheels must have a foam sheet pad protecting the face of the wheel. If you plan on placing two wheels in one box, a piece of cardboard must be put in between the two wheels. 

If your original package had any styrofoam in it, you must repackage your return with the same styrofoam, placing it the same way it came. 

All staples must be removed before shipping. If the box is damaged you must request a new shipping box. 

All returns must be properly labeled with the correct address. Use high-strength tape to seal all sides of the box.

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Can You Return An Online Purchase To The Store?

Yes. Items purchased at their online retailer Discount Tire Direct can be returned in-store.

How Strict Is The Discount Tire Return Policy?

All returns are handled on a case-by-case basis. Refunds are not guaranteed.

Discount Tire Exchange Policy

When you choose to exchange an item from Discount Tire, you will be charged for the new item and credited for the return. The return will be handled as stated above.

Discount Tire Refund Policy

If your return is eligible for a refund you will be credited to your original payment method as stated on the receipt. The process may take up to 14 business days.

Does Discount Tire Take Returns Without A Receipt?

Yes. You are recommended to show your original sales receipt to be considered for a return. But, if it is unavailable they may be able to return the item by having you provide more information.

Does Discount Tire Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Yes. All returns are handled on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed. Discount Tire may not fulfill a return, depending on the situation.

What Items Can’t Be Returned To Discount Tire?

Discount Tire tries to accommodate its customers as best as it can. It is not a guarantee that they will return your item. There are no items that they specifically leave out of items able to be returned.

How Long Do Discount Tire Refunds Take?

Discount Tire refunds are processed within 14 business days.

Can I Return Discount Tire Products After Use?

When returning your item online through their website Discount Tire Direct, the items can’t be returned if they have been used. Discount Tire retail locations take each return request on a case by case basis and it will be looked at accordingly.

Does Discount Tire Give Full Refunds?

Discount Tire may charge a restocking fee for custom-ordered items. If you order from their online store Discount Tire Direct you will be charged for improper packaging, freight fees, and a $40 cleaning fee.

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What Is The Difference Between Discount Tire And Discount Tire Direct?

Discount Tire represents the company’s brick and mortar store locations. Discount Tire Direct is their online portal.

Can I Return Items Ordered From Discount Tire Direct To Discount Tire?

Yes. Bring in your items and sales receipt. The customer service associates will do their best to accommodate a return, although they are not guaranteed.

When Ordering Online, How Long Does It Take To Receive My Items?

Shipments are made within 24 hours of receiving your order. Arrival time will depend on how far you live from the distribution center.

My Tire Is Defective, What Options Do I Have?

Tires sold at Discount Tire come with a Certificate for Repair, Refund, or Replacement program. If you feel that your tire was not properly handled or installed reach out to Discount Tire immediately. Discount tire also offers a pro-rated road hazard warranty, as well as a manufacturer’s limited warranty. 


If you choose to buy tires from Discount Tire be sure to understand what you are getting yourself into. Returns and refunds are not guaranteed and are handled one at a time. You may think you deserve a refund, but they may disagree. 

If you are wanting to return your order online, you need to understand their packaging policy so that you aren’t charged for improper packaging.

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