Costco Return Policy [Updated] – How Do You Return Your Product?

Costco return policy offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for its customers. You just need to bring the item to a Costco store or send it via mail to initiate the return. Having the original packaging and receipt helps, but it’s not essential to the process according to Costco return policy.

Costco has all the information stored on their website. Sadly, the information is too scattered and can confuse you if you don’t know what exactly you are looking for.

Here, I will introduce you to Costco’s return policy and guide you to get the most out of it.


Costco Return Policy

Costco return policy is one of the best return policies across retail stores, since there is no time limit. The “Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee” return policy states that you can get a full refund on any item if you are unsatisfied. The best part is that you can return almost anything you buy from Costco.

The return includes the Costco membership too! You can simply cancel your membership and get the money back if it doesn’t suit you.

You get 364 days to test out the membership and see if it is right for you after signing up.

What’s even better is, you don’t need to keep the original packaging to return the item. This is a great deal, because who wants to cram their home with old boxes and packaging months after purchasing something?

How to Return an Item To Costco

So, let’s find out how to return an item at Costco.

Costco lets you return a product at any Costco warehouse counter. If you bought something online, you could return it by initiating the process at

The payment methods for online returns and warehouse returns are different.

Check this list to find out more information on accepted payment methods.

There are two ways in which you can complete your return. Let me guide you through the process.

Return to Warehouse

You can physically drop your item at any Costco warehouse. You can take advantage of the Costco return policy without box if you have misplaced or disposed of the packaging.

1. Open the warehouse locator page on Costco’s website and find the warehouse nearest to you.

2. Take the product and its purchase receipt to the warehouse.

3. The customer service team will confirm whether your item is eligible for return.

4. Once your order details are confirmed, you will be refunded immediately.

Return Via Mail

You can also return your product by initiating the process online and shipping the item by mail. The steps are mentioned below:

1. Visit website.

2.Click on My Account button on the upper right corner and sign in to your account via Sign In / Registration.

3. Click on Orders & Returns.

4. Select the Return Items option and follow the given instructions to complete the return request.

5. Collect and print your return label.

6. Add the return label to the package and ship it to your chosen Costco warehouse. For larger products, Costco will send you an email with further necessary instructions.

7. Some locations offer to pick up from the doorstep and you can schedule a pickup time in case you want to use this option.

Return Policy for Different Costco Products

Costco return policy varies depending on the types of products. There are no fixed days for returning an item. Costco provides “Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee” on all products they sell.

Since customer satisfaction is the main aim, Costco refunds you the purchase price no questions asked. However, there are a few exceptions. Below is a table listing the details to make it easy for you.

Products and PurchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
Costco electronics return policy : Home Appliances, TV, Costco laptop return policy and costco computer return policy, Tablets, Displays, Projectors, Cameras, Smartwatches, Drones, MP3 Players, Camcorders, and Mobile Phones.Might or might not need the packaging and original receipt.90 days from the date of as received by the customer.
Diamonds or Costco jewelry return policyMust have the original paperwork.48 hours from the date of purchase.
Batteries, Tires, Snow Tires etc.Might or might not need the packaging and original receipt.Depends on the specific product.
Consumable and Perishable Items like FoodMight or might not have the packaging and original receipt.Depends on the specific product.

Some More Specifics

1. Electronics: According to Costco return policy electronics, the return period for electronic items is 90 days from the date you received them. Costco also provides free technical support for several electronic items throughout their lifetime. Find more details here.

2. Diamonds: You must carry the original paperwork to return diamonds. Take the IGI or GIA certificates with you to return diamonds greater than one carat in size. You will be given a Jewelry Credit Memo after which a Costco gemologist will check the authenticity of the product. Your return is processed soon after the authenticity is confirmed.

3. Cigarettes and Alcohol: Costco does not accept the return of alcohol and cigarettes.

4. Custom Products: Any customized or personalized items like rugs, banners, mugs, calendars, etc. are not accepted for return. However, Costco return policy allows you to get a replacement if the item does not match your specifications. You can also get warranty repairs on these products.

5. Consumable Items: According to Costco return policy food, the products need to be returned within a timeframe depending on their expiring dates.

While certain items are not eligible for a return, you can always contact Costco Customer Support at 1-888-426-7826 to report if you have received a defective and/or damaged item. You will get an exchange in such situations.

Costco Exchange Policy

Costco exchange policy is similar to their return policy. You can check the return process I mentioned above or read the simple steps to exchange below.

1. Visit your local Costco store with the product and purchase receipt to exchange it or get an instant refund.

2. Check the above-mentioned return policy process to exchange the item in the same way.

To ship the product you want to exchange, call Costco customer service, or mail them the item. The exchange policy allows you to get a full refund without any alterations to the price.

Costco Return Policy COVID

Costco is taking the necessary steps to create a safe and secure shopping environment for both customers and workers. They have also restricted the return of a few essential products like toilet papers. To know more about Costco return policy COVID and related protocols, click here.

Can I return an item to Costco without a receipt?

Yes, you can return your product to Costco without the original receipt. However, the process becomes simpler if you have the purchase receipt with you.

Costco Mattress Return Policy

Costco accepts returns on mattresses as per their Costco mattress return policy in 2022. You can’t go wrong with them because they have a solid customer satisfaction guarantee and the greatest pricing available. If you are unhappy with the quality or style of your purchased bed, you may return it to any Costco store.

In 2022, all mattresses at Costco will be refundable, receipt or no receipt. What an incredible policy!


What is Costco’s Customer Service number

Costco Customer Service Number: 1-800-955-2292

Can I get a refund if I cancelled my membership?

Yes, Costco will give you a full refund if you choose to cancel your membership.

What is the Costco return policy time limit?

Costco lets you return most products (except the few items mentioned here) at any time if you are not happy with it.

Can I return a product bought from Costco to any other Costco store?

Yes, you can return products bought from a Costco store or online site to any of the available Costco warehouses.

Does Costco have a live chat option for customers?

Yes, Costco provides live chat service from Monday to Friday from 5 am to 10 pm PT and 6 am to 6 pm PT on Saturday and Sunday.


To conclude, I would say once again that Costco return policy is extremely lenient.

You can return any items aside for a few exceptions including electronics, at any time. With Costco you can return with no receipt, they will allow you to return without it.

Just bring the product you aren’t happy with, to your nearest Costco Wholesale and get a refund or exchange. That said, it’s easy to misuse the lax return policy and I’d urge you not to be tempted to abuse it.

Let us know whether you found this article helpful. Share your return experience at Costco with others in the comment section. Happy shopping!

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