COACH Return Policy [2023] – Do They Have FREE Returns?

Luxury accessories are not only hard to find but hard to buy as well! People wish that they get the best luxury items and they do not want to return the items. COACH is a luxury accessory retailer and we are here to tell you everything about COACH outlet return policy.

COACH sells luxury handbags and its related accessories and it is a famous brand among women.

Are you in search of a COACH handbag? Have you purchased or you are willing to purchase a handbag from the company? You must need our help in returning the product for you? We are here for you for every information related to COACH returns.


COACH Return Policy

COACH has a standard return policy, which is allows customers to return goods within 30 days of purchasing. As COACH sells luxury items, it’s items should be returned in the same condition that you got them in and there should not be any wear and tear of any type.

As you will get through the article, you will be able to learn a lot of things about COACH return policy.

How to Return To COACH

COACH has a different return policy for online and store returns and you can return the products to your own preference.

Also, please ensure that your purchased luxury accessories are not broken or not worn out and are just as you brought them.

Coach Outlet Store Return Policy

The coach store return policy will allow you to return the products through its outlets or by mail; you should note the given below points for easier returns:

1.      If you wish to return your handbag in a store, bring along all the required documents.

2.      COACH accepts only unused objects, so take good care of them.

3.      COACH will not return or refund personalized or customized items .

Note down the given below points if you wish to return the product by visiting a store.

1.      Look for your nearest COACH location by visiting company website.

2.      Visit your nearest COACH store to return the products.

3.      Meet COACH store representative and tell him/her about you return.

4.      Customer representative will help you in returning your handbag or any other product.

5.      After your COACH product is accepted, you will get refund and return confirmation mail.

Return by mail

You may also return the products by mailing it to the company if you are a lazy individual and do not want to leave the comfort of your house or meet & greet people:

1.      You must have got product return form with your merchandise.

2.      Fill out this Coach return form and include it with your package.

3.      After completing all the details, print the shipping return label.

4.      You may use UPS shipping to return the products. Here is a link to UPS locations.

5.      Ship your products to the given below address.

As for the time being there are no coach factory outlet return policy.

CSI Returns

One Coach Way.

Jacksonville, FL 32218.

COACH refund Policy

The COACH return policy is really great for its users as the company prefers to provide refunds immediately. In most of the cases, you will get immediate refunds and if you do not get immediate refunds, you should contact your bank for more information.

How did you pay?Refund timelinesRefund and Credit Policy
Credit card/debit card  NAYou will get a refund towards your debit/credit card after deduction of shipping and handling charges. The coach will deduct the shipping and delivery fee from the refund amount.
PayPalNARefund to Paypal account.

Return Policy for your COACH products

COACH return policy is good for its users and they can return its luxury handbags in 30 days. You can return its most of the products in 30 days.

It will charge you a shipping fee, so be patient before returning the items.

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
All kind of productsYou can not return used products.Return in 30 days.
Customized itemsNAThese items are final sale items and cannot be returned.

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Coach Exchange Policy

COACH will first authorise you to return the goods and only then will you be able to exchange the goods. Follow the given below pointers to exchange your products:

1.      Raise a return request to return the product.

2.     Wait until you obtain your product return confirmation and full refund.

3.      Order a new product that you wanted to replace with.

You should be aware beforehand that you will be charged for the product you are returning and company deduct handling and shipping fee from your account.

Returns & Exchanges COVID-19 Update

No doubt, COVID-19 has really impacted the business of the company and company has decided to extend the return policy for its users.

All orders placed between October 17 and December 24, 2020 can be returned through January 24, 2021.

In addition, due to unprecedented circumstances resulting from COVID-19, the company is unable to immediately process the return and will process it within 10 days.


What is COACH customer service number?

You can dial 1-888-262-6224 to contact customer care officials.

Can I exchange COACH products?

There is no direct policy for exchange, but you can return the product and purchase a brand new one.

What if I return without a receipt?

If you wish to return the products and get a refund to the original form of payment without a receipt, you need to send the product along with an order receipt according to Coach. You will get merchandise if you will return without receipt.


COACH started in Manhattan and they began as a leather shop for selling wallets and other small accessories and now they are known for their luxurious handbags.

If you want to own a piece of heaven aka The COACH handbags in this holiday sale, then this policy is a must-read for you.

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