Crate and Barrel Return Policy [2023] – How To Get FREE Returns?

Crate and Barrel are a very proud company, who stand behind their products and the quality of craftsmanship in every piece that makes up their merchandise.

Along with this pride, comes a promise to the customer – Crate and Barrel will do everything in their power to ensure your experience with them is a positive one. This includes accepting returns and exchanges if something goes wrong.

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What is Crate and Barrel’s return policy?

Crate and Barrel’s return policy allows customers to return items up to 90 days after purchase. Items can be returned in-store or by mail.

Return timeline90 days after customer receipt
Return methodMail, in-store, basic freight
Exchange period90 days after customer receipt
Exchange methodMail, in-store
Refund period7-10 business days
Refund methodOriginal payment method

If the product comes in defective, or received damage during the shipping process, Crate and Barrel will be more than happy to offer you a refund or replacement. If you don’t have a valid proof of purchase, you won’t be able to exchange your item for anything but the exact product.

Your item or items must be returned to the same store it was purchased at – CB2 items cannot be returned at Crate and Barrel, and vice versa.

What is Crate and Barrel’s exchange policy?

Crate and Barrel’s exchange policy is the same as the return policy.

Items must be returned or exchanged within a 90-day window, after customer receipt.

If your item or items arrived damaged or defective, you will be allowed to exchange it free of charge.

In order to exchange your item or items, you will need a valid proof of purchase.

How do you return items?

Crate and Barrel like to make things a little easier on their customers. Because of this, there are several options available to you for making a product exchange, or returning damaged or defective items.

Mail returns

Crate and Barrel will allow you to return your items through mail, via their Online Returns feature.

Log into your Crate and Barrel account and navigate to the Online Returns section

Log in using your order number and billing ZIP code

Create and print out your shipping labels

Take your package to any FedEx drop-off center

You will be able to track your package online, every step of the shipping process.

In-Store returns

Within a 90-day window, you can make returns to the store you made a purchase at. You must return the purchased item to the same brand/store, meaning you cannot return a CB2 item to a Crate and Barrel store, and Crate and Barrel items cannot be returned to CB2 stores.

When bringing your package to a Crate and Barrel store, you will also need to bring a valid proof of purchase and photo ID. Without a valid proof of purchase, you will only be offered store credit or an exchange for the same item.

What qualifies as proof of purchase?

In order to issue you a refund or approve an exchange, you will need to provide a valid proof of purchase. The following list includes all the proof of purchase that Crate and Barrel will accept:

  • Original paper receipt
  • Gift receipt
  • eReceipt
  • Original packing slip
  • Gift packing slip
  • Order number
  • Gift registry number

If you purchased your item or items with the Crate and Barrel Credit Card, the information about your transaction will be in their system – you can use that as proof of purchase as well.

Is the Crate and Barrel return policy strict?

It can be. They do have a generous return window of 90 days, but they require a valid proof of purchase and photo ID – depending on what type of return you’re doing.

While the full retail price of the item will be reimbursed, you will not be refunded any shipping and handling costs.

Can you return a used item to Crate and Barrel?

No Crate and barrel will not accept returns or give refunds for used items.

Non-furniture items must be in good condition upon returning – this means the product needs to be unused and unwashed.

Damaged items will only be refunded if it was not caused by the customer’s use.

What is the furniture return policy?

Crate and Barrel are quite proud of the quality of their furniture and upholstery. If there’s a problem with their product, they will work with you on finding a solution.

They want you happy and satisfied with your purchase and experience with them.

Stock furniture, rugs, and rug pads

Stock furniture, rugs, and rug pads do not qualify for online returns. They can be returned in-store within 7 days of purchase, with a valid proof of purchase.

To initiate a return within the 7-day window, Crate and Barrel will need to be contacted and alerted of the problem.

Custom-made furniture

Due to the nature of custom-made furniture and upholstery, these products cannot be returned or exchanged.

After ordering your custom furniture, you have a 48-hour window to cancel.

Can you return an online purchase to a store?

Yes, you can return an online purchase to a physical Crate and Barrel location.

Just present your proof of purchase and the item you want to return to an employee, and they’ll walk you through the process.

The return window is, again, 90 days after purchase.


What items do not qualify for return?

There are a few items sold by Crate and Barrel that cannot be refunded, exchanged, or repaired. These items include final sale items, custom furniture or upholstery, and made-to-order items.

What is the return policy?

Crate & Barrel have a 90 day return window for customers to bring back items for exchange or refund.

How long is the refund period?

The refund will show up on the account associated with the original payment method within 7-10 business days It will be faster if you’re getting cash or store credit.


The Crate and Barrel return policy is thorough and simple.

A 90-day return window leaves the customer a lot of wiggle room and time to make their decision.

There are plenty of options available that suit any need, whether you prefer mail-in, or in-store returns.

Do you know that Crate and Barrel have two sister brands – CB2 and kids section ‘The Land of Nod’.

If you have any query or question related to Crate and Barrel return, you can contact us or drop your question in the comment section. We will look to improve our feed.

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