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The people looking to understand Cole Haan return policy are either the ones looking to purchase clothes from them in future or the ones who have already purchased. Such people look forward to understand Cole Haan’s exchange and return guidelines and we have covered it in detail.


Cole Haan is a famous clothing chain for men and women, based in the US. The company operates at 70+ locations across the world.

Have you ever worried about returning defective items from the company? Were you trying to find out your order status and track your order? Do you need information about company’s exchange and cash back policy? If you are looking for all these things, you are at a right place, the company Famous footwear follows easy return policy, if you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can easily return to its outlets.

Cole Haan return policy

The period for return – 30 days

Cole Haan has a very simple and basic return policy and it requires you to return unwanted or defected products within 30 days’ time frame.

Unworn and unaltered merchandise can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Also, the company reserved full rights to deny any item owing to company policies.

We have briefed about the company’s policy in the article.

How to Return

return items

You can return company’s products either by mailing them to company or by visiting any of the company’s stores, which is super easy.

You should remember not to send torn or used products back to the company, as they will be readily rejected and sent back to you.

Return in a store

Before returning products back to the company, you should take utmost care of the following things:

  1. Bring the unworn product in its original box.
  2. You can only return products that were purchased at a store and through the company’s website.
  3. If you have purchased from anywhere else, you should send the products to the original place of purchase.
  4. If you purchased from full-price in-store, you must return to Cole Haan full-price retail stores only.
  5. If you have purchased from outlet, your return should be directed to outlet only.

Here are some easy steps to go through, if one wants to return the merchandise by paying a visit to the nearest store:

  1. Visit the company’s website and look for store locator.
  2. When you get to know the nearest store, visit the store and reach to customer desk.
  3. Person at the desk will help you in return.
  4. You should have original form of payment ready, as they will process the refund to original form of payment only.

You need to accompany the product in the original condition along with the original receipt and box.

Return by mail

Cole Haan gives you another option of returning the products by mail. If you do not wish to go to your nearest store, you can return the items through mail.

You need to follow the given below steps after visiting the company’s website:

  1. Firstly, you need to pack the products in the original packaging
  2. Go to company website and go to returns section
  3. Fill the order number and your mail
  4. Do as instructed for the next parts
  5. You will get a prepaid return label for your products
  6. Affix the return label to the outside of the box and ship via the carrier of your choice
  7. You can also drop off your return at any UPS-authorized shipping center. You can find the UPS service center near you by clicking here


cole haan refund

You will get refunds in the original form of payment and you need to have the original payment mode ready at the time of checkout and if refund is online it will be automatically credited. The company will inspect the items sent back for a refund and it will take them 2-3 days. Also, banks can take upto 1 billing cycle to credit amount in your account. Following are the refund gateways for different modes of payment:

Type of paymentThe Number of days you will get a refund in:Refund and Credit Policy
Credit card/debit card    1 billing cycleThe company will provide refund in the form of the original payment and it may take upto 1 billing cycle. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable
Cash2-3 business daysCash
PayPal2-3 business daysRefund to Paypal account
eGift card2-3 business dayseGift card

Return Policy for Various Products

The company follows a very simple return policy and requires you to return the products within 30 days. However, you cannot return Canadian, PayPal, Amazon, Affirm, International Checkout, and Final Sale orders to any of the company store.

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
All kind of merchandiseThese products should be in original condition30 days return policy
Final sale merchandiseNACannot be returned
ShopRunnerThese products should be in original conditionYou need to sign in and access your pre-paid label


For the items to be exchanged, you need to send the information to the company, for the item you wish to purchase. When the company will receive your return, they will process the item and send you a confirmation mail for the shipping of the item.

You will not get exchanges on PayPal, Affirm, and Amazon orders and you will have to return the product and you will get the refund in your account.

Questions on mind?

FAQs about cole haan

What is Cole Haan customer service number?
You can contact the customer care at 1-800-695-8945.

What is the period of the refund?
If you are returning to a store, you will get instantaneous refund. However, in case of online return it may take 2-3 days for refund to process. It may take additional billing cycle depending on your bank.

Can I return worn items to the company?
No. Cole Haan does not allow you to return worn footwear.

Can you return merchandise to the company without a receipt?
Yes, why not! The company allows you to return products without a receipt
For returns or exchanges made without a receipt (unworn merchandise), you will:

  • Exchange your merchandise for another item
  • You will get in-store credit for your items


Do you know that you can find Cole Haan products everywhere except for Australia and company is counted amongst top sustainable firms?

We understand that you must have a lot of queries and a lot of your queries must be solved till now. If you have more specific questions to Cole Haan return policy, you can send us your suggestions and questions and we will get back to you ASAP.

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