Crate and Barrel Return Policy [2020] | How To Get FREE Returns?

Furniture is not something that can be bought daily and Regardless of the size of your home, It’s not practical either as it’s much simpler to just opt for multipurpose pieces of furniture that will serve you just as well. Crate and Barrel sell home décor items and some great furniture items and here we have provided detail for the Crate and Barrel Return Policy.

Introduction to Crate and Barrel Return Policy!

Crate and Barrel is a US-based company having specialization in selling furniture items. Crate and Barrel Holdings employs 7,500 associates across Crate and Barrel, Crate and Kids, CB2, and Hudson Grace. Founded in 1962 , Janet Hayes is the CEO of the firm.

Do you need home décor accessories for your new home? Did you purchase furniture from the company recently? If you need an understanding of various furniture items bought from the company, we will help you out. We are here for you for every information related to COACH returns and crate and barrel furniture return policy, crate and barrel registry return policy, crate and barrel wedding registry return policy

Returning The Crate and Barrel Items !

Crate and Barrel Returns: The period for return – 30–90 days return policy.

Crate and Barrel has a much-diversified return policy and its return policy is different for furniture and non-furniture item.

You are allowed to return most of the non-furniture items within 90 days period and for other items such as home décor and accessories, you have 30 days of time to return the product.

As you will get through the article, you will get the understanding of Crate and Barrel return policy.

How to make your Return correctly ?

Crate and Barrel has a return policy that allows you to return the products, you can return furniture items either by emailing them to the company or by sending them directly to the C&B store.

There are no specific return conditions for crate and barrel registry return but your furniture returns should be in the same condition.

Return in a store.

Crate and Barrel will return most of its products through store and online mode. You should follow the given below instructions to return the items safely –

1.      If you want to return the furniture items, you need to send the products along with order receipt back to C&B.

2.      You can return C&B items to Crate and Barrel items.

3.      If you want to return items to Crate and Barrel outlet, you should do so by sending them to outlet store only.

4.      Moreover, CB2 items can only be returned to a CB2 store.

If you wish to go to Crate and Barrel store, then you should consider the given below points and take care of them while returning –

1.      You need to find a Crate and Barrel store by visiting the store locator.

2.      Visit the Crate and Barrel store nearest to your home.

3.      Greet Crate and Barrel store representative and tell him/her about you return.

4.      They will help with your furniture returns.

5.      Above all, Crate and Barrel will accept your return, you will receive a confirmation mail to your account.

Returns through mail.

Walking to your nearest store might not be an easy job for you and thus you might want to return the product through the mail –

1.      Crate and Barrel allows you to return its products through its online return feature.

2.      You need to sign in into your online account and fill in your order details.

3.      Next, you need to click on the items you wish to return and then explain to the authorities the reason for returning your item.

4.      Pack your items in really nice packaging and send through FedEx.

If you do not want to use the online return method, you can also send off the package through the address on the packing slip, no need to create a return label.

Crate and Barrel Refund Policy

In most of the cases such as crate and barrel registry discount , they refund the amount through the original mode of payment and refunds are created immediately to the payment mode, you paid through. If you paid through your card, you might not get an immediate refund, depending on your bank.

Payment modeRefund timeRefund and Credit Policy
Credit card/debit card  NAYou will get refund towards your debit/credit card after deduction of shipping and handling charges.Crate and Barrel deduct the shipping and delivery fee from the account.
CashImmediatelyCash for orders up to $100 and for orders above that, you will get refund through check.
GiftNAShop card.

Return Policy for Different COACH products ?

COACH return policy is good for its users and they can return its luxury handbags in 30 days. You can return its most of the products in 30 days.

It will charge you delivery fee, so take care before returning the products.

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
Non-furniture itemsUnused and unwashed.Return in 90 days.
Stock furniture, rug or rug padNew condition.These items need to return within 30 days period and you will have to contact company officials within 7 days of delivery.Also, the company requires you to pay the restocking fee of 25%.
Basic freight itemsTo return these items, you should call 800.237.5672 to arrange for the return of your products.These items need to return within 30 days period and you will have to contact company officials within 7 days of delivery.Also, the company requires you to pay the restocking fee of 25%.
Live botanicalsNAYou cannot return these items.
Final sale itemsNAYou are not allowed to return these items.

Crate and Barrel Exchange Policy

You can snot exchange Crate and Barrel items, rather, you will have to return your existing order and then order a new one.

1.      Return the products in the store or online.

2.      Wait till you get return confirmation and get full product return.

3.      Now you can order the items that were needed by you.

Proof of purchase for exchange.

The company accepts different kind of receipts as proof of purchase and you can present the given below items as proof of purchase to the company.

Original Paper Receipt

Gift Receipt


Original Packing Slip

Gift Packing Slip

Order Number

Gift Registry Number

Moreover, due to unprecedented conditions arising due to COVID-19, Crate and Barrel may take more time than usual to return your products.

Questions from Crate and Barrel?

FAQs of Crate and Barrel Return Policy

What is Crate and Barrel customer service number?
You can dial 800.323.5461 to connect with a customer care representative.

Can I exchange Crate and Barrel items?
There is no direct policy for exchange but you can always just return the product and purchase another new purchase.

Can I return Crate and Barrel items without receipt?
It is not easy to return items without a receipt furthermore, you will have to present any of the following to return your purchased orders. You can provide any of the following to your company:

Original Paper Receipt

Gift Receipt


Original Packing Slip

Gift Packing Slip

Order Number

Gift Registry Number


Do you know that Crate and Barrel have two sister brands – CB2 and kids section ‘The Land of Nod’.

Furniture items have a lot of complexities and you need to understand a lot of warranty and return policies before starting the return.

If you have any query or question related to Crate and Barrel return, you can contact us or drop your question in the comment section. We will look to improve our feed.

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